Apeman 4K vs Akaso EK7000

September 19, 2019

Budget cameras are widely available and they can be a great choice for beginners or those who just want to have one for casual activities. Apeman 4K vs AKASO EK7000 are two ideal choice to go, both to save some and still get a nice video quality out of the unit. We definitely can’t compare them to high-end cameras but if your activities demand less, these models are offering enough capabilities yet, before shopping see which camera will be the best choice among the two below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Is Affordable Action Camera Worth It
  • How to Choose an Action Camera
  • What are Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000
  • What Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000 Look like
  • How are the Camera in Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000
  • What else Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000 can offer
  • How are the Video Quality of Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000
  • Apeman 4K Vs AKASO EK7000

Affordable Action Camera

Action camera is getting so much recognition in the market as one of the most versatile devices and convenient for many to carry around, even those who are not actually doing some “action” are purchasing them as a complementary device for their main smartphone and we see that it actually almost replacing the pocket digital camera we used to hail back in the day around early 2000s. However, it is also true that many good action cams nowadays are not cheap which makes many of us have to look for alternatives.

Action camera used to only have one or two manufacturers but today, there are a huge amount of newcomers offering mostly budget version or alternatives to those in higher range like GoPro. When asked whether these cheaper models are worth the price or not, it will depend on what you expect from them because budget version in general can’t compete to let’s say those priced above $200 or even higher like the RX0 II from Sony which is very expensive for an action camera.

Budget cameras are mostly made for those who want to keep the budget low, beginner, or just casual users who are not taking much footages and doesn’t really pay attention to the video quality for it is probably only for personal view. Higher-end cameras often excel when it comes to giving more natural or accurate colors as well as performs better in dark conditions. Depending on the model, many of them have impressive image stabilization that won’t require us to use gimbal anymore.

Shopping for Action Camera

Shopping for an action camera can be confusing because we have so many of them out there, moreover, if you are not sure yet whether to get a camcorder or an action cam. What you may want to pay attention to when shopping for one is the angle because most of them are offering fixed wide angle and while we can edit it later, some models are also offering adjustable angle to be more convenient. Budget cameras usually come with a set of accessories as well.

This is necessary when you want to use the device to record some activities that need a specific mount, for not all of them will have they type you want. We can bargain video quality with price range but make sure to have image stabilization because if you plan to use it while moving and have no wish to buy a gimbal then this feature will be very necessary for none of us want to watch shaky footages since it is dizzying and uncomfortable.

About Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000

If you are planning a holiday and need a backup camera so your smartphone won’t dry too quickly or need something to install in your dog’s collar while it is running freely out there, getting a budget action camera is a nice idea. With the popularity of action camera, we can see so many options as well and most of them are budget version which is great so we can choose freely depending on what we need from the device.

Among those many affordable action cameras, Apeman and AKASO are two of the most popular despite not as well-known in general like GoPro or Sony. They are specializing on providing alternatives for anyone who want to spend less but still can enjoy the trend of action camera and its versatility. They are also offering quite the amount when it comes to options and if you don’t mind about interpolated 4K, Apeman 4K or A80 and EK7000 will be a very interesting models to look at.

Both of them are coming in the same price range and are available under $100 so we can’t say there are much to expect here since everything is kept simple and less powerful as well especially when compared to those in mid-end like SJCAM SJ8 Pro Vs Yi 4K+. Apeman 4K is also called A80 so these two are the same camera and if you are familiar with GoXtreme Vision 4K, both of them will be very identical both in shape and specification.

On the other hand AKASO EK7000 is similarly nice choice as budget camera and what makes it even more interesting is that there are so many positive reviews about this one which is surprising because we actually never expect a budget camera to be this popular especially with low-end specifications. However, don’t let other people’s judgment to cloud yours because while it is true that the camera won’t beat those of GoPro, the video and audio quality is fairly good for the amount of money we pay.

Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000 Design

Like many other budget cameras out there, Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000 are coming with the same design with pointy edges and plastic body as well as looking like the older GoPro we used to see back then. Most modern action cameras no longer feature textured sides on their units but these two still have them to support better gripping when used without the housing or mounting. The control buttons and ports are placed in the same positions as well.

Rotating the camera, we can see a dedicated display at the back and since they are fairly cheaper, we don’t get any convenience like touch sensitive screen here so everything is controlled using the available buttons. Additionally, if you plan to record water activities or in a place with a lot of water, make sure to put the protective case first because none of them are waterproof out of the box but, the case is already packed in the box so we don’t have to shop again.

Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000 Camera

Putting all of the design and fashion aside, what’s matter in a camera will be its video and image quality but first, lets see what the manufacturer put to achieve the desired results. Apeman 4K is coming with low end Novatek 96660 chipset while the AKASO EK7000 seems to be based on Sunplus processor which is surprising because it is the type we often see in generic store brand. These processors are then combined with Sony IMX078 sensor with effective pixel of 20MP.

On the other hand, the latter doesn’t specify the type of sensor used in this model yet the claimed pixel is 12MP. Both of them are claimed to be able to record UHD 4K at 25fps but in general the quality is actually interpolated especially in model coming from this price range. The lower quality at 1080p however, can already record at 60fps.

Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000 Features

Coming into the additional features, there is little to look at here but we are a bit happy because Apeman 4K is coming with image stabilization feature despite can’t be activated yet on the top or 4K resolution like what we can enjoy in Hero 7. As many other action cameras, they use electronic image stabilization to help compensate shakiness and makes your footage more comfortable to watch especially if not using any gimbal. Additionally, Apeman wide angle is at 170-degree similar with AKASO EK7000.

What’s nice with this wide angle is they are not fixed so we can make sure to get the best view of a subject whether you want to include its surroundings or focus more on what’s in the middle. We can go from the widest 170-degree to as narrow as 70-degree depending on your preference. When you need to view the footage in a wider screen, we can connect both of them with smartphone through WiFi as well.

Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000 Performance

Coming into the performance part, both of them are easy to use and the menu is easy to understand while the video quality is fairly good but the lack of stabilization in AKASO does makes the footage less watchable. The video of this camera can sometimes be oversaturated and the details are definitely lacking and seems over processed while audio is somehow delayed. Apeman on the other hand works much better in our opinion with details and color still popping and shooting 1080p with stabilization turns out very nice as well. 


Both of them are a nice choice for anyone who are looking or budget camera but Apeman 4K and AKASO EK7000 are also different because first, they use different processor and possibly different sensor as well. Second, in addition with Apeman ability to provide image stabilization, it also has a better image and video quality as well as audio recorded while shooting the footage.

Apeman 4K vs Akaso EK7000

- 4K/20MP & 170° ADJUSTABLE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE Take higher-quality 20MP photos and ultra HD video with professional 4K Tech. 2.0 Inch LCD display and professional wide-angle lens provide you with much broader amazing perspective.
- UPGRADE WATERPROOF TO 40M & BUILT-IN ANTI-SHAKING Equipped the improved waterproof case, can deep dive below 40 meters, ready to capture all details of your adventures. Built in smart gyroscope for anti-shaking and image stabilization to make your video much more smooth. Ideal for water sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc.
- BUILT-IN WIFI & HDMI OUTPUT Share & edit videos and images easily. Download the free app (OK Cam or FN Cam) on your smart phone or tablet to take full control of the camera in real time. HDMI, USB and AV video output are available for connecting computers, TVs and projectors.
- VARIOUS PHOTO & VIDEO RECORDING MODE Support Loop Recording, Car mode, Diving mode,Timer-shoot capture modes like Time Lapse. By choosing a time interval, you can appreciate and record a process of the changes that take place at every moment in every corner of the world, like sunrise and sunset, flowers bloom, tide ebb, etc.
- MORE PRECIOUS CONTENT & PROTABLE CARRYING GIFT BAG Equipped with complete accessories for most action cameras. Dual improved 1050mAh batteries to record up to 180 minutes totally and a special designed portable carrying bag, perfect for outdoor sports.
- 4K Ultra HD action camera. Professional 4K 25Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video with 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second for incredible photos, which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.
- Wireless wrist remote control sports camera. With a wrist 2.4G remote, you can capture the world in an all-new way. Controlling the camera, framing shots or recording video is convenient.
- Longer battery life. AKASO EK7000 action camera comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each battery can record up to 90 minutes. No more worry about the recording time for this Action camera.
- Built-in Wi-Fi & HDMI, edit & share YOUR action in minutes. Just download App(smart DV) on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 10 meters.
- 100 Feet waterproof camera. AKASO EK7000 is designed to withstand extreme environments, together with durable waterproof case. With the accessories, transform it for indoor and outdoor activities.


The choice is all yours because we may have different opinions on things but comparing the two, we don’t see why Apeman 4K is not the better option because overall it will give you better video and audio quality with the similar price range. 

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