Campark ACT74 vs ACT76

August 14, 2019

With how popular action cameras have become, today we have so many options when it comes to affordable yet good models such as the Campark ACT74 vs ACT76. They are two of the best budget cameras we can get in the market and while they are far cheaper than the current flagship offering, the performance will not disappoint most casual users. Before deciding to shop for one, see what you can expect from these cameras below so then we can choose for the better unit.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Choosing an Affordable Action Camera
  • What are Campark ACT74 and ACT76 
  • What Campark ACT74 and ACT76 Look Like
  • How are the Camera in Campark ACT74 and ACT76
  • What else Campark ACT74 and ACT76 can offer to you
  • How are the Performance of Campark ACT74 and ACT76
  • Campark ACT74 vs ACT76

Affordable Action Camera

Keeping up-to-date with the trend can be very tiring and not very wise for our spending because not all of them are useful for us. For example the trend of pod coffee machines in the past which makes the unit becoming very popular and sought everywhere especially with the convenience of single serving system. This is of course interesting in the eyes of coffee drinkers or those drink the beverages everyday but, if you are not, we can save more with just any instant mix.

This is the same with the popularity of action camera which is emerging several years ago with more people are using them to record their “action” in digital format and share them with the world through the available platforms on the internet. While it is not as big as it used to be, action camera is still considered popular and the market is proving this with the rapid improvement in technology to make sure we can use them as reliable as possible.

Not only action camera, there are also those made for video blogging like Sony RX0 II Vs DJI Osmo Pocket that we can use while checking the preview from the front of the lens. Many newly releases today are offering so much improvement from their predecessors and GoPro as the pioneer of action camera itself also continuously upgrading their products to be better and of course more expensive. In a perfect world where all people can afford anything they want, our request will always be the best available but, unfortunately it is not.

Many bigger names and market leaders are competing with each other to offer the best option for those who are looking for perfection and have more fortune to spend but the latter often becoming our issue when trying to look for one. Action camera itself comes in various price points and most of the best rated units will be around hundreds of dollars such as the new Hero 7 which is currently marketed at $354.95 and it is actually worth the price due to its many useful features and image quality.

For those who are not very serious into the game such as doing certain types of extreme sports like mountain biking or diving, getting a more affordable cameras will be a wiser decision because there are so many of them already have a good footage quality. Of course we cannot compare an entry-level with market leader but, at least they already sufficient for a more casual users or those who are not really needing the professional result and planning to include the unit on a more challenging journey.

About Campark ACT74 and ACT76

In recent years where action camera is becoming very popular and widely used or becoming a trend when everyone wants to have one, there are so many new brands flooding the market as well to offer their products. Most of them are Chinese brands and while they are indeed much more affordable, there are many that can deliver such good results. They are a perfect choice for budget options or any casual users and beginners who want a dedicated camera for their activity.

With the many options, it is understandable that customers are getting confused on which camera they should pick since they seem to be the same with similar capabilities and even look the same from the outside. If you want to spend as little and get a good footage out of the unit, Campark is one of the best brands to look at. They are very well-known for affordable camera and still offers a satisfying result despite the low price point.

This brand is also the direct competitors or many common budget cameras such as AKASO and Dragon Touch so in terms of performance they are almost the same to each other depending on the model you pick. Two recommended cameras from the brand is the ACT74 and ACT76 which as the name suggests, a very close brother and we can simply conclude the latter as an upgrade model of the first one. It is however, revealed to be not a substantial improvements.

Both of them are too similar to each other and while the upgrades are not something that can elevate your image quality or footage frames per second, it is indeed can be useful in various situations, especially when you can’t touch the unit and in addition, it becomes more convenient for users to check stats.

Campark ACT74 and ACT76 Design

Putting them side by side from the rear area, they are looking like exactly the same cameras because both are still retaining the similar dimension and overall looking like any action cameras out there with a narrow display screen but, when you rotate then and check the front, we can see that Campark ACT76 is also featuring another small analog display at the front which is showing duration, battery, mode, and more similar to the one we used to found in Hero cameras from GoPro.

All of the housing and buttons placement are still the same in both cameras with its plastic housing that is not directly waterproof for more extreme activities yet, they are also packed with the clear case if you need to dive while recording. Both also have the same accessories inside the box including the mounting system and batteries but your ACT76 is also coming with one wrist remote control to connect to the camera and command it to take photos or recording from afar.

