Dragon Touch 4K vs AKASO Brave 4K

August 8, 2019

Do you often spend time outside doing an adventure and challenging your adrenalin to try various extreme sports. If the answer is yes, then you may want to have a reliable action camera like Dragon Touch 4K vs AKASO Brave 4K to help you immortalizing those incredible moments. Not only capable of recording at 4K, these two models are also very affordable for many to purchase but, before shopping, see what they can offer below so then we can pick the one with the best capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose an Action Camera
  • What are Dragon Touch 4K and AKASO Brave 4K
  • What Dragon Touch 4K and AKASO Brave 4K Look Like
  • How are the Camera on Dragon Touch 4K and AKASO Brave 4K
  • How are the Performance of Dragon Touch 4K and AKASO Brave 4K
  • Dragon Touch 4K vs AKASO Brave 4K

Action Camera

It is hard imagining people go out without their smartphone because this important device is on our side almost anytime even while working or sleeping. Despite the small size, smartphone is packing a huge advantages that will take care of so many functions from the necessary communication to entertainment and many other information gathering purpose right in our hands. Another popular function of smartphone is their camera for recording and still image capturing functions so we don’t need to carry a dedicated camera anymore.

With the popularity and wide use of social media, people are fond of taking pictures of themselves which we called as “selfie” today and this sparks the market to offer cameras that can manipulate the real appearance of a subject as needed; mostly for beautifying effects. This type of camera and image processing is dominant in cheaper smartphones while on the other side high-end models from different giant manufacturers are focusing more into the overall quality of their products which makes smartphone’s camera even more reliable today.

They are already enough for daily use and for any casual users who only shot or record for personal purposes but, if you are more serious in certain hobbies and need a better camera to accommodate the documentation process, a more compact form of our older digital camera or an action camera can be a very reliable partner in the journey. Similar to flagship smartphones, they are also hyped very much and there is a huge amount of people in the market hunting for the perfect product.

As the name suggests, action camera is meant to be used while the performer is doing some action in which usual handheld camera hard to utilize. The goal is to record a good footage of an activity and since most of them are moving fast or happening in a not-so-friendly situation, action cameras are made to be sturdy and durable enough to withstand the stress such as the impressive rating of two popular flagships model from leading companies like GoPro Hero 7 Vs Sony RX0 II.

Depend on the user’s this side will varied widely, mostly due to their cost difference and the next important side you may have to consider is the image stabilizing system because we are going to use them while moving. Without a reliable image stabilization, your footage will be shaky and hard to the eyes but most digital stabilization is only good up to a certain level and the solution to the issue is mounting the camera on a physical gimbal so the video can turn up better.

About Dragon Touch 4K

The huge hype of action camera is making newer brands entering the market and competing against the big companies that are already having their own fans. When talking about an action cam, our mind will instantly refer to GoPro and it is understandable because they are the synonym for this device even today despite not being the only reliable companies out there, moreover, with Sony and DJI also joining and go head to head with the pioneer yet, we also still have a soft spot for GoPro.

This is because they are known to always offer a reliable products but the problem is, their flagship models can be quite expensive to afford. The current price for Hero 7 is around $346 with Hero 6 slightly behind it and not all of us can spend this amount which is why affordable action cameras are also flooding the market with their friendlier products and some even too good for the price such as Dragon Touch 4K or the Vision 3 version which is only topping at $43.

This model is an ideal option for anyone who are new in the game of action camera or want to start using one but not ready yet to commit to the hobby since it is not wise to spend much on something we are not sure will still be useful in the future. Despite the affordable price point, this Dragon Touch camera is already packing a capability to record footage at 4K quality but its frame rate is still topping at 30fps in which most of GoPro available today is at least twice the quality.

Dragon Touch 4K Design

Just like the most action cameras in the market, they will be similar to GoPro at a certain level and this also true with Dragon Touch 4K especially the Vision 3 model because it has the same boxy design housing a small camera at the front and only have a single display at the back which is not touch-sensitive. It is made from good quality plastic and measured around 2-inch wide, 0.9-inch tall, and 1.5-inch deep. In the box you will have all of the accessories including two batteries and remote control wristband.

