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LG 360 vs Samsung 360

July 28, 2020

Action cameras were a huge hit but it is very similar to your dedicated digital cameras, just better for recording with high mobility. If you want to record in a different style, 360 models like LG 360 Vs Samsung 360 cameras are actually fresher in terms of how it is able to let you be more creative. These cameras are a great alternative to your action cameras and quite affordable as well today. If you wonder which fits you better, do check what they can offer below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a New Camera
  • What are LG 360 and Samsung 360
  • What LG 360 and Samsung 360 Look Like
  • What are the Specification of LG 360 and Samsung 360
  • How are the Performance of LG 360 and Samsung 360
  • What else LG 360 and Samsung 360 can offer
  • LG 360 Vs Samsung 360

Camera for Recording and Still Image

Smartphones are getting smarter each day and the hand phone we used to bring anywhere with us that can only receive calls, texting, and playing simple games two decades ago now is becoming a convenient device we can’t ever leave at home. Even while working, our eyes are always on the smartphone to check emails, calls, or any important notifications which require your fast response. It also becomes a productivity, hobby, and entertainment solution covering all of your activities from waking up to sleep again.

Camera is not a new invention but when you combine phone and camera, it creates a very convenient device, moreover with a connectivity to make you always in touch with what happens out there. Smartphone’s cameras are getting better and better as well that makes you reluctant to even bother buying a dedicated camera because their results are already amazing. But, in certain applications having a dedicated camera is great because they give you freedom over the recording or capturing an image.

Dedicated cameras are still the best for enthusiasts because they offer personalization or manual control, something that our smartphone is not built with at least for now thus, having a dedicated camera like DSLR or Mirrorless enhances your performance.  Many professional cameras also allow for interchangeable lenses which lets you decide how the image will turn out or match with what you want to capture. This is for photography but for videography, it seems camcorder is no longer a one and only option.

For videography you can use smartphones as well but we are sure many will prefer to use something like an action camera instead of holding their camcorder. This type of video making is very common today; you can see video bloggers and content makers holding a camera stick while walking and recording their content almost everywhere now. They are convenient and the small form factor makes them easy to mount on almost anything while also makes them comfortable to bring along while traveling.

 LG 360Samsung 360
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions1.57 x 0.98 x 3.82 inches
1.78 x 1.81 x 3.96 inches
Item Weight2.72 ounces
4.6 ounces

Action cameras are great for capturing still images and recording footage but they are actually very similar to our older pocket digital cameras in terms of quality besides its much better image stabilization. Another method to record or snapping pictures but in a different style is by using a 360 camera which means now we have a full view of what’s surrounding the user or an extreme version of ultra-wide angle cameras. These are popular for virtual reality content and those who enjoy the immersive effects.

About LG 360 and Samsung 360

Action cameras were a huge trend and it seems 360 cameras also want to chase the same thing but until now, we don’t think they are as mainstream as the more versatile camera yet. This is probably because the nature of 360 angle itself which is not the taste of just everyone and in comparison, regular footage taken with wide angle are still dominating the social media and streaming platforms despite many of them allow for the experience of immersive 360.

If you are interested in making a different type of video or want to try something different to refresh your creativity, a 360 camera can be a great option. When they were first available, many were quite expensive but the price has been discounted so much today. Two companies joining the 360 camera trend are LG and Samsung which we are sure are familiar in everyone’s ears but not very much when it comes to camera itself especially when you are into the best of what the market can offer.

Their 360 cameras are also quite old in comparison with most brands today such as Ricoh Theta S Vs Insta360 One or even Kodak and GoPro but, price wise they can be quite affordable. Two good 360 offerings from these brands are LG 360 and Samsung 360 or specifically the LG G5 and Samsung Gear 360 camera. Both of them were entering the market around 3-4 years ago when VR was still pretty new and attracting so much interest from the general public or enthusiast.

