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Insta360 Evo vs One R

January 18, 2021

Regular action cameras may be too boring for you which is why we should try something new to spark creativity such as recording 360 degree videos using special cameras like Insta360 EVO Vs ONE R. These cameras are more capable than common action camera but we must got used to how they work first and if you are also interested to know more, here is a short comparison between the two popular cameras to help you see which of them will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is a 360 Camera
  • What are Insta360 EVO and ONE R
  • What Insta360 EVO and ONE R Look Like
  • How are the Specification of Insta360 EVO and ONE R
  • How are the Image Quality of Insta360 EVO and ONE R
  • How are the Image Stabilization in Insta360 EVO and ONE R
  • Insta360 EVO Vs ONE R

360 Camera

Video content has been dominating the internet with their visually pleasing experience that you can watch in almst any platforms today. Some of the content makers are just hobbyists who want to share their experience to the world and some are also professionally making money from their exclusive contents. The growing popularity and widespread use of this type of entertainment also open so many new demands about the skill and devices or software to process them. One of the fairly new devices from the popularity of video content is the 360 camera.

We are sure many people have heard about them before but for those who are still new to the device, as the name suggest, a 360 camera is a camera that can take a 360 degree image or in other words is capturing images or videos from dual lenses with each one of them having an extremely wide angle view of 180 degree. The process that needed to make the two footage join as one can be done automatically inside the camera by the processor or after you take them out of the memory.

In many cases since users want the best convenience, we can do the process by just one click from the software they are coming with. But, in terms of user level, we also think that 360 imaging is for users who are already well-seasoned professionals and working in the cinematic industry or those who love new technologies. It seems rare for casual users who are only snapping pictures or recording their travelling journey to have such a complicated device compared to just a straightforward action camera like Crosstour CT9000 Vs CT9500.

But, with the introduction of 360 cameras in recent years which are much more similar to action cameras makes more people interested to try the new camera and making the product a bit more mainstream than it used to. The immersive content that once needed a set of expensive equipment and hours or editing now can be done in one go, with a more affordable device and more straightforward steps. The cameras are also supported by platforms like YouTube and Facebook embracing the 360 degree video and image.

Lastly, there are probably some people who think that both 360 and VR or Virtual Reality are the same and they are indeed similar but also different. The term should not be confused with each other because as the name suggests, Virtual Reality means it is not real as VR contents are generated by computer while your 360 videos are real life views of your surroundings that were filmed on wide-angle lenses then stitched together.

 Insta360 EvoInsta360 One R
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Product Dimensions3.87 x 1.93 x 1.04 inches
1.89 x 1.69 x 2.83 inches
Item Weight3.99 ounces
2.46 ounces

About Insta360 EVO and ONE R

If you are here then it means you are also attracted to the capabilities of a 360 camera which is going to offer an immersive experience. They are getting more common nowadays but price wise is still quite expensive and some may be more than the newer releases from GoPro. But, for those who are interested in making different footage and trying new things, investing on a good 360 camera can be a great start to choose, especially if you already have some experience with them.

Now we can find plenty of options in the market but among those, there is one prominent player or probably the one we should thank for introducing the niche camera into mainstream market and they are Insta360. Even from the name itself we can already guess what they are offering and yes, this company is very well-known for their immersive cameras and they are not stopping with the previous ONE X only as now they come with more to offer for immersive footage enthusiasts.

Two options that you can consider besides the One X are Insta360 EVO and ONE R which are very similar to each other but also different. Both of them are not as good and as popular as the ONE X but nevertheless are good options for anyone who is going to capture an image or video in an extremely wide angle or immersive view. Their quality is also not disappointing, moreover when shown through VR hardware. However, quality wise they may not be as spectacular as Hero 8 but still very good.

In comparison they are about the same to each other but in the result or footage, the two are not identical and side by side the EVO is probably slightly better yet the latter is more versatile in terms of application. In our opinion the two can be an alternative to regular action cameras or your smartphone’s camera with a little bit of twist in case you are bored of the regular wide angle video or photos.