Dragon Touch 4K Camera

Moving further, let’s see what makes this action camera loved by many users and it turns out they are actually providing a reliable performance at such a price. This is because they are already using Sony EXMOR sensor with effective pixel of 16MP, making the footage recorded are acceptably good. Additionally, it is also wide angle at 170 degree to get you a real action angle for different adventures. The 4K is topping at 30fps and 1080 up to 60fps but we can also lower it to save battery or as needed.

Dragon Touch 4K Performance

As for the performance, we are very curious about what Dragon Touch 4K is working in real life condition because of course it won’t beat your expensive models. The footage appears to be nicely detailed and very easy to the eyes when mounted on a tripod but since it has no image stabilization, we do not recommend using it while moving when you don’t use any gimbal. There is 4K mode but it is not good and we prefer to avoid it then go with 1080p at 60fps.

About  AKASO Brave 4K

For those with limited budget or don’t want to spend more than $100 for the action camera, there are lots of good options out there and beside the Dragon Touch, we also have the AKASO cameras especially the Brave 4 which is already offering the same 4K video recording to give you more options in terms of quality. This camera is almost twice the price of its competitors and working pretty well for daily activities or those who are not very serious in the game.

AKASO Brave 4K Design

It may not be very visible from the cover but your Brave camera is actually compact enough just like any GoPro alternatives out there with the same plastic housing but instead of one, this model already have two display with an additional analog screen at the front similar to Hero 7. It is also fairly compact measured about 2.3-inch wide, 1.6-inch tall, and 0.9-inch deep. In a set of $80, we already get the accessories needed from the waterproof casing, rechargeable batteries, and remote; the same with Dragon Touch.

AKASO Brave 4K Camera

The reason why AKASO is often compared with Dragon Touch is because they are equally a good alternatives for GoPro and surprisingly it also has Sony sensor in which the size we are not capable of finding but it is claimed to have effective pixel of 20MP. It is also capable of capturing 4K videos at 24fps, 2K at 30fps, and 1080 maximum at 60fps or 720 at 120fps. Similarly, the adjustable view angle is from 70 degrees to 170 degrees.

AKASO Brave 4K Performance

On real-life performance, this camera is definitely working very well despite the affordable price because image quality is acceptably good yet, not as good and as versatile compared to your iPhone. The performance under water is also surprisingly better since it gives a natural, slightly color correction, and pretty stable shot. Unlike many other cheaper models, this one has image stabilization and it is working effectively to reduce shakiness when shooting a footage so even without gimbal, the video is still friendly to the eyes.


Now, let’s compare Dragon Touch 4K with AKASO Brave 4K. As you may already know, these affordable action cameras are very similar but also different because AKASO have 2 display, have more effective pixel count, and image stabilization on board for a better footage but the 4K video fps is slightly higher in Dragon Touch yet, their quality are not recommended for real-life application. On the performance, AKASO Brave 4K actually smoother than Dragon.

Dragon Touch 4K vs AKASO Brave 4K

- 4K ACTION CAMERA with 4X ZOOM: Professional 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60FPS video and 16MP photo resolution enables you to capture exciting moment for you. This action camera also features zoom range from 1.0X to 4.0X.
- WIRELESS WRIST REMOTE CONTROL: Put the remote control on your wrist while installing the sports camera on your helmet, convenient to record moments in places you can't reach. Wireless range up to 10m(33ft), the remote is not waterproof.
- WIFI ACTION CAMERA with 2" SCREEN: Save and share your sports action camera moments on the phone/tablet with App XDV, WiFi signal ranges up to 33 feet. 2'' screen allows you to preview the video in action camera.
- SPORTS CAMERA WITH WIFI AND HDMI: Sharing & editing videos from an action camera is easier with the free app. Just download the App on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 10 meters. With HDMI Port allows you to connect it with television.
- 100FT WATERPROOF CAMERA AND 2'' IPS SCREEN: Place your action camera into the waterproof case and securely fasten it, then you can dive below 30 meters. This underwater camera is ideal for water sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc. 2'' IPS screen allows you to preview the video in action camera.
- FREE VALUABLE ACCESSORIES: This underwater camera comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries, remote control wristband and 19 accessories kit, the kits are available for most kinds of camera even Gopro. Each battery can record up to 90 minutes. The remote wristband is not waterproof.


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and it is always best to get the one that fits both your application and budget. Dragon Touch 4K is indeed cheaper but AKASO Brave 4K is better in producing footage so if you don’t mind the price point, we do recommend this model over the other.

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