APEMAN A77 vs A79

July 13, 2020

Action camera is a great choice both for enthusiasts and casual users because they are versatile and just like a regular digital camera but much more compact. If you are the latter, APEMAN A77 Vs A79 will be two ideal choices you may want to consider for both affordability and image quality. They are capable of delivering nice pictures and videos but, see below about what they can offer before buying since they may have some differences that may affect your decision.

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  • What else APEMAN A77 and A79 can offer
  • APEMAN A77 Vs A79

Action Cameras

Camera is an inseparable device for everyday use that many of us can’t walk their day comfortably without carrying one. Not all of us will be taking pictures everyday but having them in our backpack or pocket means convenient and especially in modern day where everything is connected through your smartphone. Image and video sharing is not a new thing anymore and many of us are also pretty enthusiastic about it but, there is only so much our smartphone’s camera can offer.

Image quality wise dedicated cameras will most likely be better such as those Mirrorless or DSLRs but they can be quite expensive as well and best only for photography while the video recording is often not optimized. Camcorders on the other hand are best in video capturing or recording abilities but unlike dedicated cameras, their image qualities are not very amazing. For casual users who want to have a balance and versatile device, an action camera is probably a better choice.

Action cameras are not a new thing anymore as they are everywhere and almost all of us are familiar with them or at least have used one before but the best part of it is the versatility itself. They are usually offering good image quality but also excel in video recording without the high price of similar cameras which makes them even more popular among non-enthusiast. Action cameras initially are often used by extreme sport players to record their footage while in action.

They are designed to be as compact as possible which makes them ideal when carried or being mounted on different places. With camcorders, they can record amazing footage but are very difficult to put in a tricky angle and difficult mounting placement such as from below of your skateboard or near the wheel of your dirt bike. The shape and form factor itself is the biggest selling point of action cameras and since they are just like regular digital cameras, everyone should be able to use them with ease.

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Product Dimensions2.36 x 1.97 x 0.79 inches
1.97 x 1.18 x 0.79 inches
Item Weight1.1 pounds
1.1 pounds

Action camera is also ideal for traveling or other general camera purposes in case you don’t want to burden the smartphone during the activity. The compact size makes them slide easily into your pocket, purse, or just being held while hunting for new spots to take pictures or footage. However, due to the small box as well, there are lots of limitations we have to accept such small sensors and small batteries as well as a direct operation that is not as comfortable as the regular digital cameras.

About APEMAN A77 and A79

If you are not a photography enthusiast or professional videographer who will need professional and high-end cameras, action cameras are a great option that bridge between still image and video cameras which can be used by almost everyone. They used to be quite expensive when there are only few in the market but as the demand increases and the more popular they get, now we can have a lot more choices than before in which many are also more affordable for great alternatives.

If you are more into the affordable range, APEMAN is one of the best choices to go for. They are indeed not as famous as those on the higher market like GoPro Hero 8 Vs DJI Osmo Action but for the price point, we can say they are very reliable already. Their cameras are varying in models and depending on which seems to fit in both your pocket and preference, we can shop freely without having to worry about draining the wallet as all of them are affordable.

If you prepare to spend less than $100 for this camera, the older models like APEMAN A77 and A79 will be two ideal cameras to have in your pocket. Both of them as the names suggest are pretty much similar or the same to each other as they are close brothers but it doesn’t mean that they are actually identical since there must be a reason why there are two cameras with different model names. However, the difference may or may not affect your buying decision.

They are equally amazing and image quality wise they can also give you a great experience because in general they look good especially for casual users who just want to have a dedicated camera in their pocket. What you may want to note is that while APEMAN A77 and A79 are claimed to be 4K cameras, they are not the real resolution or interpolated so if you will be strictly recording in this mode, we do recommend to invest a little bit more.

APEMAN A77 and A79 Design

As close brothers both of them are quite similar even from the external point of view, and as you can see from the sample picture above, APEMAN A77 and A79 are still carrying the older design of action camera with textured grip but overall very simple and robust. The built quality itself is not the best but they seem reliable and we will most likely use them with the case as well when being mounted as there is no built-in mounting.

