Rylo vs Insta360 ONE X

December 3, 2019

Action camera is still a hyped device but there is another breed of action camera to try if you are into a more unique way to capture videos or photos and it is with 360 camera like Rylo Vs Insta360 ONE X. They are capable of providing a better view of what’s around you and will capture all of them without missing so then user can pick the portion the like. If you are also interested in these unique cameras, see which the best option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a 360 Camera
  • What are Rylo and Insta360 ONE X
  • What Rylo and Insta360 ONE X Look Like
  • How are the Image Quality of Rylo and Insta360 ONE X
  • Do Rylo and Insta360 ONE X have Image Stabilization
  • What else Rylo and Insta360 ONE X can offer
  • Rylo Vs Insta360 ONE X

360 Camera

Who doesn’t love a camera especially those who often take a still image or moving footage of certain subjects around them or even self-recording such as streamers and content maker. It is hard to imagine living in a world where camera is unknown because how important this piece of tool has become in our life. We can certainly live without one but it will be not as fun because we can no longer take images or interesting moments, places, our friends, family or even those singers we idolize so much.

Camera has evolved fast and they are getting better at taking high-quality results in a far more compact form, known as an action camera. This small device was all-over the internet when they become popular after being used by lots of people, especially for extreme sports and while naturally they are just a digital camera, the form factor makes them versatile enough to be used in different applications and letting the user be creative about their shots for we can physically mount them on almost anything.

Action camera is still continuously upgraded even today but in the last several years, probably around 2016 there is another similar device that was riding the trend as well and it is 360 camera. We are sure you are already familiar with this camera because they have been everywhere especially when everyone is about Gear VR. This camera is very much the same to an action camera on various sides but has a plus side of being able to take panoramic view easily, conveniently.

  1. 360 camera is unique because of this capability and the charm or having one is we are getting more creative to create the content. The most common purpose of this device is to take monoscopic videos and feeds. This is the type of content we usually found on Facebook or other social media where the viewer can move around the space captured but it has no depth perception and among the device types, the camera usually a standard one.
  2. The next common content is stereoscopic video which is possible in a higher-end models. This content is created upon monoscopic images by creating 3D renderings of each shots using different input for each eye. Usually it needs to be shot using two lenses for each field of vision in order for the final result to be viewed with VR. This content feels very real and life-like that can deliver a different experience to the person who enjoys it such as visiting a place they have never visited before.

About Rylo and Insta360 ONE X

As people are getting more creative and demanding about their favorite device, so do the manufacturers and the one or two brands that offer the product years ago have grown so much today. It’s worth noting that lots of them are not affordable especially those coming from big names like Samsung and GoPro but in terms of capabilities, they sure are reliable. But, it also doesn’t mean we can’t get a nice 360 camera without spending much because there are many who can give just what you want.

 RyloInsta360 ONE X
Shop now at Amazonclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions2.9 x 1.7 x 1.4 inches7.5 x 3.9 x 2 inches
Item Weight3.84 ounces
7.8 ounces

Good products at competitive prices are very attractive and this is what Rylo and Insta360 are offering with their cameras. The former is a small startup compared to giants we mentioned earlier but remembering it was co founded by the person who is responsible for Hyperlapse video stabilization, the company and products sure are promising to give a try for they surely know what to do and what to offer. It is probably the first true 360 camera using spherical video to create more interesting fixed-frame videos rather than giving virtual reality experience.

For those who are in the market with less than $500 to spend, Rylo and Insta360 ONE X are going to fit in your pocket perfectly because they are pretty much competitive even when compared to some high-end action cameras.  The former only has one model in the catalogue and it is either Android+iPhone version or iPhone version only while on the other hand ONE X is among the newest model this company can offer besides the higher version that can shoot 3D content EVO.

What’s amazing from these two is they are still a camera to beat even after all these years they have been in the market and especially for Rylo, the camera recently got an upgrade into the software which now adding an ability to let users set key frames for zooming to let you zoom in or out within a clip smoothly. ONE X similarly one of the most refine 360 camera in the market both for the hardware and software.

