Campark X20 vs X30

August 14, 2019

Looking for an action camera that won’t break the bank? Campark X20 vs X30 are some great options that you should consider. These products come from the same company, and they both are capable of 4K recording with excellent image quality. So, how are they different from each other, and which one is better for you? Find out below!

Continue reading below to learn further about:

  • The similarities between Campark X20 and Campark X30
  • The build quality and waterproof rating of each model
  • The supported memory card capacity on each model
  • The comparison of their recording quality
  • The battery life of Campark X20 vs X30
  • Which action cam that is generally better and more valuable

The Similarities

First of all, let us see how Campark X20 and Campark X30 are similar. These are the features and capabilities that you will get regardless of the model that you choose, as both of the two action cameras have them all. See also: Sony RX0 II vs DJI Osmo Action

  • Both models can record 4K videos. So, if you want to create 4K content, both Campark X20 and Campark X30 are viable options.
  • The maximum still image resolution on either camera is 20MP.
  • Both models have an adjustable 170-degree lens. You can change the field of view to be narrow, medium, or wide to suit your purpose.
  • Both models are equipped with electronic image stabilization for minimizing shakiness and blur in your footage.
  • Both models record videos in MP4 and capture still images in JPG.
  • Each action camera here has a 2.0-inch rear touchscreen display. It is pretty wide, and it can provide fairly detailed images with accurate colors.
  • Both models have built-in Wi-Fi. They can connect to your mobile phone via the CamKing mobile app. Then, you can use your mobile phone as a remote control of the camera. The mobile app also allows you to share photos and videos.
  • Both models come with a USB cable, bicycle mounting kit, helmet mounting kit, and spare battery.

Design and Build Quality

The first impression of Campark X20 is really nice. It has a gray matte surface with a brushed finish on the front. It looks classy to some degree. On the front, there is a large button for switching on and off the camera and for changing the mode.

Campark X20 is interesting because, in addition to the rear display, it also has a small vice screen on the front which will show the duration of your recording, battery level, and operation status. This additional screen on the front is really handy if you often take shots with yourself within the frame.

Campark X20 comes with a waterproof housing. If you want to use the camera under water, you have to use this housing. Note that the maximum depth that the housing can reach is ‘only’ 30 meters.

On the other hand, Campark X30 comes in a jet-black coat. It looks sporty and stylish. In a way, it looks more professional than Campark X20. The surface on the front is smooth and sleek. The power/mode button is still located on the front. This is to ensure that the button won’t get accidentally pressed during your recording.

One notable difference between Campark X20 vs X30 is that Campark X30 does not have a vice screen on the front. Fortunately, this is not a big deal because you can connect your mobile phone and use it to see what the camera is seeing.

Another difference between these two models is the waterproof housing. Campark X30 also comes with a waterproof housing, but this one is more rugged and durable. This housing is said to be able to go 40 meters under water.


In terms of features, Campark X20 and Campark X30 are mostly similar except for just a few things. As mentioned in the beginning, both models have built-in Wi-Fi which will allow you to connect your mobile phone wirelessly and then use it as a remote control.

Both action cams here are also compatible with most popular drones, such as the HS700 Ophelia and the 3DR Solo. The fit perfectly in the gimbals. The ability to control the camera through your mobile phone becomes really handy when flying it with a drone. Also, you will appreciate the electronic image stabilization, which will ensure stable and clear footage that is not affected by the vibrations of the drone’s propellers.

There are also several cool shooting modes on both cameras, such as motion detection, timelapse, loop, car mode, and underwater mode. Both models have excellent menu screens that are easy to understand and efficient enough for quick navigation.

There is a difference between Campark X20 vs X30 regarding the included accessories. Campark X20 comes with a dedicated remote control which operates using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This remote is actually very simple; there are just buttons for starting/stopping a recording and taking snapshots. But this remote is still handy if you don’t want to use your mobile phone for simple shots. Campark X30 doesn’t have a dedicated remote control.

Campark X20 doesn’t include a charger; you can use the USB cable to charge the unit. Meanwhile, Campark X30 comes with a slot dock charger which is simple and convenient to use. Other items that you can find with either model are the USB cable, bicycle mounting kit, helmet mounting kit, and spare battery.


For storage, both models here have a MicroSD slot. You need to insert a memory card in order to save your videos and photos. The memory card is not included in the box.

