Campark ACT74 vs X20

August 16, 2019

Many of us want to immortalize some moments or activity and document it for later either for personal viewing or to share with other people. If you are an active person who often find many interesting situations or subjects to capture or record, an action camera like Campark ACT74 vs X20 can be a nice companion for your adventure. What’s even better is both of them are also very affordable yet, see what they can offer below so we can choose better. 

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  • What are Campark ACT74 and X20
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  • How are the Performance of Campark ACT74 and X20
  • Campark ACT74 vs X20

Action Camera

Cameras have been available for the end consumer since the late 1880s and the one who brings them to the market is Kodak which is still very popular today but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with the rest of the big players. In the next century, camera recorder begin to emerge and starting to be marketed in the late 1980 by Sony to allow personal user record their activity or at that time more for family use so they don’t have to pay for professional service.

As time goes by, camera is becoming smaller and more capable so in the early 2000s we are attracted by the huge offerings from various manufacturers that introduce a more compact pocket cameras that not only can shoot still images but also already recording in digital formats. This was huge at the moment but not long after, technology developed more and when cell phones are more stabilized in which almost all people carry one, camera begin to be featured in your cell phone.

The first camera phone available for end consumer was made by Sharp in a form of flip phone exclusively sold in Japan but several years later, other electronics companies also try to mimic the decision and continuously improved today. Following the ever-changing trend, after we are done with camera phone we are adoring action cameras today and unlike the one we used to have in the past, this boxed camera is more versatile, easy to use in different situations, and friendly with your smartphones.

Action camera trend started several years ago while the unit was first available for wider consumer in 2004 made by GoPro. As the leading brand of action camera, this company is offering new standard every release and make sure their users are always satisfied with their performance in real-life activities. The best benefit of action cam is their compact build which supporting different mounting system and suitable for more extreme activity thanks to its waterproofing as well as reliable enough to even create pleasingly good footage.

They can be used in a professional environment but by no means a professional equipment since in comparison, your high-end DSLR or camcorder will do better. Another issue with action camera is the price range because to get a mesmerizing footage you also have to spend more to get those flagship models. If you don’t want to spend much yet, there are many affordable options out there to both allow you experience the way action camera works, get a good footage or still images but without draining the wallet.

About Campark ACT74 and X20

With the huge hype and demand, we always get the more affordable version of everything because not all of us want to spend so much especially on things considered as a complementary and not very necessary in your every day’s activity. This also happens with action cameras and we can get so many options of cheaper cameras out there, even more than the expensive brands like GoPro, Sony, DJI, and Yi. While they can’t compete with upper models, most of them are very reliable for casual users.

If you are here to look at the best budget action cams, the brand you may want to check out is Campark because this company is offering a range of good cameras with a very affordable price to not ask too much from your pocket. Many of them are below $100 and there are even those below $50 as the basic options but, the more expensive it is, doesn’t always mean the image or footage will be different for example between Campark ACT74 Vs ACT76.

This company has quite the variety to choose and if the budget is less than $100, their ACT74 and X20 are two nice option to choose. In fact, the X20 is more similar to ACT76 because these two are featured with two display or screen, the same we used to see on Hero by GoPro. On the other hand, the basic ACT74 only has single display at the back to both view the preview and seeing the available mode and as the image quality, overall should be better in the latter.

This is because Campark is adding more into the effective pixel and in an attempt to make the result more pleasing to the eyes, they also seem to use a different processor inside. However, similar to any cameras from the price range, you will not get the real experience of 4K video so, many people including us do recommend to use their lower quality to make sure the footage is more pleasant rather than pushed to nowhere. 

Campark ACT74 and X20 Design

When you put them side by side, they seem like a close brother and with the Campark logo at the front, we can instantly notice they are coming from the same company. However, unlike many ACT lines, the X20 is not coming with the same face or design except for the box and control buttons. When you check the front, their face is quite different especially on the lens ring and the most prominent, small analog display on the left.

