Olfi OneFive 4K vs GoPro Hero 5

August 21, 2019

Olfi OneFive 4K is a very attractive action cam that is capable of 4K recording and available at a relatively low price point. However, with a similar budget you can now get GoPro Hero 5, which has become cheaper after the brand released new models. So, between Olfi OneFive 4K vs GoPro Hero 5, which one is better?

Below, you can find out further about:

  • The design and build quality of each action cam here
  • Which model that has better waterproofing
  • The features and mobile apps of Olfi OneFive 4K and GoPro Hero 5
  • The comparison of their performance and image quality
  • The battery life of Olfi OneFive 4K vs GoPro Hero 5
  • The model that offers a better value and thus is more recommended

Olfi OneFive 4K: Design

Olfi OneFive 4K comes in a nice carry case that is wrapped in a thin eco-friendly cardboard packaging. The carry case will make an excellent storage for the action camera and its accessories. Also included are a durable waterproof housing, a thin case with a pocket clip, a Micro USB cable, a selfie stick, a remote control, and several adhesive mounts. See also: Garmin Virb vs GoPro Hero 5

In terms of size, this action camera is quite small. It is somewhere between GoPro Hero Session and GoPro Hero 5 Black, size-wise. Despite the compact design, Olfi OneFive 4K feels solid and sturdy. This action camera is not waterproof without the additional housing, but it still feels durable enough to withstand minor bumps.

Unfortunately, the accessories don’t feel as robust. For example, the primary anchor base doesn’t fit the thumbscrew points of the waterproof housing perfectly, so the camera will have the tendency to lean forward no matter how much you have tightened the thumbscrews.

The selfie stick and remote control also feel a bit flimsy. To be fair, these particular accessories still work well. The selfie stick can hold the camera properly, and the remote control can handle all the basic functions easily.

On the good side, Olfi OneFive 4K is compatible with most accessories that are designed for GoPro cameras. So, if you want to upgrade to more durable mounts or accessories, the market has a very wide range of options available.

Olfi OneFive 4K: Features and Apps

In terms of features, Olfi OneFive 4K vs GoPro Hero 5 do have some similarities. They each have a MicroSD slot, HDMI support, and MicroUSB port. They each also have an LCD screen on the rear.

Olfi OneFive 4K has a simple and very intuitive control scheme. On the top, there are two small buttons for power and shutter. On the side, there are two arrow buttons for navigating the menu screens. Olfi OneFive 4K doesn’t have a touchscreen, which is perfectly fine because the control scheme is well-designed. You can scroll with the arrow buttons, select with the shutter button, and cancel with the power button.

As a result of the button operation, the display can be fully visible when navigating the menu or file directory. Your fingers won’t get in the way of your sight. The display is also bright and quite sharp. The display remains easy to see under direct sunlight.

Olfi OneFive 4K only comes with a single mobile app for transferring files, basic editing, and remote control. It is nothing like GoPro’s or Garmin’s apps, and it looks a bit cheap. At least, it serves its function well, and all the basics are available. For example, you can see live footage, adjust the camera’s settings remotely, and edit footage with trim, drag, and drop features through the mobile app.

Olfi OneFive 4K: Performance

The performance of Olfi OneFive 4K vs GoPro Hero 5 is surprisingly very good. It is almost comparable. Almost. For such an affordable action camera, the ability to shoot 4K footage at 24fps is already an impressive feat. In addition, it can also capture 720p footage at 120fps, which is great for making slow-motion videos.

Olfi OneFive 4K uses a back-illuminated Sony Exmor-R CMOS image sensor, so it promises excellent color quality. When tested, the colors are indeed very accurate and vivid. The images also have very good sharpness. In low-light conditions, the performance remains good. There is a slight amount of noise when shooting in low-light, but the images are still good and usable.

You can adjust the intensity of the colors by selecting a color palette in the menu. The “Flat” option will give you the most accurate colors, and is recommended if you prefer to adjust the colors in post-production. The “Standard” option is good for most situations in bright sunny days. The “Vivid” option, however, is very vibrant and intense, so you want to use it only for specific purposes.

The contrast between light and shadows is not as great as GoPro Hero 5, but still good. There is enough contrast to show different details, distances, and light levels.

Don’t worry about shakiness or vibration because Olfi OneFive 4K comes with an amazing image stabilization mechanism. It is very effective. Even when shooting from a running bicycle, the images are still quite stable and smooth.

