Insta360 ONE X vs Ricoh Theta V

November 12, 2019

Action camera has been very popular in the last several years and it seems everybody have one already but it doesn’t make the innovation stops because they are continued to be upgraded and designed as a better device just like with Insta360 ONE X vs Ricoh Theta V. They are similarly 360 spherical camera for those who want to get a wider view of their actions but, before shopping for one, see which camera will be the better option below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Action Camera and 360 Camera
  • What are Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V
  • What Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V Look Like
  • How are the Video of Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V
  • Do Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V have Image Stabilization
  • Do Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V have a Good Battery
  • Insta360 ONE X Vs Ricoh Theta V

Action Camera and 360 Camera

In our connected world, it seems there is no moment passed by without us checking the phone whether it is just to scroll the feed and see what’s everyone been up to or browsing for some information or content we want to check out. The technology has made it very easy for all of us to utilize it and making sharing content in particular never been as convenient. This is probably why we see more and more content on various platforms uploaded by many users to share with a wider audience.

Content can be anything but images, video and audio will be the most often we enjoy or found in those platforms and it also suggest that people are taking more pictures, videos, and recording audio more today. Integrated camera in our smartphone is already amazing and capable of taking high quality images and videos but there are times when we can’t just use one simply because our activities require something more powerful or convenient enough to give the best performance depending on the project itself.

 Insta360 ONE XRicoh Theta V
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Product Dimensions4.5 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches
1.8 x 0.9 x 5.1 inches
Item Weight3.2 ounces4.3 ounces

For professionals we have DSLR, Mirrorless, Video Recorder and many more but if you are going casual, the most popular device will be an action camera because not only they are capable of taking videos from various angles with different convenient mounting system, the top models are already offering a very nice quality, moreover with their advanced image stabilization such as those we get from GoPro Hero 7 vs 6. They are also available in a wide price range, making everyone have a chance to experience one.

Beside the standard action camera, we also have the new and probably still quite niche today, a 360 camera which as the name suggests, instead of taking a picture or video at narrower angle, is taking them on all sides or 360-degree. This is the type of content we often find in streaming site and some social media accounts where the viewer can see the whole scenery where the content maker is taking it. This type of view is not a new thing anymore but they used to be inconvenient.

A 360 camera is cutting the inconvenient part and making them into a more user friendly, unique device where people can capture their surroundings and present them to the viewer or when needed, can be adjusted to only view narrower field. The advantage is we don’t have to take lots of shots to make a spherical view and we can even pick which portion is more interesting then only use them when preferred.

About Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V

As technology is getting more and more advanced following higher demands from users, there will be a lot more interesting devices in the future and if you are someone who is always up to the trend then a 360 camera will be a very ideal device to have. They are not widely or often used so the content competition is not as crowded as the action camera. In addition, those who already have VR headsets may also want one, to try a new experience taken by themselves.

There are various amazing 360 camera in the market currently competing with each other and while we agree that most of them are already performing reliably, some are made to be your ideal companion. Among those collections, Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V are two of the best choice not only because they are offering a better video quality even compared to most action cameras but also because they are quite affordable despite the unique ability and some even have attractive features.

Insta360 is one of the best companies that offer this type of camera and they seem to believe that their products are going to last in the market despite seeing the trend of how fast people move forward to different trend each year. One X is their top model for consumer market and probably the best as well today at such an aggressive price point. For example it is packing higher resolution at moderate fps which you may not find in similar cameras out there.

As for Ricoh, this company is one of the pioneers when it comes to 360 camera and this Theta series has been around for quite some time already starting from when they are still unfamiliar to most people and has lots of flaws to how they deliver a far better performance today. Theta V is one of the newest cameras from the lineup and also a very ideal choice to consider for those who are still about the 360 hype. 

Compared to the predecessor, it is said to have better performance with the newly designed sensor and processor as well as some unique features that may ease your work when taking the camera outside. Price wise they are placed at the same range thus, it can be confusing to pick one remembering both are highly rated as well.

Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta Design

Unlike an action camera with their native square body, a 360 camera mostly have this thin body similar to a mint candy case so compact is definitely one of their biggest virtues. Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V have the same design but also slightly different because while they are seemingly the same, somehow we cannot make Insta360 stand on its own and the only way to make it stand is using a small tripod and putting them on a flat surface.

