Crosstour CT9000 vs GoPro

July 3, 2020

Action camera is a great tool to have if you will often take pictures and video footage because they can be easier to mount and will keep your smartphone’s battery last longer. But, depending on your budget, there are tons of choices to pick such as the affordable and expensive Crosstour CT9000 Vs GoPro. These are coming from different spectrums but if you wonder which will fit you the most, here is some information you may want to know about what both can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Differences Between Affordable or High-End Action Camera
  • What are Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro
  • What Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro Look Like
  • How are the Image Quality of Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro
  • How are the Stabilization in Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro
  • What else Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro can offer
  • Crosstour CT9000 Vs GoPro

Affordable and High-End Action Camera

With the world in your grasp, any content can be made almost anywhere and you can share them from almost anywhere too, as long as there is internet coverage in your area. We often spend hours scrolling the timeline or watching videos from streaming sites to spend our free time and this opens unlimited content that is shared across the world. This also triggers creativity which improves the traditional method of taking pictures or videos into a more extreme or unique way.

When action cameras were starting to get popular, it is a hot item that almost everyone wanted to have but it is almost a decade ago and today, you don’t see the same trend anymore. This makes people question whether it is still useful to have an action camera amidst camera phones that are getting better each year and video games that require expensive rigs or the highly anticipated PS5 and Series X. Certainly, those who are enthusiastic about capturing still image and videography are still out there.

If you are currently just getting into how this hobby seems very interesting and want to try having your own gear, the first thing we have must spend is for the main device or tool itself. Action camera used to be quite expensive for a small box that takes pictures and records footage but just like with anything, a demanding market will also produce more competitors and today you can find so many other options that are not going to be so harsh on your pocket. 

Between expensive and affordable action cameras, image quality often comes first. Of course it will highly depend on the model as not all of them are the same. The most common difference between cheaper and expensive cameras is the color because usually the affordable one has a brighter and more punchy or pronounced tones which may look better for some but also, this is not what the subject appears in the real world. The cheaper cameras also tend to poorly handle light and shadowy areas that cause loss of details.

You will see a more prominent detail especially when taking the camera at night because chances are the image quality won’t be useful on the lower price point. Flagships models will still experience lack of details but, the noise level won’t be as disheartening. In addition, if you meant to use the camera for sport activity where the user is continuously moving with the unit, their image stabilization will be very important as well to keep your footage stable and useful.

 Crosstour CT9000 GoPro
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions2.36 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
1.75 x 2.44 x 1.26 inches
Item Weight5.6 ounces
4.2 ounces

About Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro

Both high-end and affordable cameras are widely available and you can reach them easily depending on what you want and how much you can spend. Just like everything, price often translates well into the product but if you are trying to spend as little as possible, there are also many alternatives to opt to such as the popular AKASO Brave 4 Vs V50 Pro. These cameras won’t break the bank and are still reliable for more casual users who are not aiming for the best image possible.

But, if you are able to spend the amount and are always looking for the best performing unit, there is nothing wrong with getting a flagship model. To give an idea on how an affordable model competes with high-end items, we will talk about the budget option Crosstour action camera with the leading brand like GoPro. They are placed clearly in different ranges but many may wonder what makes the latter cost multiple times pricier despite having the same capabilities to capture and record footage.

For the sample today we are going to compare the popular Crosstour CT9000 with GoPro in its newer version or Hero 8. GoPro used to be quite expensive in the past but you can get them much cheaper if you are willing to wait a little bit, just like this new Hero version which used to be about five-six times pricier than Crosstour. In terms of what they can do, any action cameras are capable of taking still images and moving footage and these two also promise 4K.

What you may want to keep in mind is when an affordable model doesn’t include the word “native” in their 4K cameras, it means that the resolution is interpolated or upscaled which is not a god sign if you will be using the higher resolution as the main mode. Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro however, are wise options for different people as in general you can get much from them and can be satisfied with both results as long as we count the budget spent as well.

Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro Design

The first thing you can distinguish from these cameras is their built itself because the CT9000 is traditional, it still has the rugged and textured finish which GoPro has left since several cameras behind yet, while it is not as attractive as most newer cameras, it slim, small, and light to carry in your pocket. Hero 8 has some major changes in design compared to Hero 7 and we personally are not a fan of their folding fingers and battery compartment as they seem flimsy but overall it is a pretty camera.

