Insta360 One X vs Insta360 One

November 15, 2019

Insta360 One has been very popular since the release in 2017. However, the company has released a new model, Insta360 One X. While it still has the same goals to capture 360 VR videos and impressive stabilized normal videos, it comes with several cool upgrades. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between Insta360 One X vs Insta360 One!

The following discussion will explain everything about

  • The design differences between Insta360 One X and Insta360 One
  • The comparison of their video, sound, and still image quality
  • Which camera that can deliver better overall performance
  • The features on Insta360 One X not available on Insta360 One
  • The battery life of Insta360 One X vs Insta360 One
  • Which model that is generally more recommended for you


Right from the start, you can already tell these two models apart by the looks alone. Despite being the successor of Insta360 One, Insta360 One X doesn’t want to appear completely identical to the original model – it is like a child who wants to be unique while still inheriting good traits from their parent. Fortunately, the company has done a great job in the design aspect of the new model.

Insta360 One X is quite bigger and heavier than the original model. The body is made of plastic that feels quite solid. The matte surface feels nice to the touch. In contrast, while Insta360 One is smaller and lighter, the glossy parts of the plastic body somehow look cheap.

The most striking feature on Insta360 One X is the addition of an LCD screen and manual controls. Now, you can change some settings without having to connect the camera to the mobile app. This is very convenient when you just want to make quick shots. The original Insta360 One is much harder to control due to not having an on-board display and controls.

Finally, Insta360 One X now has a removable battery. The original Insta360 One uses a built-in battery that can’t be replaced; so, if it runs out of battery, it is done. Insta360 One X will allow you to swap the battery when running out of juice, so you will be able to continue recording for your entire trip.

 Insta360 One XInsta360 One
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Product Dimensions4.5 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches
3.8 x 1.4 x 1 inches
Item Weight3.2 ounces
8 ounces

Video and Sound

You want to buy a camera because you want to record videos, so video quality is the most important factor to consider. In terms of video quality, Insta360 One X vs Insta360 One have notable differences. To begin with, the original Insta360 One can shoot 360-degree video in the 4K resolution, while the new Insta360 One X is able to shoot 360-degree video in 5.7K.

The improvement is significant. Videos look much sharper on the new model. Obviously, this is not only a matter of an increased resolution. The overall image quality is also better. You can see that Insta360 One X shoots with better brightness, dynamic range, and color balance. While we can’t tell for sure whether the company has changed the optics in Insta360 One X or not, the improvement is there.

Insta360 One X also has an increased bit rate, which is a necessary and important improvement. The camera shoots in a higher resolution, so every frame in a video contains more data. The new model has a video bit rate of 70 Mbps, which is good. In comparison, the original Insta360 One is limited to 40 Mbps.

As a result, Insta360 One X is a much better camera for shooting 360 videos for VR headsets. It is also a better choice if you simply want to use the overcapture function, as the cropped video will look sharper due to the increased resolution.

Additionally, Insta360 One X comes with a new capability of shooting slow-motion videos. You can do that in 4K/50fps or 3K/100fps. This is really cool. Not many action cameras are able to shoot slow-motion videos in 4K. Furthermore, Insta360 One X will also allow you to combine fast-motion/hyperlapse scenes with slow-motion scenes for creative, awesome-looking videos. See also: Insta360 ONE X vs Ricoh Theta V.

In regards to sound quality, however, there is not much improvement. Insta360 One X virtually sounds the same as Insta360 One. Which is fine. Both cameras are able to capture sound with decent clarity and accuracy. Just like most other action cameras, they do have issues with wind noise, so you want to plan ahead before shooting in a windy place.

Still Image

How about the still image quality of Insta360 One X vs Insta360 One? Although the new model easily knocks the old model in the previous section, things are more complicated here. As a matter of fact, Insta360 One X is actually listed to have a lower still image resolution than Insta360 One.

Yes, according to the specs, Insta360 One X shoots still images in 18MP, whereas Insta360 One is able to shoot in 24MP. So, does it mean that the new model is bad for photography?

Not at all. It is easy to fall into the trap of comparing pixel counts when comparing two cameras. However, any experienced photographer will tell you that image quality is not only determined by how many pixels that the camera has. Having a high resolution is only useful for making large-sized images and images that won’t blur when zoomed in.

