AKASO EK7000 vs V50 PRO

August 16, 2019

With the huge popularity of action camera, more affordable models or options are flooding the market to allow other casual users to also enjoy the device without paying too much. If you are looking for cheaper cameras but has a good image and footage quality, AKASO EK7000 vs V50 PRO pro are two ideal options to go from the brand but, before making up your mind, see what each one of them can offer below so we can shop for the better choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are you currently looking for an Action Camera
  • How to Shop for Action Camera
  • What are AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO
  • What AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO Look Like
  • How are the Camera on AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO
  • What else AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO can offer to you
  • How are the Performance of AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO
  • AKASO EK7000 vs V50 PRO

Action Camera

Almost all of us can’t live without smartphone anymore today and time never goes as long as when your phone is running out of juice while there is no nearby power source. Not only because it is such a crucial piece of device to let us communicate with other people, the amount of entertainment and functions we can get inside are abundant. Additionally, it also replace the function of our compact camera and camcorder we used to have and carry in the past.

Talking about camera, not only DSLR and Mirrorless that comes flooding the recent year’s market, action camera is also here to offer you another type of view and functionality. Great image quality and amazing footage is all we want from a camera or recorder but we can’t shake the fact that they are not very motion and travel friendly. Action camera is answering this question by offering nice still image and video but in different fashion than our more traditional device.

As the name suggests, an action camera is meant to be used in “action” and its wide angle view do pay a huge role in creating mesmerizing footage especially when mounted properly to capture more from your activity. The rugged design is also providing users with more freedom on application and mounting because virtually we can place it almost everywhere, below your bike handlebar, in front of your dashboard, on a helmet, and on a drone to get as unique and as full coverage as you want.

Shopping for Action Camera

Similar to when you want to shop for certain camera, there must be some parts to consider first and in our opinion many of us agree that price point will be a very necessary part to think thorough. There are many budget friendly cameras out there such as Campark ACT74 Vs X20 but those with more serious hobby should always opt for higher end models. Second is image quality and it is affected by the kind of sensor they provide as well as effective pixel.

Image processing is also important but it is rare for companies to disclose the exact processor they used. Since our main topic is “action”, being rugged is another plus we should look at and most expensive cameras are already waterproof straight out of the box without any protective casing. In addition, useful features will be highly welcomed because they will be helpful in real-life application and if possible, we should pick the one with several functions such as stabilizer, hyper lapse, or even automatic correction.

About AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO

Unfortunately better features and more capable cameras are all quite expensive such as the popular GoPro Hero 7 but they do perform amazingly good and ideal for anyone who is looking for a reliable cameras especially for video blogging and sharing through online platforms for it will produce more professional quality. However, if you only use them from time to time or casual for self-documentation, there are many good, affordable cameras out there and AKASO is one of the best options. 

We are sure most of you are already familiar with this brand because they often show up when you try checking for GoPro substitute. This company is producing similar quality cameras to those we also see from Dragon Touch and Campark so if you ever use any of them, the performance and ease of use shouldn’t differ very much. If you are looking for a model that can record 4K videos, the EK7000 and V50 PRO are two good cams to check out.

These action camera may seem quite similar from the specification but the price difference of around double the EK7000 makes the latter an even more promising option. The V50 PRO is slightly above $100 and it is understandable because this cam is already recording in native 4K which mean the quality is of the real resolution and not the knock-off of the 1080p or 2K. They also come from different family or line so they appear to be nothing alike and in general EK7000 is the more basic option.

As an action camera, they are very useful to be used with included or separate mounting system and since we don’t have to pay much to get the actual camera, we can save some to get a reliable accessories to improve the overall performance. For starters, due to the improvement they put on V50 PRO, this model will not only being the more capable brother but will also give you better, more natural, and useable footage despite being used while in motion.

AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO Design

When you put them side by side, it becomes easier to tell apart because while the dimension and weight are pretty much the same, the face area is different and featured with different fashion yet the lens housing is still the same and with V50 PRO we are losing the keyhole-like shape that circling both the power button and camera. The sides are smooth now in the higher camera while the little brother still have the textured touch.

