APEMAN Trawo A100 vs A80

July 17, 2020

Action cameras are great options to replace your old digital cameras, moreover, they are also getting more affordable each day. If you are looking for budget cameras, APEMAN Trawo A100 Vs A80 will be two ideal choices to consider as they are cheap while performance wise, not going to disappoint you. These cameras are very similar but slightly different as well especially on the image they will offer. If you are interested in having one of them, see our article below about what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look For in an Action Camera
  • What are APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80
  • What APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80 Look Like
  • How are the Specification of APxEMAN Trawo A100 and A80
  • How are the Performance of APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80
  • APEMAN Trawo A100 Vs A80

Action Camera

Action camera is a very popular device that almost everyone is already familiar with. They first appeared more than two decades ago but GoPro popularized the camera and hence some of us still call an action camera as a GoPro despite it comes from other brands. They are very versatile for different types of application and the best part is their compact form as well because one of our limitations when using a traditional camera is how to mount them to achieve a certain angle.

Video Quality, since action camera main function is to capture moving footage or video, do consider their image quality first. Most affordable cameras like Akaso Brave 4 Vs V50 Pro are best when used in 1080p but those who can spend more will want something like 4K ability yet, note that most of the time they will be interpolated in cheaper models. 4K however is best on flagship models and if your activity requires a high quality, crisp image then the highest resolution with high frame rates will look amazing.

Size and FOV, one of the best parts of an action camera is their size because this will allow you to be as creative as you want with less limitation. We can mount the compact camera in almost any object to achieve a certain interesting angle hence it is best to change the mounting place from time to time during the shoot to give a different perspective. FOV itself is mainly present at a wide angle like 170 degree but if possible find the one with an ability to adjust the FOV for your creativity.

Accessories, a single action camera alone is not going to be as useful without the mounting because its charm is on how we can put them on different angles and places. When buying one it is good to see what accessories they carry but in most cases all affordable models are packing almost everything inside unless you are going with something like GoPro because if so then we have to get them all separately.

 APEMAN Trawo A100APEMAN Trawo A80
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Product Dimensions2.4 x 1.77 x 0.94 inches
2.36 x 1.57 x 0.98 inches
Item Weight1.1 pounds
2.75 ounces

Durability and Battery, due to the nature of its application action cameras are made to be rigid but some high-end models can offer more in case you are a very active in extreme sports with extremely robust body or even indestructible chassis but for the affordable part they are usually good enough. They are waterproof with the casing for water-related activities while the expensive ones are natively waterproofed without additional protection. For batteries it is best to have more than one especially if you are shooting high-res footages.

About APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80

There are so many good action cameras out there that we can consider since we have to meet various preferences based on our application so not all expensive or affordable options will be as good. While it is not debatable that flagship models will tend to have a much better image, not all of us are serious enough to invest as much. Personally, as long as the image matches your taste, we do think any camera regardless of brand and price will be a great choice.

If you are here then it means this camera has to be easy to the pocket and one brand you can always rely on for affordable options is APEMAN. They may not be as well-known like Yi and AKASO but in terms of image quality these brands are pretty much similar to each other depending on the model and price point itself. This brand also carries lots of models for you to choose freely so everyone can get the best option for their application.

For those who want to record in high-res and crisp video, APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80 are two ideal options to consider. The promise of these cameras is that they can record 4K footage which is more like a standard today hence the price point looks very attractive as they are much cheaper than other popular cameras like Hero series or Osmo Action. These cameras are also quite similar in comparison but, not exactly identical either with some prominent differences that may affect your decision.

In our opinion both of them are ideal for casual users or those who often take images or footage of their activities such as travelling or just a weekly hangout with friends and family but not the best if you are looking for amazing image quality. However, APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80 are good alternatives for something like GoPro and the A100 even often said as one of the best options if you are chasing the quality of high-end cameras. For those with a $100 budget, we do think these two are nice choices.

APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80 Design

Side by side both of them are quite similar to each other and the size is also about the same just like most action cameras out there. The prominent difference is in fashion however because now A100 is no longer having the textured side grip which some people may prefer better but personally we only use them with mounting. In addition, the power button is also removed from the face plate to the top, giving this camera a much cleaner design but the display size still the same.