Campark ACT74 and ACT76 Camera

One of the most important side to look at when shopping for a camera of any kind is the camera itself and how they will perform the latter but, as it has been mentioned above, Campark ACT74 and ACT76 are very identical in terms of quality since they are equally equipped with Sony sensor to deliver a nice and clear footage as well as good still images anytime and the effective pixel listed is the same at 16MP which can be lowered as needed.

As a capable action cameras, these models are also already supporting the high resolution at 4K but the frame rate is pretty standard only at 30fps, the same with its 2K version. A quality lower than these, however, can record footage up to 60fps for 1080p and 720p version. Many action cameras cannot zoom even those in higher price range and these two have zoom function digitally which in its core just a cropping process so we don’t really recommend it in real life.

Another adored features related directly to the image and footage quality of a camera including action camera is the image stabilization system and we do hope to see at least digital stabilization but unfortunately, they are still not offering any so if you plan to record while moving, getting a good gimbal will be worth to save the result.

Battery and Remote

The next thing we love from Campark ACT74 and ACT76 may not directly affecting the image and footage quality but is at least allowing the users to enjoy recording their activity longer and it is because the battery life is quite good. Most of us gets more than an hour while recording continuously and since they come with two rechargeable batteries, we can use them for quite the amount of time. But, it is recommended to at least charge your battery for 2-3hours to get the full capacity.

As it has been mentioned above, Campark ACT76 is coming with remote control which is not available with ACT74 and many other similar action cameras out there. While not all of us want to use one, it is indeed very convenient when taking image together with more people or record without accessing the camera.

Campark ACT74 and ACT76 Performance

As for the performance, both of them are delivering the same quality of footage and still images since most of the internal technology are also the same. While can’t be compared to image quality such as those Hero and Osmo cameras, the level is on par with various brands in their price range. Colors are captured pretty accurately and while it doesn’t pop as much as what you get on higher models, they are still very fun to watch for casual users.

What’s quite annoying is since there is no image stabilization and we don’t use gimbal to keep the shot from moving around, any movement is predominantly affecting the footage and it will turn them a bit blurring. As for the 4K, since it is only 30fps, we do like a smoother 1080p or 720p to be easier on the eyes.


Now, let’s compare Campark ACT74 and ACT76. As you may already know, both of them are more similar rather than different so it is easy to consider which should be your best option. Their differences are only on the additional display at the front of ACT76 and the additional wrist remote control to use with the camera. Other than that, they have the same sensor, effective pixel, mounting system, battery, and a range of video quality options.

Campark ACT74 vs ACT76

- Super 4K recording +Sony sensor. campark 4K sports action camera records video footage in 4K/30Fps and takes photo at 16M. Campark action cameras help you capture and share your world in a fantastic resolution.
- 170° + Optional view angle lens. This Action Cam with 2 Inch HD Screen and 170 degree lens, You can also adjust view angle in the camera, Multiple view angles can be selected, give you a different visual experience, you won't miss out on any background details.
- Wi-fi remote control. action cameras compatible with iOS and Android System.The sports camera allows you control camera via the phone in real time, what is more, instantly send Pics and videos via email or Share them on social media easily.
- WiFi Connectivity across 8 meters lets you connect with smart mobile without any wires. This WiFi is not only a remote control, it allows you monitor in real time, review videos/photos on mobile, set camera feature and record modes. What is more, instantly send pics and videos via email or share them on social media easily.
- 2.4GHz Wireless remote control,water resistant,suitable for surfing,skiing and biking in rain/snow.Dual screens,2 inch high definition back screen that displays and replays good videos recorded,front 0.66 inch monochrome screen shows camera mode, battery power and some camera info.
- Campark Xtreme 2 Also comes with a nice set of accessories. In addition to the waterproof case, you will get helmet mount kit,4 zip ties, 3 straps, one bicycle mount and more.Also, a bonus is the 2nd 1050mAh battery and a write remote control


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same preferences and it is best to get the one that fits both of your taste and budget the most but between the two, if you are not going to use the remote, Campark ACT74 is already a very reliable model for casual users.

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