Eken H6s vs H5s plus

Flying FPV is a very sharable experience. YouTube and Facebook are packed with race laps and freestyle edits from all kinds of locations and skill levels. What do all of these video producers have in common. EKEN is a brand that is quickly rising through the action camera ranks. EKEN H6S Features The H6s is […]

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Garmin Virb XE vs Garmin Ultra 30

GARMIN VIRB XE Design and Durability: Up for Anything What first caught my eye on the Virb XE is the pair of prongs extending down from the bottom of the camera. They are the same size and shape as those extending from GoPro cases, and they attach to a series of mounts very much like […]

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EKEN | GoPro

Eken H6S vs Gopro 

Through this article, we will compare another brand of action cam produced by Eken and GoPro. Let’s have a look at each other’s similarities and differences. EKEN H6s Display The EKEN V8s has a “dual display” similar to H8 series cameras, which means a data/status display on the front and a 2” live view screen […]

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Crosstour CT9000 vs CT9500

Action camera is very convenient to have because they are small and compact which makes them ideal for different types of application. It doesn’t have to be expensive as well because affordable options such as Crosstour CT9000 Vs CT9500 are already suitable for typical video recording and image capturing during your daily activities or travelling. […]

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Garmin | GoPro

Garmin Virb XE vs GoPro Hero 5

In this article, I take a look at the comparison between two of the better performing action cameras in the market –  the Garmin Virb XE vs the GoPro Hero 5 Session. GoPro’s Hero series has been a major game changer in the company’s popularity over the years, and it’s not surprising to note the […]

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GoPro | Insta360

Insta360 One R vs GoPro Max

If you are looking to buy the latest and greatest 360 camera then you may have found yourself struggling to choose between the GoPro Max and the Insta360 One R. These are two newly released 360 cameras and represent the flagship devices in the 360 camera market. So, which should you get? Let’s take a […]

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AKASO Brave 4 VS Ek7000 Pro

Action cameras are very popular and while they can get quite expensive, nowadays there are plenty of affordable options as well such as AKASO Brave 4 Vs EK7000 Pro. These affordable cameras are ideal for various recording purposes and for fun or act as your secondary camera while traveling without having to bear the weight. […]

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Ricoh | Samsung

Ricoh Theta S vs Samsung Gear 360

What do you think when we first talk about buying an action cam? Is it budget? Features? Trends? or needs. It always becomes an important thing to compare and consider key points when trying to buy something that has many variants and coming from a lot of brands. They probably launch with thousand value propositions […]

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LG | Samsung

LG 360 vs Samsung 360

Action cameras were a huge hit but it is very similar to your dedicated digital cameras, just better for recording with high mobility. If you want to record in a different style, 360 models like LG 360 Vs Samsung 360 cameras are actually fresher in terms of how it is able to let you be […]

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Ricoh Theta S vs Insta360

Action cameras are amazing and versatile for various different applications but if you are already used to them and want a different recording experience, a 360 degree camera like Ricoh Theta S Vs Insta360 One will be a fresh choice to consider and to give your footage a nice twist to offer. Both of these […]

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