Eken H6S vs H9R

January 27, 2021

Affordable action cameras are getting better at improving the image quality and reliability for various occasions, not just to accompany your smartphone. The options also vary greatly nowadays such as with the popular EKEN H6S Vs H9R which may not be as well-known as for example GoPro yet still able to deliver a decent image quality at a far cheaper price. If you are also considering these cameras, do check what they can offer below to know which of them will be the better option, before deciding to choose one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are Dedicated Cameras Worth to Buy
  • What are EKEN H6S and H9R
  • What EKEN H6S and H9R Look Like
  • What are the Specification of EKEN H6S and H9R
  • How are the Image Quality of EKEN H6S and H9R
  • What else EKEN H6S and H9R can offer
  • EKEN H6S Vs H9R

Dedicated Cameras

Our technology has improved so much that new devices are continue to show in the market in which one of them is an action camera. This piece of technology is not new anymore today in 2021 but they used to be a fascinating compact tool that almost everyone wanted to have several years ago. Thinking about how the device competes with today’s smartphones, there is a question whether it is still a wise decision to buy such a camera knowing how good flagship phones’ cameras are.

However, the answer may vary but we believe that for many users having a dedicated camera is beneficial, especially if you will be using them often whether it is an actual mirrorless or DSLR or the cheaper digital cameras and action cameras. Each one of them however, are meant for different users and one of the best reasons to have a camera is that we can have the flexibility to take pictures or videos without burdening the phone as we will need it throughout the day.

For mirrorless and DSLR cameras, they are what enthusiasts and hobbyists or professionals are going with. Price wise these cameras are expensive and need more care so only certain users will want to invest both budget and effort to own them. But, they are also the best when it comes to manual setting and various adjustments that we can’t find on other casual cameras. To unleash their potential we also have to know about photography and videography which makes them not very ideal for common users.

On the other hand digital cameras and action cameras are falling into the same category as they are designed to aim and shoot with less to think about. Most of them are automated to deliver what the manufacturer thinks is versatile for every condition and hence falling short when it comes to tackling the more extreme settings. However, no one will argue about their convenience because users can just turn the power on, choose the mode they want to shoot and snap the pictures or record straight away.

However, while digital cameras such as pocket cameras are versatile for just any common users to capture their moments, an action cameras are more ideal to choose for those who will use the device on something that move a lot; take an example like mountain bike, racing car, dirt bike, skate board, surfing board, helmet, etc. They are also best for water related sport because even on the cheaper range most have a protective case in order to let it submerge under water or used in a more extreme environment.

 Eken H6SEken H9R
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Product Dimensions2.36 x 0.91 x 1.57 inches
2.33 x 0.97 x 1.62 inches
Item Weight2.82 ounces
2.26 ounces

About EKEN H6S and H9R

Overall it is always about what you want to achieve with the device as we will have different activities and plans with the camera. If you are here then we assume that an action camera is what you look for and in this category, even the affordable options are getting better each year with new technologies while the mid to high-end range are also getting cheaper to make a room for new models. If you have the budget, GoPro cameras or Garmin Virb X Vs XE cameras are good choices with good image quality. 

But, for the budget shoppers we may have to dig in deeper or look around further because it is more difficult to find good options on the more affordable range. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they are not there because EKEN is a great start to open the possibilities. In terms of price they are similar to AKASO or APEMAN and Xiaomi cameras including the quality wise. They are great choices to save the budget and ideal for casual users who want a high resolution camera.

If you are attracted to cameras that can record in 4K, the EKEN H6S and H9R are two offerings from the brand with the same capabilities. These cameras are very affordable when compared to recent releases such as Hero 8 and from the spec alone they do look attractive. However, as many already know, we can’t take this written information as it is because chances are when it comes to resolution, an UHD on cheaper cameras is just a software setting or interpolated.

The image will look crisper on their highest recording setting but can’t be the same to a real or native 4K camera. However, both EKEN H6S and H9R are still good options if you plan to record the adventure or as a tool to accompany your leisure time. They are performing really well and worth purchasing for any users who are looking to have a dedicated digital camera that won’t occupy much room in their backpack.

EKEN H6S and H9R Design

Side by side the two cameras are already very different from each other when it comes to design choices because as you can see from the sample picture above, the H6S is also featured with a small screen at the face plate, next to the lens housing while on H9R this area is kept simple with only a single power button. In comparison, the H6S is looking more modern by choosing a smoother housing. Around the camera sides, the H9R is textured but the two still have the same layout.