These two are not actually on the same level in terms of price range but equally great for making 360 content and probably your travel companion. In fact, LG seems to use its low pricing to attract more people to adopt the new technology but for the capabilities, it may come short compared to those on the upper range including Samsung Gear 360. The latter is their first video camera from the company but we took the 2017 version as it is the renewal of the original with much improvement.

LG 360 and Samsung 360 Design

In a glance LG 360 and Samsung 360 are kind of similar to many other 360 cameras out there but side by side they are very different. First, LG is short and stout while also not slim either but compared to Samsung, it looks like the majority of 360 cameras in the market. Samsung on the other hand is “round” or thicker and more similar to those standalone web cameras we used to have back then. Both however, are made from robust plastic and of course have two lenses.

Second, Samsung is IP53 water resistant means it may sustain some light sprayed water but not to the point of safe with water yet, it is better than LG with no water protection at all. Third, there is very little control on the unit so it is impossible to get the most out of these cameras without their mobile app. Fourth, while none of them comes with accessories, they do have standard tripod mount at the bottom when you need to record hands-free.

LG 360 and Samsung 360 Specification

The first thing you may want to know is probably what they can offer in terms of recording ability and let’s start with LG, this camera will let you record footage up to 2K in resolution or 2560 x 1280 full 360 footage from its two lenses at 30 frames per second while the resolution itself is 13MP. On the other hand, Samsung is going to offer you only 4K recording but it is also only in 24 frames per second while the resolution of each lens is 8.4MP or 15MP combined.

LG 360 and Samsung 360 Performance 

Moving further, let’s see the performance of LG 360 and Samsung 360 because this is where everything is important. When comparing video quality, 4K will looks crisper than those in lower resolution and it is what you can see between these two but, higher frame rates is required for action application which makes while Samsung do have an amazing footage out of the camera, it is only ideal for common shooting such as recording your surrounding while in an interesting spot or to show your audience the area around you like in property ads.

In real life experience, while better image quality is always welcomed, the noise and lack of details from your footage which appears strongly in LG 360 especially under low light condition seems not to affect the viewer too much moreover if they rarely see a full surrounding footage as they will more interested to explore rather than paying attention to details. Just like any 360 cameras, these two will stitch your videos using their internal processing so we can instantly enjoy them but they won’t look as good as when you are doing them with a computer. 

Directly viewed they seem fine but if you want to upload it, it is highly recommended to use a computer and stitching tool. In addition, both are now already compatible with iOS and Android phones which is great for Samsung as its compatibility is one of the reasons why they need to release a new version of this camera. 

LG 360 and Samsung 360 Features

The last part we want to talk about is their features and as recording cameras LG 360 and Samsung 360 do have microphone which is actually really good and clear as long as we don’t use them in a windy situation. What we hope also exists is image stabilization because it is limiting the usage of these cameras when you can’t make the footage stable. They probably have digital stabilizer but if you are used to GoPro, they won’t be near as good.

LG 360 vs Samsung 360 

These 360 cameras are great only for regular video shooting such as when travelling or when spending the time with family or friends and overall activities that won’t require extreme cameras. The image definitely looks better in Samsung but this model is about $100 more expensive as well while the 4K is still 24fps which can be and should be higher in this price range. Performance wise however, they are equally good, stitching from the camera is acceptable but much better when done on the computer.

LG 360 vs Samsung 360 

- Dual 13MP Sensors
- Wide-Angle Lenses
- Records 2K 360 Video
- 5.1-Channel Surround Sound
- Tell the whole story with the 360° camera that captures every angle in 4K brilliance and share instantly
- Capture life as it happens in stunning 4K video and 15MP photos thanks to dual 180° lenses
- Gear 360 is easy to hold and take with you, and has an IP53 water-resistant rating*
- Preview and edit your videos with an easy-to-use app


All in all you can go with any of them as there is no bad option between the two but in comparison, we actually like LG 360 better for the price point and the shape itself since you can just slip it in your pocket easily while image and video quality are acceptably good especially in bright open space.

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