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Gopro Max vs Garmin Virb 360

January 13, 2020

Action camera is very popular but they are initially just your compact version of regular camera which is more convenient for different applications. For those who are looking for a new ideas and willing to experiment more, GoPro MAX Vs Garmin Virb 360 will be a very ideal cameras to try. They are a 360-degree cameras which mean we can view the full surroundings, capturing everything. If you are also interested in these models, go see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is a 360-Degree Camera
  • What are GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360
  • What GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360 Look Like
  • How are the Image Quality of GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360
  • How are the Stabilization in GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360
  • What else GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360 can offer
  • GoPro MAX Vs Garmin Virb 360

Action Camera or 360-Degree Camera 

We are sure most people have a dedicated camera or at least a smartphone with a decent camera quality nowadays because it seems that image capturing activity is seen as a more casual and often treated as necessary to immortalize the moment we have. Depending on the user, casual users should be sufficient with a good smartphone camera such as flagship models from leading companies or even high-end cameras that can cost quite high. However, for those who are loving certain activities, having a dedicated camera is almost like a must.

The first reason is because we need a superior image quality such as those offered by DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras or professional video recorders. For those who are into filmmaking or video blogging, action camera is a very versatile device that can be a good companion when capturing a moving footage. They are the friend of adventurer and active people who need to find a way to record their activities without having to use complicated setup and heavy camera.

As action camera popularity rising, many people start to get interested to own this device as well, even just for a regular dedicated camera or to be paired with their smartphone for better convenience. Not long after, another breed of camera was launched and this is called as 360-degree camera which is almost look like the brother of our action camera but with additional unique capabilities. Action cams are known to have a wide angle view while 360-degree will give you the full view of the surroundings.

Just like its name, a 360-degree camera is very similar to an action camera but instead of offering you a wide angle they will capture a full 360 style video that includes all of your surroundings. This can be a breather for those who have been making videos with regular cameras for it opens to new possibilities to different techniques or style. They are mesmerizing and gives different vibe to your videos in which not all content makers have created.

Besides how unique they can capture an image, another plus of a 360-degree camera may also act as a regular wide angle camera just like its action brother depending on the model’s capability. For those who wonder whether VR and 360 camera are the same, they are actually different because while the camera capture real-life experience such as an outdoor scenery, virtual reality is computer generated, it is not real yet, since the camera is restricted of its perspective, we can’t roam as freely.

About GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360

If you are interested to create such content, a 360 camera is a good and ideal choice for your activity. They used to be a niche product in the past but today many camera manufacturers are offering this type of camera with certain technology as the appeal. But, to make sure the shopping is efficient, we do recommend you decide certain budget range first so then we can group the cameras quickly by removing the options that doesn’t fit in the category.

For those who are willing to spend $500-$700 for the camera, you may want to check what GoPro and Garmin are offering in their catalogue because their cameras are very promising. These two are not the only companies offering 360-degree cameras in their catalogue because many other brands like Theta and Insta360 are also worth noticing manufacturers to pay attention to. Their popular models like Insta360 One X Vs Ricoh Theta V are among the favorite of many users out there with amazing image quality and great performance.

As for GoPro and Garmin, their MAX and Virb cameras are two of the most popular 360-degree action cameras today not only because they respectively coming from a well-known brands that always seems to have the newest technology but also because of their performance and good image quality. There is one thing that can’t make them an ideal unit for everyone and it is their full view itself because not all of us are fond of this shooting mode especially if you don’t want to include yourself into the footage.

GoPro has been releasing new products every year and not long ago they finally answer customer’s demand to make their Fusion better in which is replied with this MAX camera. This camera carry some of the company’s features like amazing stabilization but on the other hand also don’t fix all the problems we have with this type of camera. Virb 360 is also an amazing camera but priced higher for it also has some unique features such as integrated GPS and of course a build that can resist abuse.

GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360 Design

You put them side by side and it instantly visible how they are so different from each other. GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360 are not looking like a similar product at all because while the former is mimicking its predecessor by coming in a rectangular shape, boxy yet also fairly thin, the latter is looking like huge dice. It is quite heavy at 5.6 ounces, more of a real cube with lens on two of its side and a display at the top.

It looks rugged and is very tough while GoPro is more stylish and modern especially how they decide to put a small 1.7-inch touch screen on the back. If many people commented that the Fusion was two camera put in one case, the new MAX is more of a one camera with two lenses. What you may want to pay attention to is their body for MAX is waterproof yet not for under water used unlike Virb 360 which is useful up to 33 feet compared to only 16 feet.

GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360 Image Quality

To get a good image quality, it is important to pay attention to the technology used to build these products and one of the most important points is their sensor in which both of them are similarly using the 1/2.3-inch sensor combined with ultra wide lenses. The difference is that GoPro is featured with two 194-degree fisheye lenses while the Virb 360 is wider at 201.8-degree. Glued together, they will be able to capture anything around you and what’s more amazing each sensors are already packed high in pixel.

They similarly have 12 MP and capable of taking ultra-high definition footage up to 4056 x 3040 pixels up to 30fps. Performance wise they are also very good while not perfect and in comparison both of them will offer a fairly good stitching on board if you decide to do it automatically. For those who are willing to do the post production, the 5K will be the best option to choose since the automatic stitching can be done up to 4K only.

GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360 Stabilization

The last point we want to talk about these cameras is their image stabilization because we will most likely use them while in motion. In this side GoPro is working impressively with its HyperSmooth stabilization just like those we see in Hero lines while Garmin gives you tricks to stabilize footage through its Virb Edit and this software is not only amazing to further edit your footage but can also makes them look even better.

GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360 Features

On the additional feature, we also love how convenient GoPro MAX and Garmin Virb 360 are straight out of the box because both of them are capable of taking regular wide angle camera with different aspect ratio. Compared to camera like Fusion that always took footage in 360 mode, these two are more ideal for different activities such as live blogging for we don’t have to show the whole surroundings including our body while recording. If Virb is easy to use with its Virb Edit, GoPro boast its action camera feature.

Virb Edit has this GPS and accelerometer information called G-metrix which you can overlay on top of the video using various configurations. On the other hand MAX has some interesting features on its sleeve with TimeWarp and horizon leveling. These features will let you do TimeWrap around over time just like how we move our head when walking after the fact or apply horizon leveling that will let you rotate the camera 360-degree as we record without the horizon moving at all.

Gopro Max vs Garmin Virb 360

- Horizon leveling: in Hero mode, game changing horizon leveling gives you that silky smooth cinematic look whether you're getting sideways, flipping through the air or chasing your kids
- Powerpivot: pane without the pan; Take incredible 270 distortion free panoramic photos without having to scan the horizon;take powerpivot selfies, action shots and vertical pics all with a level horizon
- Premium 360 + stereo audio: Six mics capture true to life 360 audio and deliver the best stereo sound ever from a GoPro
- Shotgun mic performance: Directional audio in Hero mode lets you prioritize sound from either side of the camera, no matter which lens you're using perfect for logging
- Resolution up to 5.7K/30fps with desktop stitching; 4K/30fps auto-stitched in-camera
- Up to 15-megapixel resolution provides high-quality, spherical photos
- HyperFrame Director Mode gives you the editing power to easily reframe content after filming — using smooth camera pans, incredibly wide angles and even tiny planets
- Spherical stabilization ensures smooth video regardless of camera movement

Both of these 360 cameras are a great choice if you have the budget to spend because they are equally nice and have a great video quality. Side by side their footages are crisp and the option to take 360 or regular video is always there to let you pick what to do. Stabilization comes right out of the box by GoPro and HyperSmooth combined with horizon leveling is indeed amazing while with Virb you may still need to do some editing again to stabilize the footage on computer. 


All in all these cameras are going to answer your demand of compact camera that can fully captured the surroundings but if we have to pick one, GoPro MAX is a cheaper, easy to use, as well as more convenient option. 

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