There is a trigger button at the top of the camera and similarly, there is a small or 2 inches main screen at the back of the camera. Overall, EKEN H6S and H9R are looking like most action cameras in the market but because these models are at least 3 years old already today, they do look like something comes around the same time as action cameras grace the mainstream market. Also, at this price range, none of them are waterproof so you will need their protective case.

EKEN H6S and H9R Specification

Now for the most important part or the image quality, both EKEN H6S and H9R are claimed to be capable of recording at 4K resolution or UHD at 30 frames per second. They also allow you to downgrade the video to a lower resolution from 2K to 720p in order to increase the speed or to prolong the memory capacity. In the lower resolution, starting at 1080p, we can record at 60 frames per second which many people will probably prefer the most for activities like sport while the 720 doubles the speed at 120fps.

What we are not very fond about is they are also using fixed lens or 170 degree wide angle view. This makes the cameras able to capture more from what’s in front of it but the decision to not make it flexible is a bit of a downside since you have to edit it later to narrow down the video. As for still image capture, they are said to shoot 20MP and 14MP still pictures respectively.

EKEN H6S and H9R Image Quality

For the image comparison, both EKEN H6S and H9R are actually looking good at the lower resolution if you plan to record footage using them. The two are also featured with image stabilization to help with some shakiness but none of them are working best if you have seen what cameras like Hero 8 is capable of. Yet, the two look great in a fairly stable motion and while color doesn’t pop out as much as in typical affordable cameras, they still crisp and pretty detail with H9R look slightly better.

Dynamic range is not so good however and they are best for outdoor recording with natural light. Night recording outside as long as there is still plenty of light source is still good but not as satisfying when you zoom into the image.

EKEN H6S and H9R Feature and Battery

On the additional feature, you can connect these cameras to their remote control. They are the same remote we can strap on the wrist to trigger the action on the camera which is actually pretty simple and convenient. EKEN has the EZ iCam app that you can download from respective stores to access the camera and its file. From the battery side they are the same however and each battery should last for about an hour and half in 1080p recording mode.

Eken H6S vs H9R

These action cameras are great choices for anyone who wants to own a reliable but affordable digital/action camera. The main difference is the design itself because the H6S has an additional display at the front to show stats of the camera while the latter is capable of capturing a higher resolution still image. However, for the rest functionalities, they are the same and still best at 1080p 60fps recording and side by side the H9R actually slightly sharper in the same resolution.

- NEXT GENERATION OF EKEN H9R: Featuring 4K30/4K25 EIS/2.7K30 EIS/1080p60 EIS/1080p30 EIS video resolution and 14MP photo, the EKEN H6s 4K video camera allows you to take professional quality video from anywhere you wish.
- WIFI SPORTS UNDERWATER CAMERA WITH HDMI: Just download the Ez iCam App on your iOS or Android phone and connect with this action camera. It lets you control your camera remotely. Features include full camera control, live preview, photo playback and sharing of select content and more. HDMI Port allows connection for television playback.
- EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization): Built-in EIS with 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer detects position and motion changes. When the 4K EIS video camera tilts, moves, shakes, or experiences impact, the sensors use image cross-border compensation algorithm to compensate the change and produce stable videos.
- 100FT WATERPROOF CAMERA + 2” IPS SCREEN + 0.95-inch STATUS SCREEN: Put your action camera into the waterproof case, to capture all your underwater sports. Use the 2'' IPS screen to preview videos and photos in the camcorder.
- Share your story instantly --With NEW Live Streaming function(Only available on Apple iOS). Stream worldwide via Facebook and YouTube, share all your fun activities and extreme sports with the EKEN H9R action camera.
- Built-in WiFi & HDMI output—Edit and share your sports action camera actions as soon as it’s recorded with the App EZ iCam. WiFi signal ranges up to 33 feet. HDMI output is supported, which means you can preview videos or see real-time display on the TV with a HDMI cable.
- Waterproof housing up to 100 feet—The waterproof case of action camera is designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. This helmet camera is wearable and mountable: enables immersive capture during your favourite activities like, surfing, diving, snorkeling, biking, and driving.
- 2 inch LCD FHD Display—High quality display for video or photo playback. Get the full spectrum of the features with easy setting adjustments, you can do it all on your 4K waterproof action camera.


It is always best to choose the one you like better and while design wise we are more into the H6S, personally we will recommend the H9R because this camera has a slightly better image quality compared to its brother, making it more pleasant to view as well.


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