Crosstour CT9000 vs CT9500

January 12, 2021

Action camera is very convenient to have because they are small and compact which makes them ideal for different types of application. It doesn’t have to be expensive as well because affordable options such as Crosstour CT9000 Vs CT9500 are already suitable for typical video recording and image capturing during your daily activities or travelling. These close brothers are very similar however so if you want to choose one, do check what the two can offer below in order to help you shop wiser.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in an Action Camera
  • What are Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500
  • What Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 Look Like
  • What are the Specification of Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500
  • How are the Image Quality of Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500
  • How are the Image Stabilization of Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500
  • Crosstour CT9000 Vs CT9500

Shopping for an Action Camera

Camera is a very important invention because it allows people to capture the scenery or anything that happens in front of the lens for various purposes from documentary to evidence. They are very useful in modern days as well where you need to take lots of photos or videos for content from news reporting to cover of your favorite songs. Chances are we all have a decent camera in the phone already but for a backup or if you prefer a standalone device, another digital camera will be a good option.

An action camera is what many people are going with today because they are very convenient due to the small build or shape. If you are also interested in having an action camera, here are some factors to consider before deciding to choose one.

  1. Durability is often ignored by many people but it is one of the most important parts to notice. As the name suggests, an action camera is often used in motion and while the person recording is moving such as in extreme sport which is why they need to be durable. The high-end options in the market can sustain high temperature, dropped from high places, and waterproof without any case. On the affordable range such as AKASO Brave 4 Vs EK700 Pro, they are waterproof with additional housing.
  2. The next is stabilization if you are not a fan of spending time on post-production. Due to the nature of action cameras, they are often used while the user is in motion and this naturally makes the footage shaky or dizzying with too much movement. A stabilization is necessary to minimize the shakiness without additional hardware like gimbal and most high-end action cameras are already performing really smoothly with their own technology.
  3. Video resolution is probably what we saw first whenever buying for a digital camera because it is easily translated into image quality. The tricky part is not all cameras labeled as 4K is a true 4K because the cheaper options will most likely use a small sensor and interpolate the image so the quality won’t be as good when you zoom in the picture.
  4. Another factor you may want to consider is their lens because many are offering a wide-angle view which makes the camera able to record or capture more of the scenery in front of the lens. If you are not a fan of wide-angle, many are also adjustable to meet your preference such as from 170 degree to 140 degree etc.
 Crosstour CT9000Crosstour CT9500
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions2.36 x 1.65 x 0.98 inches
2.4 x 1.77 x 0.94 inches
Item Weight0.564 ounces
2.19 ounces

About Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500

If you are also considering buying an action camera, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and just like any camera, they will be able to both record and capture still images. What’s different is their price point and image quality because the more you pay, usually the device will give a much better image quality as well which is necessary for a more professional result.

But, if this camera is for personal use or a backup to your smartphone, most affordable models can deliver good performance as well. Among those many options out there, Crosstour is one of the popular choices you may want to consider. They may not be as popular as AKASO which is well-known among budget shoppers but image quality is comparable and is quite good as well for the price point. They do have plenty to choose as well based on what you want to achieve.

Some of them are quite similar to each other which make the shopping a bit confusing and for buyers who want to get a good image quality without spending too much, Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 are two ideal options to consider. Both of them are close brothers hence it is not surprising to see the many similarities but they are not exactly identical either and based on the model name alone, we can already guess that the latter will be the better choice.

Usually, a newer or higher model will carry some improvement into the device and here while the Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 are labeled as 4K, it seems that only the latter carry a native 4K recording which is necessary if you are going to play the footage on a larger screen or print the image. Aside from this difference, the two are pretty much similar to each other in terms of technologies and typical features offered to help you achieve a pleasant recording or image capturing activities.

Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 Design

Side by side, these close brothers are not exactly the same to each other and as you can see from the sample picture above, the two are also different in terms of design. The CT9500 has a smooth and different faceplate compared to the CT9000 which is more similar to other affordable action cameras out there. The lens housing is now boxy on the latter instead of round and the power button is moved to the top panel instead of at the front. Overall we do think the CT9500 looks neater.