Their sides are also different because Campark X20 is retaining the smooth surface just like the front area in which ACT74 is textured. The amount of buttons stay the same but the rear portion is a little bit different because on the first camera, this colored display is navigated through the buttons yet the latter is already touch-sensitive so we can operate it more conveniently. They have several accessories inside including mounting and waterproof case to protect the unit when you dive with them.

Campark ACT74 and X20 Camera and Features

For any camera, what you may want to check first when looking for one is the camera itself because while we can’t literally translate them precisely into image quality, at least we get some idea on how they should produce the result. The information on which sensor size they used for both models are not available but they do claim to have the Sony sensor to let you have a nice experience with these camera yet, the effective pixel is different since ACT74 is counting at 16MP while the latter is at 20MP.

As for the video recording, both of them are very similar to each other and despite capable of capturing 4K footage, it is not as good and can’t be called the real 4K yet and if you want one, the big brother of X20, X30 is already capable of doing 4K better than any of these two. The 4K is rated at 30fps similar to the 2K but the 1080p and 720p are already at 60fps so they are smoother and look better.

In addition to the camera, both of them are also featured with digital zoom which is similar to cropping on the core just in case when you need them. For the stabilization, unfortunately only X20 has the additional feature and we are very pleased since we do hope from the start to see one here to compensate for the shaking motion.

Campark ACT74 and X20 Performance

Coming into the performance, both of them are also equipped with wireless connectivity so besides reading the files from your phone or computer, we can use this connectivity to control these cameras. The problem is it seems some people have issues when trying to pair the camera with their devices, especially Android phones yet, there is also an app named XDV which is roughly translated from Chinese if you want. These cameras are pretty straightforward and very easy to use; alone or with your smartphone.

For the still images, both are actually pretty good in a day light condition but when you place them side by side, it seems the ACT74 color is not as accurate and the image appear to be over sharpened with some detail loss while X20 produce overall a smoother and very natural under good lighting. For the video, both cameras are prone to shaking but X20 is better and can keep the details even while moving despite having the same frame rate per seconds.


Now, let’s compare Campark ACT74 with X20. As you may already know, both of them are very similar but also different and it is easy to distinguish one from another since the latter is not only featured with touch screen but also another display at the front while the sides are now smooth to touch. The X20 is also having more effective pixels and image stabilization so in terms of still images and footage it will clearly produce better results.

Campark ACT74 vs X20

- Super 4K recording +Sony sensor. campark 4K sports action camera records video footage in 4K/30Fps and takes photo at 16M. Campark action cameras help you capture and share your world in a fantastic resolution.
- 170° + Optional view angle lens. This Action Cam with 2 Inch HD Screen and 170 degree lens, You can also adjust view angle in the camera, Multiple view angles can be selected, give you a different visual experience, you won't miss out on any background details.
- Wi-fi remote control. action cameras compatible with iOS and Android System.The sports camera allows you control camera via the phone in real time, what is more, instantly send Pics and videos via email or Share them on social media easily.
- 4K/20MP & SONY SENSOR: This action camera records Ultra HD videos in professional 4K resolution and 20MP high quality photos of all your adventures. With built-in SONY sensor, this Campark X20 Action Cam will definitively give you the highest enjoyment.
- 30M UNDERWATER CAMERA AND IMPRESSIVE IMAGE STABILIZER: With the waterproof case, you can dive up to 30 meters (98ft) deep, and built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) makes it an excellent choice to shoot fast-moving objects, ideal for outdoor activities. Let your Campark X20 waterproof camera take care of stabilizing your footage.
- SPORT CAMERA WITH WIFI AND REMOTE CONTROL: Download and install APP “CamKing” on your smart phone or tablet, it allows you to share photos and videos with your family and friends whenever and wherever you are. And with the 2.4G remote control, easy to control your action camera when skiing, cycling, swimming, drafting, etc.


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same preferences and budget to spend so it is best to pick the one that suits your application the most yet, comparing the two, we do like Campark X20 better with its nicer stills and footage.

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