In the case of Insta360 One X, despite having a lower still image resolution, the resulted photographs are still better looking. They have better brightness, contrast, and color quality. Fine details in people and objects are also shown with better definition. Overall, the shots from Insta360 One X are generally more appealing than those of the original Insta360 One.

You probably don’t need to worry much about the reduced maximum still image resolution. Most 360 photos are viewed through smartphone screens. In this case, resolution is not a big deal. 18MP will still look sharp in such screens. It will also look fairly good on larger displays like tablets and laptops. So, in the end, we can say that Insta360 One X is a better camera for still images than Insta360 One.


Both cameras are equipped with the FlowState image stabilization. The company claims that FlowState is able to yield very smooth and stable footage no matter whether you are walking, running, bicycling, or in any other kind of sports activity. When tested, both cameras are indeed able to capture fairly smooth and stable footage with minimal distortion, except when there is way too much vibration.

The new Insta360 One X model is able to shoot HDR photos and videos. When shooting in HDR, the dynamic range is greatly increased, and you will be able to capture objects at various distances with good exposure. This is particularly great for landscape photos and videos. The original Insta360 One doesn’t have HDR.

Both Insta360 One X vs Insta360 One support live-streaming. You can live-stream to your favorite social media in 4K. That said, Insta360 One X will probably give better image quality when live-streaming than Insta360 One.

Both cameras are also able to shoot photos in the RAW format. Shooting in RAW will allow you to do post-production editing with ease, as images in the RAW format will have minimal loss of quality as opposed to JPEG which compresses its images. However, Insta360 One X is also able to record videos in the LOG format, which is the equivalent of RAW for videos. The original Insta360 One can’t.

Last but not least, both cameras come with their own editing apps for Android and iOS devices. You can re-frame shots, merge clips, apply effects, and add soundtracks on the apps. However, they can also integrate seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro for more professional work.

Battery Life

Last but not least, we are going to compare the battery life between these two cameras. After all, what good is a camera without a battery? No matter how high the resolution that the camera is offering, it will be useless if the camera runs out of juice with no viable way to recharge quickly.

Again, the comparison is not straightforward here. In a glance, Insta360 One X may look like the worse camera compared to the original Insta360 One due to having a shorter battery life.

Insta360 One X is able to shoot a 60-minute video continuously before running out of battery, whereas the original Insta360 One is able to last for about 80 minutes. As a note, the slightly reduced battery life of Insta360 One X is apparently because of the increased processing that the unit has to perform in order to record videos in 5.7K.

However, let’s not forget that Insta360 One X has a swappable battery. Getting a back-up battery is very much recommended for long trips. If you run out of power and you still want to continue shooting, you can just take out the current battery and insert another full one. The same cannot be done with the original Insta360 One, which has a fixed built-in battery.

Insta360 One X vs Insta360 One

- Leading image quality - 5. 7K resolution makes your 360 Degree videos look sharp, while 18MP shots make for stunning photo quality. Turn on 50Fps mode to make your video buttery smooth.
- Flow state stabilization - flow state is as smooth as it gets. Traditional Action cameras are left shaking.
- Drift shots - snap into the drifter accessory and let your camera take flight. Airborne slow-mo. From a camera that shoots in every direction at once. You've never seen angles like this before.
- 360 Degree Capture — The ONE shoots in every direction at once, capturing life in seamless 4K 360° video and 24 MP 360° photos. Once you’ve got your shot, re-frame the best parts, or share a full 360° experience straight from your phone.
- FlowState Stabilization — Best in class stabilization ensures pro-level footage, no matter what you’re doing. Running, cycling, even letting your dog carry the camera—it all comes out hypnotically smooth. It’s better than a gimbal, and with none of the hassle.
- Shoot First Point Later — Create a stunning edit with a few taps. Mark off the best parts of your 360° footage and the ONE connects them with ultra-smooth camera movements.


All in all, Insta360 One X is the better camera and thus more recommended. It captures videos and still images with better quality. The video resolution is higher, and the overall color quality is significantly better. In addition, it has a better design, and it has a swappable battery.

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