However, Campark X20 only supports a maximum MicroSD capacity of 32 GB. If you insert a memory card of a larger capacity, the camera won’t be able to read that. This capacity limitation is a bit annoying once you are about to hit the threshold. You will need to move the files to your computer in order to free up some room, or buy a new blank memory card.

On the other hand, Campark X30 supports a maximum MicroSD capacity of 64 GB. The threshold is twice higher here. You can use a larger memory card and store more videos and photos, so you won’t need to move files to your computer too often.

Recording Quality

Although it’s been said that Campark X20 vs X30 are capable of 4K recording, note that they support different frame rates. The 4K recording of Campark X20 is limited to 24fps, whilst the 4K recording of Campark X30 can be captured at 60fps for smoother movements, increased detail, and less blur.

Additionally, Campark X20 can record 1080p footage at 60fps, and 720p footage at 120fps. Meanwhile, Campark X30 can record 2.7K footage at 30fps, 1080p footage at 120fps, and 720p footage at 240fps.

Campark X20 is armed with an impressive 20MP Sony image sensor. It can capture images with very good detail and color accuracy. In low-light, the performance is noticeably reduced, but the quality is still good enough for most purposes. There can be some noise, but not too much.

The 4K footage is mostly great. However, if you want to shoot fast actions, the 24fps frame rate is a bit too limited. Fast movements will look blurred with this frame rate. As the effect, when shooting fast actions with Campark X20, you want to resort to the 1080p setting in order to utilize the higher frame rate. For relatively slow movements, though, the 4K setting is great.

The 4K recording of Campark X30 is definitely better. With the 60fps frame rate, it can capture fast movements just fine. The images are clearer and more detailed. This camera will allow you to capture fast actions in 4K without compromising the quality. Meanwhile, you can shoot in 1080p/120fps or 720p/240fps to make slow-motion videos. The quality is exceptional.


Last but not least, the difference between Campark X20 and Campark X30 is the battery capacity. In general, the larger the battery capacity is the better. When you are out there skiing or mountain climbing, running out of battery is the last thing that you want to be worried about.

The battery capacity of Campark X20 is 1050mAh, which is pretty good. It can last for approximately an hour if used for recording continuously. The spare battery is nice. You can just swap the batteries if the current one is running out of power.

The battery capacity of Campark X30 is 1350mAh. It is just slightly better, with an average battery life of about 60 – 90 minutes. However, it also comes with a spare battery of a similar capacity.

Campark X20 vs X30

- 4K/20MP & SONY SENSOR: This action camera records Ultra HD videos in professional 4K resolution and 20MP high quality photos of all your adventures. With built-in SONY sensor, this Campark X20 Action Cam will definitively give you the highest enjoyment.
- 30M UNDERWATER CAMERA AND IMPRESSIVE IMAGE STABILIZER: With the waterproof case, you can dive up to 30 meters (98ft) deep, and built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) makes it an excellent choice to shoot fast-moving objects, ideal for outdoor activities. Let your Campark X20 waterproof camera take care of stabilizing your footage.
- SPORT CAMERA WITH WIFI AND REMOTE CONTROL: Download and install APP “CamKing” on your smart phone or tablet, it allows you to share photos and videos with your family and friends whenever and wherever you are. And with the 2.4G remote control, easy to control your action camera when skiing, cycling, swimming, drafting, etc.
- Native 4K UHD VIDEO + 20 Mega Pixel. Campark X30 4K Sports Action Camera, featuring 4K(3200x1800)/60fps, 4K(3840x2160)/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/120fps, 720P/240fps video resolution and 20MP photos, ensures you capture the world in high-definition video, deliver smooth video footage and shoot pretty decent still images. Most parts are compatible with gopro.
- Electronic Image Stabilization. Built-in EIS helps the footage stay clear and stable in situations where the cameras are subject to knocks and bumps. Campark X30 underwater cam provides excellent experience in shooting fast-moving objects, delivers steady and smooth videos.Image Stabilization is disabled when you select 4K/60fps video resolution.
- Distortion Calibration + Waterproof Camera Up to 40M (131ft). This action camera have lens distortion correction as a built-in feature,make it easy to remove fisheye effect.Equipped with the upgraded waterproof case, this underwater camera can deep dive up to 131 feet. Deal for water sports like snorkeling, swimming, surfing etc.


As you can see, each action camera here has its own advantages. However, Campark X30 is generally more recommended. It is capable of 4K recording at 60fps, which is great. The overall image quality is very good. Movements look smooth and detailed. In addition, this model has a larger battery capacity, supports larger memory cards, and comes with a more durable waterproof housing.

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