There are four buttons in EK7000 while the latter only have two because the rest are accessible from the screen. When you rotate to expose the rear panel, they have around 2-inch size colored display to see the preview and choosing the modes but the V50 PRO is already touch sensitive so besides using the available buttons we can directly navigate the screen and menu from the screen. The plastic body felt durable but they are not suitable for water activity yet without the dedicated case.

AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO Camera

As when looking for any types of camera, what you may want to check first is the main equipment which is affecting the performance especially image quality later and while many expensive action cameras are boasting certain sensor size such as the RX0 II which is already featured with a big 1-inch sensor, more affordable models usually only named the manufacturer or sometimes not without actually stating the precise size and it is similar with AKASO because both of EK7000 and V50 PRO are using Sony and Panasonic respectively.

These sensor should be good enough for a camera on their price range but in terms of capability, AKASO V50 PRO will be able to capture better images and footage since it already comes with effective pixel of 20MP, similar to Campark X20. The footage they can take are the same for most modes; 4K at 25 for EK7000 and 30fps for V50 PRO, 2K at 30fps, 1080 at 60fps, and 720 at 60fps but the higher camera is also offering higher quality at 120fps for slow motion experience.

AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO Features

Moving forward, on the feature part what we look first when shopping for a new camera is the image stabilization because without this function, your footage will be useless when used while in motion e.g. while riding a bicycle. In this part unfortunately only V50 PRO have the image stabilization feature and it is the common electronic stabilization which may be the lowest in term of performance among other stabilization but at least can compensate for some shaking movement when you often record while walking or moving a lot.

AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO Performance

On the performance part, both of them are operated the same way and while V50 PRO have different button setup, the function and menu are still similar and easy to understand when used individually without smartphone. When trying to capture still images, both produce natural and bright photos but we also admit that proper lightning is required to produce a balance result because some shots turns out pretty dark and mellow despite used outdoor and under natural daylight and in comparison V50 PRO is brighter.

For the video recording, as a native 4K, AKASO V50 PRO is performing exceptionally well under natural lighting and the 4K video is real unlike the one we get on EK7000 which seems to be the extended version of 2K or 1080p. We also found that its image stabilization is working reliably to reduce shakiness and keep the video easy to your eyes.


Comparing AKASO EK7000 and V50 PRO is like comparing two different cameras because despite the same design and overall look, the inside are unlike each other. It is clear and easy to say that V50 PRO is the more capable model because not only it can already record in real 4K, the lower quality of 720p is also already capable of twice the frame rate at 120fps. The effective pixel which affect the image quality is different between 12MP and 20MP but, one of the most useful addition is image stabilization.

AKASO EK7000 vs V50 PRO

- 4K Ultra HD action camera. Professional 4K 25Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video with 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second for incredible photos, which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.
- Wireless wrist remote control sports camera. With a wrist 2.4G remote, you can capture the world in an all-new way. Controlling the camera, framing shots or recording video is convenient.
- Longer battery life. AKASO EK7000 action camera comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each battery can record up to 90 minutes. No more worry about the recording time for this Action camera.
- SUPERB IMAGE QUALITY: Featuring 4K/30fps and 20MP image, your AKASO V50 Pro action camera can capture every detail of your wonderful outdoor adventures and present an immersive footage of you and your world.
- ELECTRONIC IMAGE STABILIZATION: Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with 6-axis gyroscope detects position and motion changes. When the camera tilts, moves, shakes or experiences impact, this action camera can still produce stable videos.
- OPTIONAL VIEW ANGLE: You can adjust the view angle of this action camera according to your needs between Super Wide, Wide, Medium and Narrow. This action camera also has the distortion calibration feature, which offers image distortion improvements.


We are sure at this point you can already decide which camera to purchase because they are very different in terms of image and video quality. If you don’t mind the price point, we do recommend to get the higher model AKASO V50 PRO.

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