AKASO V50 Pro vs SJCAM SJ8 Pro

August 22, 2019

Action camera has been on the wishlist of many people especially those who loves to capture footage and share it on their social media accounts of personal blog. Many highly rated cameras are not cheap but it doesn’t mean we have to spend much to get a reliable result because AKASO V50 Pro vs SJCAM SJ8 Pro are here to offer nice video footage and clear still image. If you are considering these budget alternatives, see which cameras will fit you the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is an Action Camera
  • What to Consider when Shopping for Action Camera
  • What are AKASO V50 Pro and SJCAM SJ8 Pro
  • What AKASO V50 Pro and SJCAM SJ8 Pro Look Like
  • How are the Camera on AKASO V50 Pro and SJCAM SJ8 Pro
  • What else AKASO V50 Pro and SJCAM SJ8 Pro can offer to you
  • How are the Performance of AKASO V50 Pro and SJCAM SJ8 Pro
  • AKASO V50 Pro vs SJCAM SJ8 Pro

Action Camera

Our society is adoring high tech products and as technology being improved so much at least from when our parents used to be, we are faced with so many new “tools” today. One of them is an action camera which seem to be all over the trending of gadget magazines along with high-end smartphones and the new gaming laptops introduced to answer the market demand for more advanced and reliable entertainment as well as device to let the user work, play, and be creative with their hobbies.

Camera indeed have been around for quite some time but the term action camera itself only become more known when Woodman Labs or now became GoPro market their product back then in 2004. The attempt to make camera or regular recording camera be more suitable for the “action” activities however, have been done before and it is hard to determine who has the first idea to do so. But today, action camera is the compact, boxy, unit housing a camera that can have many different mounting systems.

As the name suggest, action camera is made to be ideal when being used in not-so-friendly condition in which our old camcorder is not or hard to deal with such as while diving or parachuting. The first action camera is looking more similar to our old compact handheld models and nothing like what we are using today. With user’s demands getting more complicated, manufacturers also put so much effort on utilizing developed technology to deliver the best result such as with better image processing and even higher sensor.

Shopping for Action Camera

Like with many trendy items, all of us want to get a taste of this device but, apparently, the best rated models are always expensive and unless you are very serious about the game or don’t mind spending the amount of money, those high-end cameras may not be optimally used. For a quick guide, consider some of its specifications such as the camera effective pixel and sensor size if any as well as what kind of video it is capable of taking such as UHD or topping only at 1080p.

Another parts you may want to consider when looking for one is the features and while all of us want to have those that can improve the results like the new additions in Hero 7, the price can be a problem and at least, we should have an image stabilizer that works reliably especially those who plan on doing some actions. In addition, the body waterproofing can be a nice protection against unfriendly nature and exceptionally useful for water related sports.

About AKASO V50 Pro

If besides a reliable performance you also want to look for a camera that won’t drain the wallet, it is good to see what AKASO has to offer because this brand is a very ideal option for budget alternatives and even often compared to GoPro such as AKASO EK7000 Vs GoPro Hero 5 due to the many similarities. The EK7000 is a basic and very cheap model but it also comes with less on its sleeves so for a more reliable choice, the big brother V50 Pro will be better.

This camera is coming from the higher family or collection by the brand and it is a little bit of an upgrade from the original V50 as well. This specific version actually have 3 units with the same name, one is Pro, the other is original V50, and the last is Sport version but among them, this Pro version is the most expensive and the most capable. It is also sporting a different, sleeker design than the rest of AKASO cameras.

AKASO V50 Pro Design

The V50 Pro is very stylish camera in terms of design and appearance because it is no longer having those same arranged of buttons that often found on alternative budget cameras since it is now prominently placing these controls part at the top, making the whole build, even neater. Its face area is only featured with a small camera circle and when you rotate the box, its rear display is touch-sensitive so we can navigate the shooting modes and menu directly.

AKASO V50 Pro Camera

As when looking for any types of camera, we should check the camera specification to at least have an idea on how they should work later. This model is said to be paired with Panasonic sensor in which the original camera has Sony sensor and it also has quite the effective pixel at 20MP which is higher than what we get in Hero 7. We also love the fact that its angle is adjustable topping at 170-degree and we can reduce is between Super Wide, Wide, Medium, and Narrow.

For the video footage, unlike the little brother EK7000 that can only record “fake” 4K footage, this camera is already native and will give you the real experience of UHD at 30fps, 2K at the same fps, 1080p at 60 fps, and 720p at 120fps.

AKASO V50 Pro Feature

On the additional feature part, AKASO V50 Pro is not only coming with touch screen but also built-in electronic image stabilization function to help you reduce those shakiness and blurry edges we often experienced with any action camera without stabilizer. It also has diving mode, similar to Brave 4 which is useful to deal with red lights when doing the activity. However, its body is not yet waterproof like Brave 5 and we still need the casing to protect the main unit.

