Crosstour CT9000 vs CT8500

June 29, 2020

At the point when the GoPro line was first released, everybody was practically flabbergasted in light of the fact that they had not seen anything else like it previously. Today, in any case, there is a great deal of other action cameras out there, and at a much lower price tag. 

In the event that you cannot manage the cost of the GoPro, you have gone to the right spot because we are here to give you what your other (less expensive) choices are – some may call them GoPro knock-offs, however, we genuinely like them. The GoPro will, in all likelihood, consistently be the best action camera available, however, it is additionally the most costly one.

In this way, putting resources into a Crosstour action camera will be an incredible investment. Crosstour Company is a solid player in the market of best action cameras. 

Regardless of whether you are swimming, skiing, boating, bungee jumping or zip-lining, it can take the bumps with you. Crosstour action cameras can be utilized wherever. 

From freezing grounds or significantly underwater, their focal lens can convey top-notch recordings and photographs. To assist you with getting the best one, we have recorded and looked into the best two Crosstour action cameras, namely Crosstour CT9000 and Crosstour CT8500. 

Read the comparison article down below to see whether they can make the best GoPro alternatives for you.

4K Quality 

With respect to the 4K setting, we notice in the CT9000 that the 4K mode does not appear to give any improved picture quality and the absence of prominent file size over the 2.7K mode seems to affirm that the recording is simply scaled up, or “inserted” making the “4K” guarantee a mere claim.

That is not so much an issue though, if the recordings you intend to make would be just 720p keeping the size relatively low for a quick transfer to Youtube; 1080p is along these lines satisfactory for recording in, giving you some wiggle room for zooming in during editing process, and furthermore the further choice of 60fps rather than 30fps, incredible for slow-motion stuff. Read also: GoPro Max vs DJI Osmo Pocket.

With respect to the CT8500 however, the 4K mode really is by all accounts just that. Some different things significant are that the casing rates for the various cameras are distinctive at 4K, with the CT8500 recording at 30fps, yet the CT9000 is constrained to 25fps at this resolution. 

Both can record at either 30fps or 60fps, the last being thought for slow-motion edits. The CT9000 has more alternatives at the lower resolution of 720P (both fit for 120fps here) yet we find that the vast majority will choose the higher resolution. 

 Crosstour CT9000 Crosstour CT8500
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions2.36 x 1.65 x 0.98 inches
2.36 x 1.65 x 0.98 inches
Item Weight2.26 ounces
1.35 pounds

Battery Life 

Next, we notice in the CT9000 that while on paper the camera’s two included batteries should each last as long as an hour and a half, in all actuality, they would each keep going for not exactly 60 minutes (which is the reason why you should buy another 10,000 mAh convenient battery pack). It is the same with the CT8500. 

One point we have found with the CT8500, which may likewise be so with the CT9000, is that you cannot charge the battery while the camera is being used. One abnormal peculiarity is that the battery cover on the more up-to-date CT8500 has a button that is awkward to work so as to release the cover; with the CT9000 applying a fingernail in the vital area works fine. 

MicroSD Card Support 

One thing we have looked at in detail with the CT9000 was its capacity to utilize a 128GB MicroSD Card. This was on the grounds that the Specifications state support for up to 32GB only. 

The caveat we found was that while the camera would cheerfully record to a bigger card, you were unable to move the documents off this size of card by associating the camera to a PC, rather you need to utilize a card reader. Once more, this limitation was not a problem since utilizing a USB 3.0 card reader would be far quicker than the USB 2.0 restriction of the Crosstour, particularly since you might be able to leave the camera appended to your bicycle and basically remove the card. 

The CT8500 has the equivalent 32GB restriction claim in the Specification, however, we can affirm it works with 128GB cards, despite the fact that we have not taken a shot at transferring records legitimately off this by connecting the camera to the PC. The two cameras have a WiFi highlight and incorporate a straightforward remote. 


Crosstour CT9000 has a red power LED on top that flashes while recording. This is valuable when you are utilizing the camera on your bicycle as you can, without much of a stretch, look there to check. 

In any case, while the CT8500 seems to have a LED in a similar area, this does not light when recording. 

Crosstour CT9000 vs CT8500

- FULL HD VIDEO AND PHOTO RESOLUTION - 14MP 1080P ensures you capture high quality pictures and videos every time. The 170° wide-angle lens allows you to capture more of your surroundings.
- SUPPORT PC WEB CAMERA FUNCTION - With the function of webcam, it enables you to have online meeting, chatting or other online activities. And the 170°wide-angle lens of the camera will gives you a wider field of vision.
- 30 METERS WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE - With the solid and durable waterproof case, you can dive into water up to 98 feet / 30 meters. Perfect for water sports, such as swimming, diving, surfing and so on. You can explore the unknown underwater world.
- WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL CONNECTION - With Wi Fi you can connect your phone to directly operate the camera and video options using the “BH10 DV” APP. Besides, you can download, delete and view files.
- External Microphone & Remote Control - External 2.5mm Microphone(Included), help you to captures sound from all directions with crisp details. Remote control help control your camera wirelessly. Red button for photo taking and grey button for video recording.
- 131 Feet(40m) Waterproof Camera - The waterproof case this camera comes with is made of IP68 material. you can dive up to 131ft. Perfect protection from rocks, dust and scratches. Fill yourself with joy of beauties in snow, rain or underwater( diving, skiing, surfing).
- Multi-functional Helmet camera - Anti-shake feature offers every you a favour to keep the footage stable and smooth while enjoying sports. Time-lapse and loop recording modes bring you more options.
- Built-In WIFI & HDMI Sports Camera - Just download App(Live DV) on your phone or tablet and connect it to this action camera, you can share your wonderful moment on social media instantly. With HDMI Port allows you to connect it to TV.

Final Verdict 

Still not sure yet which of those GoPro alternatives is the correct one for you? That is fine – go for one of these two, and you will not be baffled. 

Crosstour is a brand with incredible potential and advantages. This Crosstour 4K can be lowered up to 40 meters underwater without this affecting its performance by pressure. 

The nature of sharpness that is accomplished in underwater pictures and recordings is entirely acceptable. On the off chance that you need it to record underwater, this brand is an incredible alternative.

So, we unquestionably suggest the Crosstour action cameras when you are simply wanting to start with action cameras or recording in general or in case you are updating from one that was more terrible yet being a medium-end action camera and do not hope to have the GoPro quality. At last, picking the best action camera will depend on what you intend to utilize it for.

Do you need waterproofing, shock-proofing, slow-motion feature, a forward looking screen or extreme mounting adaptability? It is worth requiring some investment to familiarize yourself with all these diverse action cameras and what they offer.

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