Sjcam SJ6 vs SJ7 Star

September 10, 2019

High quality products are always expensive, including action camera but it doesn’t mean that we can’t get reliable options without having to pay much because there are many good models out there like SJCAM SJ6 Vs SJ7 Star that won’t ask much from the pocket but still deliver a great video quality. For those who are also seeking an alternatives for GoPro action camera, see what these two alternatives can offer and pick the one with the best capabilities to suit your activities.

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  • Are you currently looking for an Action Camera
  • Does Affordable Action Camera Worth It
  • What are SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star
  • What SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star Look like
  • How are the Camera in SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star
  • What else SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star can offer
  • How are the Video Quality in SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star
  • SJCAM SJ6 Vs SJ7 Star

Action Camera

Photography and videography are two popular hobbies today which loved by so many people from different backgrounds and spreading widely all around the world. With the internet, it is easier to connect to those people that have the same interest like us and it also provides a place where we can interact with more individual who may share the same vision as yours. As the trend continues to prosper, so as the device and all the technology related to the subject.

In the past everything is enough with just a single bulky camcorder that we used to capture video footage of various activities but today, it seems that compact devices are more adored because of their versatility. Camera has been improved so much from when we were still very young and today we get so many options when it comes to still image and video capturing, depending on the kind of activities we do. An avid photography enthusiast will go with DSLR or Mirrorless and movie maker go with a full fledged camera and its equipment.

On the other hand, hobbyist with the kind of activities like adventuring and doing extreme sports will prefer something we can mount on the body like with chest strap or helmet mounting and this is no field of regular camera so we used action camera. Action camera popularity is undoubtedly huge and while it was initially used for those certain activities including capturing aerial view, nowadays casual users are preferring them too due to the image and video quality but most often for the versatility and convenience.

Affordable Action Camera

Not everyone will need a high end DSLR and not everyone will need $500 action camera so it is always best to look for the type of product that suit our activities or preference the most. Of course there is no one going to stop you to get the most expensive model in the market but when the affordable counterpart are already sufficient, we may be able to save some to purchase other useful accessories like gimbal or certain mounting system.

Affordable action camera has been a wide trend because the pioneer of this device is not offering a wide range of products with friendlier price range for many of us. While they can be a worthy purchase, we will still need to look at their quality since there is no use of getting something that won’t deliver the kind of results we want. Like any camera, action camera should deliver a good footage and image or with additional features that may be useful in your activities.

About SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star

For those who will shop an action camera, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer since we do have so many of them currently trying to compete with each other and it may need some time before we can find the perfect choice. If you are a more serious hobbyist, we do recommend to spend more because price does play an important role in deciding the quality of your camera and those with great image or video usually will be pricier than $100.

If you don’t have much time to select the camera and check on them one by one, the shopping process will be faster when we just choose one brand to look at so then we can eliminate the rest of the option quickly. Among those many action camera brands out there, SJCAM is one of the best options to go because they have been known for always offering great alternatives for GoPro and in friendlier price range so almost everyone can get their most suitable option.

They also offer various collections in the catalogue and if you are specifically looking for the camera that can offer 4K video quality, SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star will be the best choice because they are equally providing the option to record this video. As the name suggests, these cameras are a pair of close brother so there will be so many similarities between them and it can make the choice confusing but, it is also intended that the big brother SJCAM SJ7 Star is overall a better model.

It is also the more expensive camera and in terms of image and video quality, there might be some differences because the technology used inside are different as well. However, in our opinion, the most prominent thing that set them apart is because the SJ7 Star is a native 4K camera so the sensor is already capable of handling this quality unlike the little brother SJ6 which 4K is interpolated and not as good as the native version.

SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star Design

Despite being a close brothers, SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star are not sharing the same fashion because as you can see from the sample picture above, they are quite different when it comes to design. They are still coming in a small box housing the internal components but the little brother still choose to use the textured sides which is supporting the grip when used without any case while the latter already adopt the newer design of smooth sides and face area as well as made from metal.

There is a small analog display in SJ6 and this portion will show you some necessary stats but the big brother doesn’t have this feature. However, when you flip them and see the rear main display they are equally using touch sensitive screen which is great because most high end cameras today are also moving to a more convenient operation.

SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star Camera

As it has been mentioned above, these cameras are using a different technology inside and it is because they are coming with different processor and sensor altogether. The little brother SJ6 which we have talked previously in SJCAM SJ6 Vs Yi Lite is accompanied by Novatek NT96660 chipset and a sensor from Panasonic, specifically with 16MP MN34120PA. On the other hand the SJ7 Star is coming with Ambarella A12S75 chipset, the same used in older Hero 4 camera by GoPro before they change to their own chipset.

As for the sensor, it is using the one from Sony IMX117 with 12MP effective pixel and this sensor is already capable of taking the real 4K video, unlike the SJ6. This difference also bring slightly different frame rate into the video option since 4K now is at 30fps in SJ7 Star which used to be 24fps. In addition, the 720p video is already at 200fps in SJ7 Star from 120fps. 

SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star Features

Coming further, both of SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star are offering a wide angle view at 166-degree so they can capture more from whatever presented in front of the lens but, the SJ7 Star is also offering a different FOV for your activities between wide, medium, and narrow.

They are also using the same image gyro image stabilization to compensate for some shaking movement when not used with a gimbal and referring to the older article, SJ6 is already working really well.

They come with the battery in the package and SJ7 Star slightly have bigger capacity at 1050mAh as opposed to 1000mAh. Another similarity is they equally not natively waterproof so we need to use the included waterproof case when dealing with water activities.

SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star Video Quality

When checking the performance of SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star, the first thing we notice is the image stabilization in both cameras are different because it is prominently better in SJ6 camera than on SJ7 Star.

The video quality are equally good and color displayed really well but you will also see that the former is also popping the color more so blue sky will appear bluer and indoor footage will have slightly colder nuance. The sensor works great but SJ7 Star also deal with light transition faster, followed by SJ6.

We do love the image quality from both cameras and probably due to sensor and chipset difference, SJ7 Star show more details in shadows area or in darker place than SJ6. When recording at night, SJ6 shows more of what’s in front of its lens but the noise is also higher.


In terms of performance these cameras are working well and their video qualities are very well delivered but it is also true that image stabilization works better in SJ6 and light transition as well as detail works slightly better in SJ7 Star. The big brother is reducing some noise at night and will make your footage have more popping color if it attracts your eyes better while the result with SJ6 is more humble and in our opinion looks more natural despite the lack of details in some parts.

Sjcam SJ6 vs SJ7 Star

- Screen: 2.0in back LCD&0.96in front LCD
- SJCAM SJ6 LEGEND sports cam adopts dual screen design, with its touch screen, it is very convenient to operate and use.
- Adopts for Panasonic MN34120 of 16MP image sensor, Novatek 96660 chipset, built-in Gyro anti-shake sensor, 166 degree HD lens, all make SJCAM SJ6 LEGEND special and great. No doubt that it will record your outdoor activity in a clear and fast way.
- DESCRIPTION:SJ7 STAR is truly a wonder with true 4K video and a metal body and 2" Touch screen this is really the camera everyone has been waiting for. The camera comes equipped with gyro stabilization and slow motion record and time lapse and is sure to please any action recording enthusiasts.
- ACCESSORIES:SJ7 STAR comes with a variety of mounts including the waterproof case, bicycle mount, flat mount for a dash cam option and a curved mount fitted with adhesive for a helmet. A multi-language booklet comes with the camera so anyone can start shooting their favorite subjects. There is also a quick release j-hook buckle and other mounts such as the universal 1/4" tripod mount and another tripod mount adapter.
- FEATURES:The SJ7 STAR has remote capabilities with the SJCAM app and also the SJCAM remote selfie stick and the SJCAM remote watch. These tools easily pair with the SJ7. This camera can use the SJCAM external microphone which enhances audio. The mics come with clips to easily attach where you need them most.


Because SJCAM SJ6 and SJ7 Star are similarly good, we are also confused about which to choose yet, since we do like the kind of color SJ6 give and it is better in terms of image stabilization, we prefer this camera over the big brother as long as you are not going to use the 4K quality.

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