AKASO V50 Pro Performance

On the performance part, the camera is just as easy to use as many similar action cams out there and we were very surprised to see the level of quality it produces. The still images is more into the warm side and doesn’t extensively bright which is good but doesn’t fit our taste yet. What it is excelling is on the video footage because the 4K turns out to be very well recorded and image stabilization reduce some shakiness which is great for the price point.

About SJCAM SJ8 Pro

Another good alternatives for those who are not ready yet to reach out for the current leader of action cameras like GoPro, DJI, Yi, and Sony, we have a very nice choice to consider but this one is quite more expensive compared to V50 Pro. It is currently price slightly above $200 and called SJ8 Pro by SJCAM. Similarly, despite the higher price, its body is not yet waterproof but the camera specification do left many of us to wonder what it can offer.

This brand may not be as popular as many other budget version of action cameras and this one is currently the new flagship of the company. It is promising so much and some even can be on par with Hero 7 but, few of them are even better.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Design

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro is a piece of pretty camera with smooth surface all around the body which we do like better than gritty rubber on many of its cheaper counterparts. It is housing a small digital camera component inside and in a glance just looking like any other action camera in the market with nothing quite special to boast. The rear panel is featuring a touch screen and the battery comes with the unit is already 1200mAh for longer footage and extended experiences.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Camera

When it comes to camera spec, it seems like this camera want to beat all of its competitors in the same price range by placing Sony IMX377 sensor and Ambarella H22 S85 chipset inside the unit to give you a different level of amazing results. Its effective pixel for still images is at 12MP, the same with Hero 7 and also have the 170-degree field of view which mean there are 7 layers of glass lens counting the 2 Aspheric lens as well for distortion free performance.

Unlike many action cams, SJCAM SJ8 Pro is allowing the users to take a closer look at their subject with up to 8x digital zooms. When it comes to footage recording, its max performance is with 4K at 60fps which is amazing for its price range. In addition, the 1440p is at 60fps as well while the 1080 is at 120fps and 720p up to 240fps.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Feature

On the additional useful features, this model also have that Gyro stabilization built in the unit with 6 inner axis. This stabilizing system is nice to lessen the shakiness when producing a footage without gimbal or tripod so the result can be more watchable. In addition to the JPEG image format that we can shoot with the camera, it also allows user to choose RAW format for those who want to dedicate more time in the after-production.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Performance

Recording footage and capturing still images with SJCAM SJ8 Pro is easy and the UI is very intuitive as well to let a painless operation. The still image is very bright especially when under outdoor lighting and a bit less natural but the RAW format does become very useful at times. The footage quality, however, deliver a very nice details and very easy to the eyes as the image stabilizer worked well but still, its works the best at bright condition.


Comparing these two GoPro alternatives is great to let us choose which model will deliver the best benefit and budget range. Overall SJ8 Pro is the more capable camera because it is using gyro stabilizer and the 4K is already up to 60fps as well as the RAW photo format. From the performance, they are very reliable and equally pleasant while being used outdoors but the stills are less natural in both of them while the 4K seems to be better in SJ8 Pro.

AKASO V50 Pro vs SJCAM SJ8 Pro

- SUPERB IMAGE QUALITY: Featuring 4K/30fps and 20MP image, your AKASO V50 Pro action camera can capture every detail of your wonderful outdoor adventures and present an immersive footage of you and your world.
- ELECTRONIC IMAGE STABILIZATION: Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with 6-axis gyroscope detects position and motion changes. When the camera tilts, moves, shakes or experiences impact, this action camera can still produce stable videos.
- OPTIONAL VIEW ANGLE: You can adjust the view angle of this action camera according to your needs between Super Wide, Wide, Medium and Narrow. This action camera also has the distortion calibration feature, which offers image distortion improvements.
- SJ8 Pro with Dual screen 2.33 inch HD IPS touchscreen at the back for easily preview videos and pictures.The 0.96 inch front screen Design, you don't need to take the camera off. Your teammates take 2 seconds to look at it and know the time and the remaining charge.
- SJ8 Pro Sports Cam with USB Type C connector. USB Type-C connector, faster transfer than all previous models with external Mic-support. 1200mAh high capacity battery, lasts 90mins while shooting on 4K/60PFS.
- SJCAM SJ8 Pro Action Cam with 7G FOV. 7G 170º FOV 7 layers of glass lens (including 2 layers of Asperic lens) allows for a distortion-free, high resolution, 170-degree Field Of View, perfect for capturing everything that is in front of the camera with absolutely crisp and vibrant detail.


The decision is all yours and we are sure most readers can already decide on which model to go between these two good cameras but, if we are to pick, casual users who want to save more on the budget will be better with AKASO V50 Pro because the cost difference is quite far compared to the benefit we get on the other side.

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