Olfi OneFive 4K is armed with a 900mAh battery pack. It has a pretty good battery life. According to the specs, it can last for up to 90 minutes per charge. However, when used for continuous recording with the Wi-Fi turned on, it can only last for 30 – 45 minutes.

GoPro Hero 5: Design

GoPro certainly has listened to their customers. Previous generations of GoPro cameras lacked a display screen, so it was sometimes difficult to get a correct framing. GoPro Hero 5, however, comes with a bunch of new features, including a nice color touchscreen on the rear for live preview and control. GoPro Hero 5 also supports voice commands, so you won’t need to fiddle with the touchscreen or button to do stuff.

GoPro Hero 5 looks stylish and sporty in the matte black finish. It is just a bit bigger than the size of a matchbox, so it is very compact – even though it is still a thud bigger than Olfi OneFive 4K. It is also lightweight and highly portable.

This action camera is equipped with two display screens. The one on the rear is a 2.0-inch touchscreen panel. It is bright and very easy to see in all conditions. Meanwhile, a smaller one is located on the front, designed to show readouts of the footage duration, shooting mode, storage space status, and remaining battery. The front display is handy for vloggers who want to put themselves inside the frames.

When choosing between Olfi OneFive 4K vs GoPro Hero 5, you may want to consider that GoPro Hero 5 is naturally waterproof without requiring an additional casing. The camera alone can be used under water with a maximum depth of 33 feet. However, an additional housing is still available if you want to dive deeper to 60 feet.

Since you don’t need to equip an additional housing just to make your camera waterproof, GoPro Hero 5 becomes very easy and practical to use. Rain or snow won’t pose a problem. Also, the camera can capture better audio quality without the additional housing.

GoPro Hero 5: Features and Apps

GoPro Hero 5 has a wide variety of modes. You can capture still images in single, burst, and timelapse modes. There is also a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode for enhanced exposure. You can choose to save the still images in RAW files to be processed later in post-production.

This action camera is compatible with the Remo remote, which is waterproof and supports voice commands. It can also work with the Quik Key Mobile MicroSD Card Reader for transporting files.

One of the advantages of using a GoPro action camera is the wide range of powerful apps available. There are three apps that are available for GoPro Hero 5 users: Capture, Quik, and Splice.

The Capture mobile app is designed to connect the action camera with your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Then, you can use your smartphone for live preview as well as for adjusting some settings. The mobile app is simple and intuitive.

The Quik mobile app is used for making a movie from selected videos or still images. You can also add a soundtrack. Meanwhile, the desktop version is more powerful, as it has extensive editing features and it allows you to overlay data from GPS and other sensors on your videos. The Splice mobile app also has some nice editing features, including the ability to add soundtracks from your iTunes library.

GoPro Hero 5: Performance

GoPro Hero 5 is extremely flexible, easy, and straightforward to use. You can control the camera directly through the touchscreen, hands-free with voice commands, or remotely via your smartphone. Making adjustments, reviewing clips, and transferring files are also easy.

There are several advanced features for capturing still images, which people with some photography knowledge may find useful. You can access the exposure value, ISO level, and sharpness level in the ProTune settings.

GoPro Hero 5 is capable of recording in 4K at 30fps. Compared to Olfi OneFive 4K, the frame rate of GoPro Hero 5 is slightly better. However, that’s not the only advantage that GoPro Hero 5 offers. Images are a bit sharper, colors are a bit more vibrant yet still accurate, and motions look smoother. GoPro Hero 5 also has a powerful image stabilization which can eliminate shakiness or vibration and optimize the footage to look smooth and stable.

If you don’t want to deal with complicated settings, don’t worry. GoPro Hero 5 has an automatic mode which will optimize the settings by itself. Most of the time, the automatic mode delivers good results.

The average battery life of this action camera is about one hour per charge. If the Wi-Fi is continuously enabled, the battery life may get significantly shorter. The image stabilization also drains battery, so you want to disable it when not in use.

Olfi OneFive 4K vs GoPro Hero 5

- 4K Ultra High Definition (24fps)
- Gyro Stabilisation
- High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video
- 30m Waterproof (with included waterproof case)
- Stunning 4K video and 12MP photos in Single, Burst and Time Lapse modes
- Durable by design, HERO5 Black is waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing
- Additional GoPro HERO5 Black Features + Benefits below on item page
- Preview and playback your shots, change settings and trim your footage, all on your GoPro


In general, GoPro Hero 5 is better. This action camera can capture videos with better frame rates. There are also multiple modes for capturing still images, with an option to save them as RAW files. In addition, it also has more powerful apps with useful features and capabilities.

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