Insta360 GO 2 vs Gopro Hero 9

September 1, 2021

Action cameras are getting better and also more affordable, especially those that are a few years older. The newest offerings however, carry some of the most interesting systems for users such as what the Insta360 Go 2 Vs GoPro Hero 9 are boasting from their ability collection. These action cameras are suitable for travel bloggers and anyone who wants to have a compact camera in their pocket. If this sounds like what you are aiming for, let’s see which is the better option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Action Camera to Buy
  • What are Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9
  • How are the Design of Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9
  • How are the Specs of Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9
  • How are the Image Quality of Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9
  • How are the Image Stabilization in Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9
  • Insta360 Go 2 Vs GoPro Hero 9

Action Cameras

Smartphones are getting much better in terms of camera and the overall system they can offer in the compact device. It seems like most people will be fine with just the camera in their smartphone knowing how amazing they are, especially those in flagship models. Digital contents like photos and videos are very popular making the smartphone even more crucial in daily activity however, there are still places where dedicated cameras regardless the type can shine and overall work better for the higher video or picture quality.

Action cameras are probably one of the most common solutions when it comes to digital cameras because they are easy to use and also widely available from very cheap to quite expensive. They are suitable for both casual and professional alike depending on which model or variants to choose from. If you are here then we assume that an action camera is also very useful in the application. Most action cameras are very similar to each other but there are unique variants as well such as Insta360 Go 2 Vs DJI Pocket 2.

When it comes to action cameras the specs matter the most because it will give you an idea of how they will behave on the application. Most action cameras can record at 1080p on the most basic or affordable models so we can still enjoy the HD content on a computer or smartphone’s screen. However, today the mid-range and high-end cameras are all able to offer 4K recording already so make sure to know the level of resolution that you need.

Action cameras must have a reliable stabilization too because we are using them with motion and in some cases it is in sport activity as well. Better stabilization will make sure your footage stays stable and watchable without getting the audience dizzy from all the shakiness. Not all action cameras have the same level of stabilization so we have to choose wisely and at least see the sample footage from the respective cameras before settling with one of them.

In addition, depending on the type of application or how you will use the camera our options may vary as well. Typically action cameras are square and can be mounted on so many different placements with the suitable accessories but some are more versatile such as the Go 2 which can stick on any metal as it has a magnetic panel. On the other hand, people who will be using the camera handheld for most of the time may want to have something with a built-in gimbal like Pocket camera by DJI.

 Insta360 GO 2 Gopro Hero 9
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Product Dimensions‎2.08 x 0.93 x 0.81 inches
9.08 x 5.42 x 3.25 inches
Item Weight‎0.935 ounces
11.2 ounces

About Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9

If you are here then we assume that this camera needs to be versatile and also useful but capable too. There are so many good options to consider so we suggest shopping based on which seems to fit in the application the most as well as carrying the quality that you are aiming for from the device. If it is too complicated we can shop based on the budget as well while considering the capabilities of the camera. Price is never a guarantee that the camera will be the best but it can save time.

When it comes to action cameras the options may vary a lot but there are famous names to choose your options from such as Insta360 and GoPro. One of them is more well-known as a 360 degree camera and this used to be the focus of the brand but they are also starting to make versatile cameras as well knowing that not everyone is fond of how the 360 degree content looks. On the other hand GoPro is like the Roomba of action cameras that some people still use it as the synonym for the compact device.

If ultra-wide angle is not your thing, the Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 are two of the newest offerings from the company. The Go 2 may not be the current flagship owned by Insta360 because it is still owned by One X 2 but this petite camera is redefining what’s convenient for an action camera. It is very small, versatile, and ideal in various types of settings. Hero 9 along with MAX are currently the flagships from GoPro so you can expect a lot from this highly rated Hero 8 successor.

In comparison, the Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 are similarly capable, similarly expensive, and similarly versatile. We do think most people will have lots of fun recording using these cameras but personally we will recommend the Hero 9 for its better versatility and just ease of use as it is the more familiar system, especially for how it is mounted like many other action cameras. But, if a small form factor is a must, the Go 2 is the ideal choice.

Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 Design

Before checking what these cameras can offer first let’s see the unit because they are extremely different here. We would be lying if the shape and form factor of Go 2 is not what makes us attracted to the camera because it is very small, about the same size as a flash disk. It comes with the charging case which also acts as the remote however so we can control the camera through this case or, we can use it separately as well. The case has folding feet to let it sit on its own such as on table setup.

Hero 9 is very much the same as the predecessor so if you have the camera both are going to be similar with this camera being slightly bigger. This variant now comes with a color front screen so besides showing the states it is now able to show preview too. The rear display is also the same and it still comes with rugged construction with 60 meters waterproof for diving while the Go 2 is only up to 4 meters.

Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 can offer starting from the specs because they are also very different here. If you expect the Go 2 to be capable of 4K or 2160p, this camera is up to 1440p only with maximum frame rates of 50fps or 1080p at the same frame rates. The field of view will change depending on the mode and it seems the Go 2 is slightly wider in comparison.

On the other hand Hero 9 is a 5K capable camera or 2880p at 30fps and 4K or 2160p at 60fps. If you want ultra-smooth slow motion footage we can lower the resolution to 2.7K that can record up to 120fps or 1080p at 240fps. The Hero 9 is also capable of shooting JPEG and RAW format and for the video both cameras can record HDR as well.

Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 Image Quality

Now for the image quality, the 1440p looks great for most people but side by side with 5K it will also look less crisp as you view it on a larger screen. It is a bit of disappointment that a camera in the price range of Go 2 is not recording at 4K yet despite many other cheaper cameras can offer the mode. We have no complaints about how the footage and photos look because they are very good. If they are viewed from a small screen the difference is hardly noticeable.

Chances are the real difference will be the FOV which makes the footage from Go 2 wider hence the further away the subject looks and the more of an area it can capture. In terms of color just like most GoPro’s, we do think they are a little bit increased in contrast making it more saturated while the Go 2 is on the natural side.

Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 Image Stabilization

Lastly for the image stabilization, both Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 are impressive and the Go 2 is not lacking behind at all even though GoPro is very well-known to have incredible stabilization. What makes us favor the Go 2 better here is because it already has horizon leveling built-in the camera while the Hero 9 needs the mod. This way it is just overall more convenient to record with the Go 2 as Hero 9 is not cheap and adding mod increases the budget too.

Insta360 GO 2 vs Gopro Hero 9

Both Insta360 Go 2 and GoPro Hero 9 are great cameras but probably for different people. We do think the Go 2 is more versatile as an enthusiast and content maker camera because it is cheaper, more versatile, and easy to use with plenty of mounting options. It is lower in resolution than Hero 9 and also not recording at the fastest frame rates but it has a wider field of view which makes it easy to crop the footage later for other platforms than YT for example.

- Tiny and Mighty: Thumb-sized action camera that weighs just 1 oz. Uses a powerful 1/2.3” image sensor to shoot crisp 1440p video. Rugged and waterproof to 13ft.
- Mount Anywhere: Wearable camera design. Mount GO 2 anywhere with its magnetic in-the-box accessories and shoot hands-free.
- FlowState Stabilization: Image stabilization and horizon leveling algorithms keep your video steady no matter where you mount GO 2. Action sport ready.
- Multi-Use Charge Case: Comes with a pocket-sized case that’s also a charger, remote control and tripod all in one. Extends battery life up to 150 minutes.
- 5K Video - Shoot stunning video with up to 5K resolution, perfect for maintaining detail even when zooming in
- 20MP Photo with SuperPhoto: Capture crisp, pro-quality photos with 20MP clarity. And with SuperPhoto, HERO9 Black can automatically pick all the best image processing for you
- Front Display + Rear Touch Screen: A new, larger rear touch screen with touch zoom on HERO9 Black and a dazzling new front display makes for easy framing and intuitive camera control
- Live Streaming + Webcam: Live stream in 1080p on social, get HyperSmooth stabilization as you broadcast


Depending on what you look for, our choice can be different because these cameras are not the same. Personally we recommend the Go 2 because it is more convenient for casual users and content makers to work with the camera while in terms of quality it is also impressive. 

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