The displays are still 2-inch and they look good but side by side it seems A100 do look slightly better, probably they use different panels here to something like IPS to improve the image viewed but it is not yet touch-sensitive. Unlike GoPro, these two are not natively water proofed so you will need the clear casing packed in the box to surf, dive, or swim yet the mounting fits any GoPro mountings if you already have those. 

APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80 Specification

The first part you may want to know about APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80 is probably the recording capability. We can record footage with them at 4K setting but the latter is not native in this resolution or interpolated and chances are its maximum capability is 2K which is why its frame rate is only 24fps. For the Trawo A100, this model is made to be native in 4K recording and similar to affordable action cameras out there, it is still topping at 30 frames per second instead of 60 like the older Hero series.

For those who want to save the battery and memory, their 1080p setting is quite good already and both can be used in 60 frames per second but we do think there is quite a difference here and if you want to go lower, their 720p should deliver smoother results. As for the still images both will capture great photos with a 20MP sensor and for the field of view itself you can change them to follow the condition and your creativity from the narrow 70 degree to ultra-wide angle at 170 degree. 

APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80 Performance 

Now moving to the performance and image quality, APEMAN Trawo A100 and A80 are quite different when it comes to producing the image. Side by side you will see colors are more popping in A80 for example sky appears bluer and roads look blacker but it can be a little bit over saturated for our taste. The A100 on the other hand looks a bit duller but more realistic or true to what our eyes perceive. Another difference is how they handle dark or shadowy areas.

While both of them are good, you can see Trawo A100 balance the shadowy area and make it look brighter without washing the details on the brighter part. This camera is working really good in this particular area as you can see details even on the darker area of your shots. But, once you are in an overall darker room, A80 exposes more of the room compared to A100. Their image stabilization is also quite different in our opinion and Trawo seems to improve a lot in this subject.

A80 image stabilization is good for the price, it can keep the footage useful when you walk at regular speed but side by side with A100 you will see that the amount of shakiness is far less noticeable in this camera. 

APEMAN Trawo A100 vs A80

Both of them are good options if you are looking for affordable yet reliable cameras. The difference between the two may not be very apparent from the external point of view but their image quality is very different. The A80 seems to be oversaturated so you will see more prominent color here but the A100 is more natural and we prefer this one. The A100 also handles bright and shadowy areas much better while keeping the details good including better in image stabilization. 

- EASY NAVIGATION, CLEAR PREVIEW: The fascinating 2 inch IPS retina display screen, show clearer shots than the traditional LCD screen, making photos, videos look real, subtle and vivid.
- 4K HDMI OUTPUT, PERFECT REALITY: TRAWO 4K HDMI output works with 4K TV perfectly, which delivers videos with high dynamic UHD details, more accurate and natural images, and more amazing colors, relieving fun or epic moments with friends&family. (Notice: The HDMI cable is not included)
- MEET YOUR PRO-LEVEL DEMAND: With ISO, EV and AWB effects, you can set the overall tone of video or image productions, adjusting pro parameters to optimize your shots. Various mode setting like Scene Mode, Time lapse or Burst, brings you creative footages.
- TINY BUT POWERFUL: TRAWO has unique designed appearance, larger capacity 1350mAh battery, easier operation "YUTUPRO" APP interface, durable waterproof case, dive up to 40M, and more professional after-sales customer service
- 4K ACTION CAMERA WITH 20MP: APEMAN A80 action camera features 4K 24FPS, 2K/30fps, 1080P/60FPS video, and 20MP photo resolution enables you to take incredible photos and capture every exciting moment.
- ADJUSTABLE WIDE ANGLE AND ANTI-SHAKING: This sports camera offers you 4 view angles(170°, 140°, 110°, and 70°) to choose from, provides you with a much broader amazing perspective.
- BUILT-IN WIFI and HDMI OUTPUT: Share and edit videos or images easily. Download the free app (OK Cam or FN Cam) on your smart phone or tablet to take full control of the camera in real time.
- VARIOUS PHOTO and VIDEO RECORDING MODE: Support Loop Recording, Car mode, Diving mode,Timer-shoot capture modes like Time Lapse.


All in all it is best to have the one that matches your personal taste. If you have no time to edit, the color of A80 may look better for some people but personally we recommend the Trawo A100 because it is an overall better camera than A80.

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