Insta360 EVO and ONE R Design

Before we see what Insta360 EVO and ONE R can offer, let’s see the camera first. In this part both of them are not looking like any common action cameras out there because as you can see from the sample picture above, the EVO is two parts that can be connected to each other while the ONE R is four parts, modular camera. They can work as regular action cameras or snap together to give you the immersive footage and side by side the EVO will be slightly bulkier.

The two are made from plastic and seem sturdy as well. The EVO has two buttons on the top and another two small LED indicators at the front or near the each lens to let you know their status; unfortunately, there is no display here. The ONE R may look flimsy due to the modular nature but they snap together pretty firmly and one thing we love from the built is it is already IPX8 rated which means accidental drop to water will not be a problem even without protective case. 

Insta360 EVO and ONE R Specification

Now let’s move to the most important one which is the camera capabilities and if you read the product description of EVO, this variant is already packing an option to record a footage up to 5.7K at 30 frames per second, the same with ONE R which makes them incredible in terms of getting much details into your immersive view. But, if you are in the mood for regular footage, Insta360 EVO and ONE R are recording at 4K as well at 60 and 50 frames per second respectively.

As for the image quality, they are not disappointing by whopping a 19 and 18MP resolution for your still image. One thing we want to mention is because the two will have a very wide view which means the pixel will be stretched across the size as well and thus, the sharpness won’t be the same as an action camera with 4K resolution.

Insta360 EVO and ONE R Image Quality

Next we want to discuss the actual quality of the image and video from Insta360 EVO and ONE R because they do look impressive on paper. In general they are good cameras and useful for various occasions on 360 mode or just one side. In comparison to for example Hero 8, none of them can compete yet from the amount of detail in 4K and the representation of color itself. What you may notice is that they tend to smoothen out or smudge details when moved to the computer.

When it comes to 360 footage, we also talk about the stitching because it is what combines the two footage together. In EVO, the software is actually reliable but we need to go through the configuration a few times as right out of the box it is not as good and seamless. 

Insta360 EVO and ONE R Stabilization

The last is their stabilization because as a camera that we are going to use while moving around or in motion, the stabilization needs to be reliable. In this part both Insta360 EVO and ONE R are amazing and this is why we love these cameras for regular recording purposes. The footage is not as smooth as the Hero 8 Black but is still very good looking and there is no jittery that common in typical cameras. Overall we are satisfied with their performance and video result.

Insta360 Evo vs One R

These alternatives to ONE X and new options for your creativities are equally good. What’s most important is they can capture high-quality video but the two are best used under natural light because they don’t produce the best picture otherwise. Insta360 EVO and ONE R can record single 4K or almost doubling it for an immersive view. In comparison the ONE R, especially the 360 version have more to offer in the feature such as waterproofing, voice control, and invisible selfie stick to go with your camera while the EVO does have 3D mode.

- 180°3D + 360° - Capture true-to-life depth in immersive detail; Fold up EVO and capture every direction at once
- 5. 7K + 18MP - Evo shoots videos at a crispy 5. 7K resolution, and captures 18MP photos
- Flow State Stabilization - Built to move; Flow State Stabilization keeps your 360 video shake-free
- HD photo + video - eve's high dynamic Range keeps your moment natural and vibrant in every direction
- 5.7K 360 + 4K Wide Angle: ONE R Twin Edition transforms on the fly from a 360-degree camera to a wide-angle 4K 60fps action camera. Just swap out the lenses.
- FlowState Stabilization: FlowState achieves gimbal-like image stabilization without the gimbal. Thanks to a new scene-detection algorithm, your footage stays clear and steady even in low light.
- SUPER 5.7K: All pixels are not created equal. The Dual-Lens 360 Mod raises the bar with Super 5.7K resolution, leveraging H.265 encoding, advanced image processing and an AI-powered finishing algorithm to preserve detail and make your footage pop.
- IPX8 WATERPROOF: ONE R is IPX8 waterproof to 5m (16.4ft). Whether you're poolside or on a rainy-day ride, ONE R can handle it. !!! NOTE: ONE R is waterproof after being fully assembled and installed in the included Mounting Bracket.


All in all the two are good options with good footage and image quality. They may not be as impressive on the regular shooting or picture capturing mode but we personally prefer the ONE R because it is more compact and ideal for various occasions.

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