Crosstour vs Apeman 4k

August 29, 2019

It is sokay to say that you are a voyager? Or then again you want to take photographs submerged or in any condition? You realize that these days, taking picture while doing any exercises is one of numerous individuals most loved activity. And we do that so as to keep the best minute we have ever had.

The advancement of the online networking these days is by one way or another giving an impact of taking picture. And while we taking picture unknowingly we will consistently need the best camera or camera telephone with a very marvelous particular.

And for quite a long time, there are cameras that can be utilized even inside the ocean, pool or we can say it as submerged camera. And some way or another numerous individuals love to utilize that.

In any case, the issue is that there are numerous few of the cameras that will cause you to befuddle to pick one. Along these lines, in this article I will assist you with comparing between two items. There are Crosstour and Apeman 4k that get a high audit from their clients.


The early presentation, the Crosstour features unadulterated dark covering around its body structure. As I might want to think, I think it lovely and in vogue. Not simply it incorporates welcoming appearance; it does gives out a self evident aptitude impression. Nevertheless, I do have a minor dread with this movement camera. The power catch is arranged on the top next to catch photo/record. See also: Crosstour vs Gopro Hero 6.

Which is can be a major issue for specific people who might lean toward not to coincidentally temperament executioner their action camera in focal point of accounts. Most of the movement cameras, for instance, the Victure 4KUHD action camera and YI 4K+ action camera have their ability gets arranged on the front to evade incidents.

Notwithstanding, it will require most likely some practicing to progress toward becoming adjusted to keep away from submitting blunders. On the back of the movement camera, it incorporates a 2-inches touch screen that can be investigated around successfully.

Examining the introduction is the most critical factor in the Crosstour survey. While this camera is assessed insignificantly higher than most entry level movement camera you normally would see. We figure you will be astonished with the introduction this movement camera brings to the table. In reality, the Crosstour movement camera 9500 goes with unfriendly to shake incorporate.

There are a couple of guideline incorporates that you should consider the Crosstouraction camera. In any case, it features Time-Lapse which empowers the movement camera to hold off the go for couple of minutes.

You can adjust to what degree you need the action camera to hold up before getting the still from one second to ten seconds. It is the perfect choice for including the person into the stills or even chronicles. All things considered, nobody must be overlooked.

Another astounding segment that is realized in this action is known as the Loop Recording. This component is incredible useful for causing content without having to physically to eradicate the reports to make new space.

Regardless, while it is wonderful for students — I don’t outstandingly propose this part at all for progressively experienced movement camera customers. The real deal about this action camera is that it would have made an uncommon dash cam.

Also, it fuses weighty 20MP with understood SONY sensor which works eminently at passing on point by point and vivacious stills/chronicles. Further, in case you are looking for an unimaginable movement camera without spending that a ton of money. This is the perfect choice for you.

Apeman 4k

It is a 4K action camera from Apeman with a sharp cost. It’s another worth arranged gadget in a comparative vein to the GoXtreme Vision 4K, and in truth looks somewhat like the last both as far as appearance and determination. Be that as it may, the A80 is significantly less expensive and accompanies a much progressively liberal group that the GoXtreme elective.

Apeman doesn’t uncover the inner particular of the A80, however the sensor is huge enough for 4K video, which it takes shots at 24fps (outlines every second). There’s likewise QHD (2,560 x 1,440) at 30fps, 1080p at 30 or 60fps, and 720p at 30, 60 and 120fps. You can even pick WVGA at 30 fps. These are actually equivalent to the GoXtreme Vision 4K.

The A80 likewise looks physically fundamentally the same as. The finished outside and focal point are the equivalent, just like the menu catches as an afterthought. The top catch is indistinguishable as well, however the front catch is orange. A similar battery type is utilized, and the catch on the entryway covering the battery would be exchangeable with GoXtreme’s rendition.

The 4K film is really caught at 2,880 x 2,160, much the same as the GoXtreme Vision 4K, and utilizations a 24Megabits/sec information rate, which is somewhat low for this goals. So a 16GB MicroSD card will be sufficient for 89 minutes of film.

The A80 can likewise catch stills at up to 20 Megapixels (MP), which is higher than the GoXtreme Vision 4K’s 16MP, in spite of the fact that I speculate both include insertion. All things considered, the hardware inside the A80 is as comparable as the outside.

First of all, the gadget and its frill are conveyed in a handy zipping cushioned case. Inside, the camcorder is conveyed inside its waterproof lodging, which is evaluated to withstand a profundity of 30m. This incorporates a clasp mount for use with the two glue plates provided.

There’s another open mount with standard tripod screw fittings top and base. There’s a shirt cut that will slide into the back of this. Three distinctive augmentation arms are incorporated, and there’s a connector to screw this into a standard tripod. There’s likewise a screw connector so you can utilize the open mount with these arms.

it has a two-inch LCD screen on the back, and this permits full authority over the camera settings through the menu and different catches. The menu itself has an alternate plan to GoXtreme’s, in spite of the fact that the highlights are generally the equivalent.

Beside changing the goals, you can circle recording utilizing documents of three, five or 10 minutes’ span, similar to a dashcam. There’s a ‘Whirligig’, which is an electronic picture adjustment framework, however this works for video at Full HD goals or beneath, not 4K or QHD.

Peculiarly, an Anti-Shaking mode is accessible accomplishing something comparative for photographs, in spite of the fact that this works at each still picture goals. Wide unique range is a choice at all goals, and timelapse with interims from 100ms to five seconds. There’s a movement location alternative, so you can utilize the A80 as a surveillance camera that possibly records when something moves.

Crosstour vs Apeman 4k

- FULL HD VIDEO AND PHOTO RESOLUTION- 12MP and 1080P together can make sure you capture high quality pictures and videos easily. And 170°wide-angle lens allows you to shoot wider scenes and catch more amazing moment of your surroundings.
- 30 METERS WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE - With the solid and pretty waterproof case, you can dive into water up to 98 feet / 30 meters. Perfect for water sports, such as swimming, diving, surfing and so on. You can explore the unknown underwater world.
- WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL CONNECTION - After connecting with your phone via Wi-Fi, you can directly operate the camera in “iSmart DV” APP on your cellphone, such as recording videos, taking pictures. Besides, you can download, delete and view files.
- 4K/20MP & 170° ADJUSTABLE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE. Take higher-quality 20MP photos and ultra HD video with professional 4K Tech. 2.0 Inch LCD display and professional wide-angle lens provide you with much broader amazing perspective.
- UPGRADE WATERPROOF TO 40M & BUILT-IN ANTI-SHAKING. Equipped the improved waterproof case, can deep dive below 40 meters, ready to capture all details of your adventures. Built in smart gyroscope for anti-shaking and image stabilization to make your video much more smooth. Ideal for water sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc.
- BUILT-IN WIFI & HDMI OUTPUT. Share & edit videos and images easily. Download the free app (OK Cam or FN Cam) on your smart phone or tablet to take full control of the camera in real time. HDMI, USB and AV video output are available for connecting computers, TVs and projectors.


At the very end, we can see that both products are having a great image and video quality. Both products are worth to buy. So, just think it carefully which products will you bring home with you. Because sometimes you just need an ordinary action camera that will accompany you all the time.

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