What’s different from the design is where they place the power button because A77 puts it at the bottom half of the front panel while the latter nudges it upward. In addition there is no textured grip anymore at the front in A79 but the buttons and ports placement are still very much similar to each other. The small screen or 2-inch display is not touch-sensitive but it is good enough to see under bright light while the menu itself is also easy to understand.

APEMAN A77 and A79 Specification

The first thing you may want to know about APEMAN A77 and A79 is probably their image quality and for these models they seem to be slightly improved with the latter offering a maximum resolution of 20MP instead of 16MP in A77. They are capable of shooting 4K footage but note that it is interpolated so the quality will not be the best and chances are their top native quality is at 2.7K but 1080p should look best in both cameras. 

What’s different is 4K in A79 is slightly increased at 30 frames per second from the maximum 25 fps. Another difference which is the video function is image stabilization itself and the former model is using a technology called anti-shake while the latter is already using Electronic Image Stabilization. It also offers both auto ISO or manual from 100 to 3200 instead of just auto to make sure we can get the best image depending on your own judgment of the situation. 

APEMAN A77 and A79 Performance 

Moving into the performance part, APEMAN A77 and A79 are also quite similar to each other but side by side you can see they do have slightly different images but not in terms of overall quality. In comparison the A79 is looking more saturated than its little brother so if you are shooting a tree, the leaves will look darker green rather than light green which makes the former more natural as well. When it comes to keeping details however, the A79 is better as you can zoom more and still see some sharp edges here.

On image stabilization they are not going to beat the HyperSmooth or your DJI but we also think they can be quite useful. When mounted on moving objects, they are very shaky and in comparison to each other we don’t see meaningful improvement yet but the A79 did slightly keep the footage more stable.

APEMAN A77 and A79 Features

On the additional features, APEMAN A77 and A79 are still the same but you can find the latter do have some improvements that may be useful in your application and one of them is AWB which is set to auto in the former while you can pick from 7 different settings on the big brother version. In addition, the A79 is also featured with an external microphone port in case you will attach another mic to the camera but you can’t do it in A77.

APEMAN A77 vs A79

Both cameras are great budget options for those who want to have an alternative to expensive cameras like GoPro but they are also slightly different. On the image quality they are good but you will see the A79 more saturated and depending on personal taste, we like the A77 better in this comparison. For image stabilization the A79 is slightly better but it is not like night and day and still best while being used in a steady position. The A79 however, has an external microphone port for better audio quality.

- NATIVE 4K VIDEO and 16MP PHOTO: Impressive videos with 4K and photos with 16 MP in loop recording, time lapse, burst photo. Advanced Sensor to capture every exciting moment for you.
- WIRELESS WRIST REMOTE CONTROL: Hands-free operation of the APEMAN A77 with 2.4G remote control. Put the remote control on your wrist while installing the sports camera on your helmet, convenient to record moments in places you can't reach.
- BUILT-IN WIFI and HDMI OUTPUT: View photos and videos via preview and playback, change settings - all directly on the phone via App 'iSmart DV '. HDMI, USB and AV video output are available for connection to computers, televisions and projectors.
- WATERPROOF 30M and 2 INCH LCD DISPLAY: With waterproof housing, enjoy water sports, such as swimming, diving, surfing and so on. You can explore the unknown underwater world.
- 4K 20MP ACTION CAMERA: APEMAN A79 Action Camera delivers ultra HD videos with 4K 30FPS resolution. Capture 20MP photo with EIS/ISO and advanced sensor. Enables you to store up every snow-covered landscape in skiing.
- EXTERNAL MICROPHONE & USEFUL ACCESSORIES: The sports camera supports external microphone (included in accessories) for better sound recordings. Multiple mounting kits allows you shooting when biking, motorcycling, swimming, diving, snorkeling
REMOTE CONTROL & INSTANT SHARING: 2.4G remote control within 10M range. - WiFi connect via APP, control the action cam or download files on phone. USB and HD out port for transmitting and playing files on PC or TV
- 40M WATERPROOF UNDERWATER CAMERA: An improved waterproof case guarantees the cam underwater 40M, protects the cam for daily use


You can pick any of them based on which you like better but personally we like the A77 image and if you will not use the external mic or use them only for steady recording, this affordable camera is a better choice among the two.

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