Theta V has the same design including the two lenses but this model can stand on its own despite not being very stable if there is even a slight vibration to the surface in which it is put on. Both have a dark grey shade and comfortable to grip but we will still need a dedicated stick or tripod for most of the time since holding them with bare hands is not very ideal especially when you need to capture lots of the surroundings.

Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V Videos

Moving forward, let’s see what these cameras can offer because this is the most important point to consider when getting one and in this side, both Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V are already quite different because while they are using the same sensor size which is 1/2.3-inch type, the pixel count is different for the former is counting at 18 Megapixels and the latter is with 12 Megapixels for each one of the camera which makes the former more interesting.

However, this is not the only difference because Insta360 also offer another level of UHD since this camera is already capable of shooting in 5.7K videos or 5720 x 3016 at 30fps; the frame rate that is not easily found on similar consumer models out there. For those who want to tone it down, the 4K resolution is offering a better rate as well from competitors at 50fps. On the other hand, Theta V is keeping it simpler with 4K at standard 30fps.

Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V Image Stabilization

As for the necessary feature, we would like to talk about their image stabilization and if you hope to see optical ones then be prepared to be disappointed because we are going to enjoy their electronic stabilization. As far as electronic stabilization perform, they are actually amazing to help reduce shakiness and the nature of 360 degree makes there is no frame to cut. Insta360 has this Flowstate stabilization which is designed to mimic gimbal better than the one in Hero 7 and in addition there is Direction Lock stabilization.

This feature lets the camera to stabilize the area in which it is heading, making the footage more watchable for example when users is riding a bike or moving in fast paced towards a direction. Similarly, Theta V from Ricoh also has reliable stabilization for it was packed with gyroscope inside to determine where the camera is moving and adjusting its component to minimize the shaky effect but in comparison, it is still not completely smooth yet.

Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V Battery

The last but not least issue we want to talk about here is their battery because this is one of the biggest inconvenient when getting any of Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V. There have been customers who complain about their battery doesn’t last for mere few minutes depending on the resolution picked as well as temperature for they will run out of juice faster in winter. They also prone to heat up quickly, especially when choosing the higher resolution, making them not ideal for recording shows or long events.


Both of these 360 cameras are working good and capable of delivering nice footage but will not outperform action camera as a daily gear and for long video shooting. In general Insta360 ONE X is better because not only it gives you higher resolution but also higher fps for smoother footage yet, our favorite part is how good its electronic stabilization is when creating smooth less-shaky videos.

Insta360 ONE X vs Ricoh Theta V

- Leading image quality - 5. 7K resolution makes your 360 Degree videos look sharp, while 18MP shots make for stunning photo quality. Turn on 50Fps mode to make your video buttery smooth.
- Flow state stabilization - flow state is as smooth as it gets. Traditional Action cameras are left shaking.
- Drift shots - snap into the drifter accessory and let your camera take flight. Airborne slow-mo. From a camera that shoots in every direction at once. You've never seen angles like this before.
- Wi-fi preview and transfer - Shoot and transfer in a snap. 50MB/s Cable transfer and 5 GHz high-speed Wi-Fi transfer.
- Time shift - Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo., or speed things up with a stabilized Hyper lapse. All in the app.
- Theta V shoots hi-def smooth 360 Degree video at 30 fps @ 3840 x 1920 pixels or 4K. It supports the H.264 file format for video recording ; Remote release: CA-3-compatible
- Hi-res 360 Degree spherical stills & video with improvements to the image quality. New Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has completely enhanced the exposure accuracy and white balance algorithm. Object distance- Approx. 10cm - ∞ (from front of lens)
- Theta has a 4-channel microphone that supports 360 Degree spatial audio recording built in Omnidirectional audio is recorded not just in the horizontal direction but also in the vertical direction
- The world’s-first Remote Playback capable fully spherical camera allows users to wirelessly playback 360 Degree images and videos on a large-screen display Using a compatible wireless display adapter
- Wireless LAN transfer speed (WLAN, MAX): 2.4GHz, 3mm: 20Mbps; 2.4GHz, 10mm: 10Mbps; 5GHz, 3mm: 50Mbps; 5GHz, 10mm: 10Mbps. The camera can always be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) This function provides improvements in usability and power consumption


All in all the decision is all yours because we may have different opinions but between the two, if you don’t mind the price point, we do recommend to pick Insta360 ONE X because it performs better.

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