Rylo and Insta360 ONE X Design

Similar to an action camera, Rylo and Insta360 ONE X are very small or compact if you say because they are fitting nicely in your hand despite doesn’t mean to be used while being held. Comparing the two it is easy to tell that the latter is slightly bigger and while the design should let the unit stand on its own like Ricoh Theta V Vs Theta Z1, somehow ONE X has round edges, making it not ideal without any tripod.

Starting with Rylo, this camera is very simple in terms of control option because we literally only have two buttons here; one to activate the power and also used to start and stop recording while the other one is to switch between still and video mode. Similarly, the ONE X also only have two buttons; one for power and the bigger one is for shutter. Both have battery inside and indicator to tell the level but for a longer journey, we recommend to carry extra pair.

Rylo and Insta360 ONE X Image Quality

Now let’s move to the performance side and starting with image quality, these cameras are offering respectively up to 5.8K and 5.7 K spherical video with a very convenient and friendly user interface. If you choose this resolution, the video will be only up to 4.5 minutes long and if you shoot longer, the video will be split into multiple clips that you can edit with the controls provided. The video quality is nice and clear but we do adore some new useful features like Zoom from Rylo.

Image quality wise, Rylo and Insta360 ONE X sometimes having an issue with stitching because there will be a prominent line between the two hemispheres yet they are not the worst among other similar devices and in comparison, the latter does performs better in this side. The resolution might be 5.8K or 5.7K but it is spread out across the 360 view which means it may not look as good as what we can get from narrower action cams with lower resolution especially when you zoom them in video.

Rylo and Insta360 ONE X Image Stabilization

A good camera is not complete without a good image stabilization and this has been proven by lots of models out there. Rylo and Insta360 ONE X are coming with the standard image stabilization or what we know as gyroscope which you can find on other similar action cams with six-axis stabilizer to maintain smooth footage and in short they are working the same as Hyperlapse since they will read the data from your smartphone and compromising the movement better thanks for being 360 wide angle.

This is because the nature of 360 camera that record all of the frame and unlike action cams with certain angle degree, they don’t need to crop the area to compensate for shaking but reframing it instead. Additionally, there is no difference in resolution whether you use the stabilizer on or off.

Rylo and Insta360 ONE X Features

Software wise they are rich but for the aforementioned, Zoom in Rylo sometimes pan at the wrong direction but the problem doesn’t appear all the time. Additionally, we have Follow feature in which the camera will automatically follow an object or always keeping it at the center of the frame despite how the camera moves. As for the capabilities point, ONE X also has editing tools useful for creating amazing content and one of them is reframing 360 content into fixed-frame videos. 

It has similar features to Follow called SmartTrack to lock on a subject and let the camera follows it whenever you move the unit so it will stay in the middle of the shot. What’s not as convenient is the zoom in and zoom out because it is complicated for you have to go into ViewFinder mode ad uses the accelerometer in our phone to pan and tilt.

Rylo vs Insta360 ONE X

- Includes sync cables for both iPhone and Android devices
- The magical Rylo App : Create unbelievable video wherever you are - with the Rylo App for iOS and Android. Shoot first and use the app to control camera movements wherever you are.
- Points : Direct camera motion with simple taps using Points.
- Follow : Stay focused on what matters most. With a tap, Rylo follows anything.
- Leading image quality: 5. 7K resolution makes your 360 Degree videos look sharp, while 18MP shots make for stunning photo quality. Turn on 50Fps mode to make your video buttery smooth.
- Drift shots: snap into the drifter accessory and let your camera take flight. Airborne slow-mo. From a camera that shoots in every direction at once. You've never seen angles like this before.
- Wi-fi preview and transfer: Shoot and transfer in a snap. 50MB/s Cable transfer and 5 GHz high-speed Wi-Fi transfer.
- Time shift: Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo., or speed things up with a stabilized Hyper lapse. All in the app

Both of these cameras are an interesting take if you are bored with the standard action cams but they are not 100% identical because there are some features in Rylo which are not as convenient in ONE X such as the Zoom function but when it comes to stitching, the latter works better to give you the almost seamless result. They have the same sensor and equally offer UHD resolution but the image quality may not as good as what high-end cameras can offer.


All in all, you can pick either of them because both have their own charm but if we are to choose, we do like Rylo simply because it is easier to use for now but when ONE X upgrade the software and fixed the inconvenience, the latter is a better choice. 

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