GoPro Fusion VS Rylo

October 28, 2019

Todays camera has various features according to our special needs. The same way with some brands that launch their 360 deg camera to perform various image shoot or video shoot. Among the famous brand, there is GoPro Fusion that has been known for its premium features, and Rylo that comes as the first start-up camera. If curious to select which one is more affordable to buy, then spare a little time to check on the below review before deciding and spare the budget.


Start with the available features of these two products. GoPro Fusion offers various excellent features such as a good designed that covered with thick rubber. This brings the main function as a waterproof camera that will allow the user to use the camera underwater up to several meters without a problem. It also consists of a great drip that makes is not easy to slip when hold underwater. The dimension size is about 1.6 x 2.6 x 2.9 inches with a weight of about 8 ounces. Furthermore, GoPro Fusion completed with a shockproof feature that anti-shake. Plus, it also has good compatibility with any smartphone including Apple and Androids. See also: GoPro Fusion vs Insta360 One X.

It is almost the same way when selecting Rylo. Even lighter as it only weighs 3.8 ounces. The dimension is not much different, 2.9 x 1.7 x 1.4 inches. This product offers various features such as a fit in hand design and comes with a case. The design completed with two buttons, one is to switch the camera off and on including to start or stop the recording or image. While the second one is to switch between different modes. It compatible with Apple or Android. Unfortunately, it is not automatically waterproof. As you need to put the case to manage this thing works underwater.

Image and Video Quality

In terms of image quality, GoPro Fusion offers a great image quality. It brings features of a good spherical video and photos captured. The video resolution works at 5.2K at 30fps and 3K at 60fps. It also has an 18MP photo result. Completed with 6 axis stabilization, making the video or image quality bring a good stabilization result. Overall, GoPro Fusion as one of the GoPro best cameras will not let their user upset with its result quality.

The other way with Rylo, with that much cost, Rylo cannot help to result in excellent image quality. Even though it can be said a lack quality of the image. This product is only able to catch 4K at 30fps and 6K panorama photos. This is a point where many people get upset when buying the product. As the quality only counts on the built-in gyro-based stabilization. Furthermore, video quality only works best on good lighting. Hence, there will be many cases you would be able to get your best shot or video when the lighting is not supporting.


GoPro Fusion capable of 2 x Micro SD and expandable up to 128GB. This will result in many images and videos to save on this product. While when you buy Rylo, it is not mentioned about the supported Micro SD. Unless you check on the website and find out that it only has 16GB Micro SD. Adding or replace the SD card might not quite clear about the maximum memories to get. Hence, Rylo saves less image or video compared with the GoPro Fusion.

Pros and Cons

Overall, both have several pros and cons that need to understand for those who expect to buy the products. GoPro Fusion will bring the advantage of exceptional video quality. It also works to shoot non 360 over capture and bring a superior stabilization. However, unfortunately, the photo capture is restricted to 18 MP only and will require at least two SD cards when capturing 360 photos.

While buying Rylo will give you an advantage of excellent stabilization, bug-free software, and a user-friendly feature. It is also capable of creating HD videos with a little movie-making panning. But, in the other side, Rylo cons including lacks in photo quality and not able to work underwater without additional casing. The video quality is also not good in poor lighting situations. Therefore, there are many uncertain results when using this product.


When we look at the price of both products, they are almost at the same level of price. A set of GoPro Fusion will cost you about 300 USD. While buying Rylo will be charged up to 270 USD. Hence, if looking at the price, the difference is not quite significant. That is why most people finally come to compare the features for an optimum benefit.


It is good news that both products, GoPro Fusion and Rylo come with a one-year warranty. There are several items covered in the guarantee so that the user will feel comfortable and safe within its guarantee time. However, the warranty comes with limited criteria. Therefore, you need to read carefully what is covered and what is not.

GoPro Fusion VS Rylo

- Spherical video + photos capture incredible 5.2K videos and 18MP photos of everything around you by shooting in every direction at once
- OverCapture Turn 5.2K spherical videos into traditional 1080p videos from any angle right on your phone. Full compatibility on iPhone 6s, iPad mini 4 and later devices; compatibility varies for earlier devices. See Technical Specifications below for Android compatibility
- Transform spherical photos into traditional shots Crop 18MP spherical photos any way you want to create standard resolution photos that are easier to save and share
- Create + share on your phone preview and play back shots, edit videos and share them on the spot with the GoPro app. Full compatibility on iPhone 6s, iPad mini 4 and later devices; compatibility varies for earlier devices. See Technical Specifications below for Android compatibility
- Immersive 360 experiences play back spherical footage in VR to bring everyone into the moment with you
- Includes sync cables for both iPhone and Android devices
-The magical Rylo App : Create unbelievable video wherever you are - with the Rylo App for iOS and Android. Shoot first and use the app to control camera movements wherever you are.
- Points : Direct camera motion with simple taps using Points.
- Follow : Stay focused on what matters most. With a tap, Rylo follows anything.
- Stabilization : Shoot impossibly smooth video with Rylo's breakthrough stabilization technology.


Overall, it can be seen that GoPro Fusion still a winner product to select. Thanks for the waterproof capability and a great result of remarkable image quality. Moreover, it can help to deliver a stunning image and video. Where the image result is an important thing to consider when buying a 360 degree camera. As it is the main thing to get when having an activity outside. Spending much money without an optimum result will let you to a disappointed. Hence, if you wish for a good and excellent result, then GoPro Fusion is yours to select. Even though Rylo brings an impressive feature, but overall all is it still far from a perfect criterion.

By reading the article above, hopefully, there is no more confusion when planning to buy the exact product. A slightly different cost will not bring you any advantages compared with the great features in GoPro Fusion. Unless if you wish a very user-friendly camera, rather than choosing the camera for more professional use. Then, you’d better to select GoPro Fusion rather than Rylo.

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