Ricoh Theta SC vs LG 360

November 1, 2019

Ricoh and LG have both been at the bleeding edge of 360 cameras consumer and both have discharged moderate 360 cameras this year. The LG 360 cam is charged as a ‘budget’ 360 camera costing just 200 USD while the Ricoh Theta SC is a little bit costly. However, it has been created by a group with significantly more involvement in making 360 cameras.

There is a lot of similarities between the two 360 cameras. The two cameras use the candy bar structure factor, both are perfect with a wide scope of handsets, and both shoot with a comparative max resolution. So as to figure out which is the better of the two cameras, we should think about their specifications. See olso : Rylo vs Osmo Pocket

When contrasting Ricoh Theta SC vs LG 360, most consumers suggest LG 360 for the win. LG 360 is positioned seventh while Ricoh Theta SC is positioned tenth.

The most significant explanation regarding why a lot of people have more inclinations toward LG 360 is: The camera has a little rectangular edge with a plastic sheath that slides over its lenses to shield them from scratches. It is somewhat short and somewhat thick, which may make it feel somewhat cumbersome. Be that as it may, and still, after all that, it is little enough to be conveyed and fits serenely in a pocket.


When it comes to specifications, there is no doubt that LG 360 has an edge regarding both specifications and cost. The higher video resolution is especially significant just as the expandable memory. 

Ricoh Theta SC is just as good. It is anything but an extraordinary camcorder, that is without a doubt, yet it exceeds expectations as a still picture camera. The still 360 pictures taken with the Ricoh Theta S are definitely the absolute best. The optics inside the camera are amazing and produce splendid, clear 360 pictures with incredible hues.

Then again, LG 360 cam can shoot 2K 360 video which is insufficient to be claimed incredible, yet unquestionably superior to the Ricoh. The camera optics are of substandard quality; the still pictures are regularly somewhat obscured and dull.

So, which one would you pick? In the event that you see yourself taking 360-degree pictures more than video, then Ricoh Theta SC is pass-on the best. However, if you would like to share 360 recordings on YouTube and Facebook, or need to confine your spending limit to 200 USD, at that point, LG 360 is an extraordinary choice for you.

Ricoh Theta SC Pros and Cons


Easy to Utilize 

This gadget is extremely simple to utilize. Basically, switch between photograph or video capture by squeezing a flip on the camera and afterward press the button on the facade of the camera. 

Accompanies a Defensive Sleeve for Carrying and Storage 

The defensive sleeve is not just exceptionally pragmatic. It likewise looks smooth and does not include a lot of mass. 

Sensible Sewing Quality 

Ricoh Theta SC application is sensibly effective at sewing. While artifacts and grafting issues can happen, they will more often than not be observable during a casual review, only uncovering themselves after looking into it further.


Non-Removable Battery.
The gadget’s battery cannot be supplanted. 
No Expandable Stockpiling.
The camera is restricted to the 8 GB of capacity that it accompanies. 
The Gadget Can Be Effectively Harmed.  

You must be extra cautious by the way you store the gadget because of its jutting lens structure and the way that it can without much of a stretch fall over.

LG 360 Pros and Cons


Great Value for the Money

Most great 360-degree cameras cost more than 300 USD. LG 360 is one of only a handful few 360-degree cameras that expenses 200 USD and has extraordinary specifications. 

Capacity Limit Can Be Expanded 

The small-scale SD card can be immediately expelled and supplanted with another if the client requires more storage. In this sense, the client is not restricted to the implicit storage limit of some different choices. 

Clear Stills in Great Lighting 

LG 360 has one of the higher MP specifications at 16MP and the pictures have great lucidity in the sufficiently bright zones.


Cannot See Photographs or Recordings Straightforwardly on the Camera

Since there is no screen on the camera, the best way to see what you caught is to move them to your telephone or PC. For most photographs, this is not an issue as the procedure is quick. However, shockingly it is very delayed for recordings that are huge in size.

Third-Party Programming is Required to Alter Video

Neither the mobile application nor the work area program that the camera accompanies can alter the captured video.

Marker Lights are Hard to Find in the Sunlight 

At the point when outside on a bright day, the marker lights can be hard to spot. For instance, it very well may be hard for the client to unmistakably observe whether the camera is recording or not.

Ricoh Theta SC vs LG 360

- High resolution, fully spherical 360 Degree images & video
- Bright F2.0 lens, Intuitive operation
- New & improved User Interface makes sharing a breeze
- Compatibility with both iOS and Android,till image resolution:L: 5376 x 2688, M: 2048 x 1024,Video resolution/frame rate/bit rate:L: 1920 x 1080/30 fps/16 Mbps,M: 1280 x 720/15 fps/6 Mbps
- Theta+ App for editing spherical images, Theta+V App for editing spherical videos
- Compact spherical Camera
- 360 degree image capture with One click
- Dual 13 MP wide-angle cameras
- 2K video recording, 16 MP spherical image support
- 5.1-Channel surround-sound recording


Ricoh Theta SC is the best 360 still camera for picture takers due to its picture quality and in light of the fact that it has the most complete arrangement of presentation controls. Because of its notoriety, it hosts the best help from third parties and there are numerous frill and programming accessible for it. Then again, the video resolution is altogether lower than the challenge.

LG 360 is a fair camera that works with both Android and iPhone. It can be remotely diverted from backup. So, it is the most helpful to utilize on the grounds that it is conservative and has a convenient defensive cover that makes it superfluous to have a different case.

As we would like to think, Ricoh Theta SC and LG 360 are fabulous gadgets for capturing photograph spheres, and in this way particularly appropriate to make content for your personal keepsake during a special occasion.

At long last, you need to choose without anyone else’s input what would you like to accomplish with your 360° gadget.

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