Insta360 EVO vs One X

January 23, 2020

Camera is an important gear for many people and the way it has been improved so much gives users both greater image quality as well as versatility. For those who are bored with a regular wide angle camera, a 360-degree models like Insta360 EVO Vs One X can be a nice option to try. They offer a more immersive results to trigger your creativity. If you are also eyeing these cameras, go see what they can offer below and pick the one that fits your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is a 360-Degree Camera and What it used for
  • What are Insta360 EVO and One X
  • What Insta360 EVO and One X Look Like
  • How are the Video Quality of Insta360 EVO and One X
  • What else Insta360 EVO and One X can offer
  • Insta360 EVO Vs One X

Action Camera and 360-Degree Camera

A lot of cameras are introduced in the market every year, based on their previous generations or just to add more variations into the model line such what has been done by so many big camera manufacturers today. At some point users may choose to have a dedicated camera instead of the one they have been using in their smartphone just because they add more versatility and offer a better image quality; both for still images and moving footages, especially those with certain enthusiasm.

As video blogging is getting popular several years ago along with the wide use of social media and similar other sharing platforms, another type of camera called action camera was introduced in the market by the pioneer GoPro. Their products are not the only one carrying the name but they did become a synonym of this type of camera while also still among the best option with products like their new GoPro Hero 7 Vs 6 which are equally ideal for various action activities.

Not long after the popularity of action camera is creating a new demand and getting so much attention from the wider audience, another type of camera was introduced based on the idea of panoramic photos. This feature was already exist and used since quite some time ago but this fairly new camera is offering the result right off the bat. It is called as 360-degree camera and as the name suggests, they are capturing a full 360 image from two lenses.

In the past there were not so many brands carrying the options in their catalogue but Ricoh made a good start with their good products that are still being one of the best brands to shop from today. The only benefit of having this type of camera is that now you can have a full images of your surroundings and result wise, their images are going to be much better than using regular panoramic mode in a standard camera yet, not everyone will be fond of it. 

The additional pros of 360-degree camera is for those who are enjoying VR and have virtual reality headset. You don’t even need to get an expensive headsets like Vive or Oculus because even cheaper Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR will allow you to get into the footage without the need to dig in deeper into the pocket. Some cameras also offer interesting features that will let you to capture drone-like footage. It is unique because it seems like the camera was flying in the air instead of being held by the user.

 Insta360 EVOInsta360 One X
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Product Dimensions3.9 x 1.9 x 1 inches
4.5 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches
Item Weight1.19 pounds
3.2 ounces

About Insta360 EVO and One X

If you are bored of the standard action camera with its wide angle, a 360-degree camera will be a great option to try. They are almost in the same range of action camera and mostly also act the same so if you have been using a similar device, we are sure you will also get familiar with the new one almost instantly. For those who want to shop quickly, it is best to set a range of budget or pick one from your favorite brand.

After Ricoh, there are various other companies carrying the camera in their catalogue and one of the best options out there is Insta360. We are sure most people are already familiar with this brand because they are very popular in the 360-degree camera market and have been showing a good performance as well as image quality with their continuous releases. They also have few models which can be great for different user due to either technology improvement or special features.

Two of their new releases are Insta360 EVO and One X that are launched not long after each other and are still fairly fresh in the market. Both of them are highly rated when it comes to image quality and performance but price wise they are not going to ask too much from your pocket. They often become the choice for VR enthusiast and has been building their products based on this functionality or purpose so you will see so many similarities between the two models.

Similar to many cameras in their line, you can get an access to their competent mobile and desktop apps to try what they can offer and test what we can do with the image or footage including stitching and rendering. Both of Insta360 EVO and One X will have a pretty much similar internal technology but the way they are built is different which may create some important differences as well when it comes to performance or even usability.