Another difference you can easily notice is their display and just like any cameras below $100, the CT9000 is not touch-sensitive so you will still use the buttons. The resolution is also poor compared to Hero 8 but for previewing the image and selecting the menu, it is bright enough even under daylight. What we always love from affordable cameras however, is their accessories because they pack basically everything you need unlike GoPro that will cost you more to have those cases or mounting.

Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro Image Quality

Moving further, let’s see what Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro especially the newest Hero 8 can offer and starting from their recording capabilities, both of them can perform 4K recording at maximum 25 and 60 frames per second respectively. The Hero 8 has been upgraded and even the former top at 30 fps was already amazing but they do offer more with higher frame rates. For the pixel they are 16MP and 12MP side by side but you can tell GoPro has a bigger sensor.

It also has a more capable processor to offer the ultra-crisp footage while the difference between 2.7K and 4K in CT9000 is unapparent. From the footage quality, Crosstour actually gives an amazing result for the price range because it gives plenty of details and the color seems to be more prominent even though it looks over saturated. On the other hand Hero 8 is more natural in our opinion and overall has this slightly “warm” color into the image. Comparing the details GoPro also has smoother image quality.

Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro Image Stabilization

Another prominent difference is on their image stabilization and while CT9000 is very reliable for cameras below $100, it still can’t compete against the new stabilization by GoPro. When used equally with stabilization in which Hero 8 will allow you to record at 4K even at 60 fps both are very different. While Crosstour is able to compensate for the shakiness for example as you mount them on a bike handle, it gives harsh effects and sometimes loses details on the footage.

GoPro owns one of the best, if not the best image stabilization for their action camera and Hero 8 is very popular for its performance. It smoothen the footage very well, that it almost feels like we are using a gimbal despite having regular mount or recording by hand.

Crosstour CT9000 and GoPro Features

The last part we want to mention is their additional features and just like most action cameras, you will get options like time lapse, burst mode and slow motion, or self-timer. What’s new is Hero 8 will also let you to capture RAW image files which are great if you will do post-processing later. This model has a new Time Warp as well for those who love taking mesmerizing short clips of long footage. In addition, the Hero 8 is water-proof even without the case while you will definitely need a case for Crosstour.

Crosstour CT9000 vs GoPro

Considering the price point, Crosstour CT9000 is offering a very good image quality and already very capable to be your traveling companion but is not comparable to Hero 8 by GoPro yet because overall the latter will give you a much better footage especially for “action” type of application. Not only from the built, GoPro has a more capable processor to allow its high-end features makes your vlogging even more fun.

- 4K 20MP ACTION CAMERA - Crosstour Ultra HD 4K camera features rich video resolution options, including professional 4K(30fps), 2.7K(30fps) and 1080P(60fps). 4K video and 20MP photo resolution ensure better and vivider videos and photos.
- WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL - You could totally control your camera through the wireless remote control with a red button for photo taking and gray button for video recording. A very convenient option for taking photos or videos on selfie sticks.
- 40M UNDERWATER CAMERA - The waterproof IP68 material case (included) means you can dive up to 131ft with the camera. The case also offers protection when you are recording in the snow, rain or underwater( diving, skiing, surfing).
- BUILT-IN Wi-Fi SPORTS CAMERA - With Wi-Fi connected, the camera is completely under your control in "DV KING 4K" APP. Resolution setting, video recording, files deleting can be all realized. You are able to share your happy moment to social medias.
- 2 inch touch screen: Quickly switch between modes, frame; The perfect shot and check out your footage on the 2 inch touch screen
- Waterproof + durable built tough and waterproof down to 33 feet (10 meter), Hero goes where your smartphone can't to capture every adventure with no worries
- Voice control:​ Control your Hero hands free with simple voice commands like “GoPro, start recording” and “GoPro, take a photo ”
- Wi fi + bluetooth: Connect to the GoPro app to control your camera remotely, check out your shots and share your favorite on the spot


Depending on what you are aiming for and what preference you have, both are great options but for different people. If Hero 8 by GoPro is aimed at those who seek premium experience, the Crosstour CT9000 is a budget choice to bring along in your journey.

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