The camera is made from plastic and they are now waterproof so we will need to install the casing to make sure the camera is protected. There is a small 2 inches touch screen at the back of the camera to view settings and menu which is actually responsive and working really well too. These cameras will come with everything you need including the aforementioned casing and two pieces of batteries but they are not packed with the memory so you will need to purchase it separately.

Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 Specification

Moving forward, let’s see what Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 can offer and the most important is their image capturing ability which is what the two are prominently different in. Both of them are labeled as 4K camera and this is true as you can find the recording setting in their menu but, the frame rates are different and chances are the CT9000 is interpolating the image as it can only record at 25fps at the top setting while the CT9500 is almost twice faster or 50 frames per second.

If you want to save the memory and recording in lower resolution, it is possible to choose the Full HD 1080p in both cameras. This is actually much better for CT9000 owners because you can record at higher frame rates at either 30 or 60fps, the same with CT9500 for faster and more reliable footage quality. As for the wide angle, the two are delivering a 170 degree wide-angle fisheye view to capture more from the scenery in front of you.

Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 Image Quality

Now we also want to talk about the footage result of Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 at their top setting because many of us probably will record at the higher resolution whether it is 4K or Full HD. In 4K the CT9500 is clearly leading the game with much smoother footage and at first we guess the 1080p will be the same in both variants yet, we are surprised to see that CT9500 is actually much better here as well. Side by side, the footage looks sharper especially when you look into details.

However, they are behaving the same with light which none are good for low light conditions. If the place has a bright area and dark area at the same time, the bright part will look good but the dark area is underexposed so we can’t see the detail properly here.

Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 Image Stabilization 

The last part is their stabilization and both Crosstour CT9000 and CT9500 are coming with the feature as well which is great as it means we can have some action with them. In comparison however, we don’t think that The CT9000 is good enough if you will be recording while walking or mounting the camera in a mountain bike and helmet because the stabilization is not very reliable. The CT9500 on the other hand is impressive and we are surprised by how well it works; not as good as gimbal but really well in smoothing the footage.

Crosstour CT9000 vs CT9500

These affordable cameras are amazing for the price point because they are able to deliver good image quality both for still and moving footage. The difference is only on the resolution and design because now your footage will look better with 4K at 50fps and much better image stabilization. The CT9500 is also coming with larger batteries than CT9000 as well as still packed with an abundant amount of accessories and mounting.

- 4K 20MP Action Camera - Crosstour Ultra HD 4K action camera features rich video resolution options, including professional 4K(30fps), 2.7K(30fps) and 1080P(60fps). 4K video and 20MP photo resolution ensure better and vivider videos and photos.
- Wireless Wrist Remote Control - You could totally control your action camera through the wireless remote control with a red button for photo taking and gray button for video recording. A very convenient option for taking photos or videos on selfie sticks.
- 40M Underwater Camera - The waterproof IP68 material case (included) means you can dive up to 131ft with the camera. The case also offers protection when you are recording in the snow, rain or underwater( diving, snorkeling, surfing).
- Built-In Wi-Fi Sports Camera - With Wi-Fi connected, the wifi camera is completely under your control in "DV KING 4K" APP. Resolution setting, video recording, files deleting can be all realized. You are able to share your happy moment to social medias.
- 4K Ultra HD Sport Camera - Professional 4K/50fps, 2.7K/30fps and 720P/60fps and so on, which provide a highly reductive photographic experience for you, enables you to take incredible photos and ultra HD videos.
- Optional Lens Angle & Anti-shake - Adjustable angle lens allows you to shoot wider scenes and built-in electronic Image stabilization (EIS) with gyroscope producing steady and smooth videos even shooting fast-moving.
- Built-in Wi-Fi Action Camera - Download APP(YUTUPRO) on your phone or ipad and connect it to this camera, you can share your wonderful moment on social media instantly. WiFi signal ranges up to 10 meters.
- Lightweight & Powerful - The waterproof case design for underwater world and waterproof up to 40m. Various recording modes: Time lapse, Loop Recording and Burst, brings you creative footages and shooting effect.


All in all you can go well with any of them because the two are equally good but if we have to choose one, we also highly recommend to choose the Crosstour CT9500 because this model is delivering a much better video quality.

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