Insta360 EVO and One X Design

Side by side, as you can see how these cameras doesn’t resemble each other at all because unlike the common design of 360-degree camera, EVO actually boxy and looking more like a pair of action cameras stitched together. The ONE X is more common with the stick design which is very similar to those Ricoh cameras. It is slim and can be held easily by hand despite doesn’t mean to be used that way while with the former we will definitely need a tripod.

The reason why EVO choose this design is because it wants to support a foldable body and this way the camera can be configured into a 180 degree shooting mode with the two lenses pointing forward in the same direction or being fold together with the lenses pointing a different direction. You don’t have to worry about the camera unfolding itself while being used because there is a sliding lock that keeps them together by pressing a button.

Insta360 EVO and One X Video Quality

Moving further, let’s see how Insta360 EVO and One X perform because this is the most important part of a camera and side by side, the video captured by both cameras are pretty much similar to each other but you will also notice that EVO give a slightly cool tones compared to the One X. What’s so different in our opinion is that ONE X somehow performs better in stitching than its brother. You will still notice the stitch line but it is very slight unlike EVO which is quite visible.

As for the video performance, both of them are also very similar and when stabilizer is used, they are fairly stable even though you can see some shakiness for example when being carried while running. This is because they are using the same Flowstate stabilization technology inside consisting of a six-axis gyroscopic stabilizer to maintain your smooth footage despite how you move around and being active while shooting. You will get various shooting modes here like time lapse, HDR, and the Bullet Time that create a sequence like the camera swirls around a subject as it moves.

In technology they are the same but the way they are designed affects how they work because overall the lenses in ONE X is closer, which is why we can see it produces better stitching. In specs they are shooting 5.7K 360 video at 100mbps and detail wise they are the same or if needed, they will shoot in LOG as well.

Insta360 EVO and One X Features

Coming to the additional feature side, what makes EVO a very interesting camera is the 3D ability because you can’t find it on ONE X. This 3D ability will give you an effect of depth into subjects or video and provide those IMAX like experience for those who are going to view the video through a VR headset. Many users have been testing the result and they are working just as fine. The effects will make any subject near the lenses will stick out like a 3D movie.

In addition, you will find Holoframe phone case which is made to allow users to view 3D photos and videos with naked eye which is working with the EVO app by tracking your eye movement while the Insta360 VR App for Oculus Go and Gear VR will allow you to connect the headset to camera directly for further convenience.

Insta360 EVO vs One X

- 180°3D + 360° - Capture true-to-life depth in immersive detail; Fold up EVO and capture every direction at once
- 5. 7K + 18MP - Evo shoots videos at a crispy 5. 7K resolution, and captures 18MP photos
- Flow State Stabilization - Built to move; Flow State Stabilization keeps your 360 video shake-free
- HD photo + video - eve's high dynamic Range keeps your moment natural and vibrant in every direction
- Leading image quality - 5. 7K resolution makes your 360 Degree videos look sharp, while 18MP shots make for stunning photo quality. Turn on 50Fps mode to make your video buttery smooth.
- Flow state stabilization - flow state is as smooth as it gets. Traditional Action cameras are left shaking.
- Drift shots - snap into the drifter accessory and let your camera take flight. Airborne slow-mo. From a camera that shoots in every direction at once. You've never seen angles like this before.
- Wi-fi preview and transfer - Shoot and transfer in a snap. 50MB/s Cable transfer and 5 GHz high-speed Wi-Fi transfer.

Both of them are an amazing options to try if you are already bored with the regular action camera with their wide angle lenses. The difference between these models is that the EVO is primarily designed for user with VR with its 3D functions and suitability with VR headsets while the One X is more similar to a regular action camera which is useful for sport activities like surfing or video blogging. Performance wise, especially for stitching in case the subject is close to the lens, One X did performs better in this side.


All in all you can pick any of these cameras and still be satisfied with the result but it is best to get the one that fits the application the most. For those who are using VR, the EVO is the most ideal option while action doers may want to sit with One X.

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