SJCAM SJ6 vs Yi 4K

September 5, 2019

For those who often spend their leisure time doing interesting adventure and any active lifestyle, immortalizing them with a camera is a nice method so we can review them later or post and share with your fellow hobbyist. SJCAM SJ6 Vs Yi 4K are two great action camera to accompany your day and they are working well with nice video footage as well. However, see what we can expect from them below before shopping so then we can choose the best camera.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need an Action Camera
  • What to look in an Action Camera
  • What are SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K
  • What SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K Look like
  • How are the Camera in SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K
  • What else SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K can offer
  • How are the Performance of SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K
  • SJCAM SJ6 Vs Yi 4K

Action Camera

Recording our activities and uploading them to the internet for many other people to also enjoy is becoming a trend and it is very rare to see people not try to communicate their activities with others through their social media today. Our technology has shaped society and while there are indeed some drawbacks we experienced here and there, it is also undoubtedly beneficial for many of us because now communicating with the rest of the world is as easy as pushing those post button.

Not only pictures, we are also fond of uploading videos documenting various activities especially those interesting ones that we are not experiencing everyday so other people with the same interest can enjoy it as well. This is where action camera has become very necessary among our other gadgets today because this small, compact camera is not only offering a nice picture and video quality but also a capability to handle almost any activities including extreme sports or any water related activities.

If you are doing lots of adventure or need a small camera to carry everywhere and take video with, especially those captured from a more unique angle, then an action camera will be a very good investment for the content but, if it is just for casual recording, more affordable cameras or smartphone should do the job just fine.

Action Camera Features

Action camera is just like any digital camera out there and while they are not going to defeat your DSLR or dedicated camcorder in terms of image and video quality, mayn higher end models does performs really well including when capturing UHD footage. The points you may want to pay attention to is the sensor, effective pixel, and processing chip since these will affect your results or look for those that can already capture native 4K videos so at least we can use the stabilization at HD setting.

Image stabilization is a very important feature in an action camera because without one we are going to need a dedicated gimbal to stabilize the video and making them more watchable. Another part you may want to pay attention to is the angle because the wider it is the more scenery we are going to capture and if possible, adjustable angle can be a great feature as well so then we can make the center point look closer in the camera.

In addition, if you are also playing and recording around water or plan to dive with the camera, it is nice to look for those made with waterproof body or purchase the one with waterproof case so we don’t have to look for another protective casing anymore.

About SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K

If you are sure about getting an action camera, today we have so many options in the market from those market leader that offers high-end models with extensive features and great video footage quality to those offered for any beginners or casual customers who just want to get an action camera for their activity like AKASO EK7000 and Brave 4. However, if you want something that can be more reliable we do recommend to invest a little bit more than $100. 

Among those many reliable options, SJCAM and Yi are two of the most popular for both budget items yet comes packed with quality because they do offer their products to be GoPro alternatives which makes the capabilities doesn’t differ too much from one another. Between their collections, the SJ6 and 4K models from these respective brands are a very ideal option when you need to capture HD videos at a budget since they are capable of doing so but in comparison Yi will have the upper hand.

This is because SJ6 is not a real 4K action camera or what we used to call as interpolated 4K which mean the sensor’s output is lower than 4K so the image is upscaled by interpolation. When the product was first released, this camera should be the alternative of Hero 5 but remembering the latter is already capable of UHD at 30fps and natively capture this footage, those who plant to record at the highest setting possible may turned off.

This also seems to be happening when comparing SJ6 with Yi 4K because the other is a true UHD camera and will be a better value if you often doing recording at this certain mode. It is very similar to the Plus model we have compared earlier at SJCAM SJ8 Vs Yi 4K+ but is more affordable due to having a lower chip, lower frame rate per second, slightly lower  in image stabilization as well as different field of view.

SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K Design

Both of them are very similar in terms of form factor just like any action cameras out there, but when you place them side by side, it is also appear to be different because Yi 4K is slightly bigger and heavier in comparison. This action camera also sporting a smooth surface all over the body while SJ6 still have the textured finish on the side to promote better grip when not used with the mounting system. However, we do recommend putting a case since none of them are waterproof yet.

SJ6 as you can see on the sample picture above has small analog display at the front to view some stats which is not available in Yi 4K but when you flip these cameras, we will get the same 2-inch display at the back and these main display are already touch sensitive thus, operating the menu will be easier. The screen also bright enough to be seen under normal daylight.

SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K Camera

Coming further, let’s see what their companies put inside to deliver those good performance and first they are equally packed with common chipset Novatek 96660 and Ambarella A9SE75 which the latter is very common in higher end action camera and GoPro also used to have them in the past as well. The sensor is also different between SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K because the first is using Panasonic with 16MP effective pixel and the latter is relying on Sony IMX377 with effective pixel of 12MP.

For the video recording mode, these cameras are quite different side by side because as it has been mentioned above that SJ6 is not yet a native 4K camera and it is interpolating the 4K at 24fps so many of its users are sticking with 1080p which is already at 60fps. On the other hand, the Yi 4K is already native and capture real 4K footage at 30fps while downgrading it to 1080p will get you 120fps for those slow motion experience. 

SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K Features

On the additional feature both of SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K are coming with image stabilization as well but the former is using OIS and the latter is using EIS so it is all up to the user to choose which one because both have pros and cons but, we used to choose EIS for fast action and OIS for performance based on the theory. These cameras are also offering a wide angle view at 166-degree and 155-degree respectively.

As for the longevity, Yi 4K is offered with 1400mAh battery which is among the highest in action camera while SJ6 is only paired with 1000mAh battery but, this model is packed with complementary accessories unlike Yi which require us to make additional purchases since there is almost none except for the necessary parts inside the box.

SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K Performance 

Capturing still images and video footage with any of these cameras are going to give you a clear and crisp result but are also different because when you look at their final product, the color seems to warmer in Yi 4K so for example sky appears to be darker than it is while SJ6 deliver and overall more pleasing color at least based on our taste. When taking pictures at night, SJ6 is performing better with more popping color and details as well as not as much noise as what we see in Yi 4K.

Image stabilization works smoother in SJ6 and making the footage even more beautiful but, when it is time to change the place between dark and bright place Yi 4K is acting faster than SJCAM. 


SJCAM SJ6 and Yi 4K are indeed a good camera for the budget and while SJCAM is not yet offering native 4K with the SJ6 model, the 1080p quality is already delivering a very nice footage with a nice and crisp color. Yi 4K is giving you a good image and footage as well but work best under a natural daylight because photography at night appears to have lots of noise and the color somehow looks darker or warmer as well with this camera.

SJCAM SJ6 vs Yi 4K

- Sports cam adopts dual screen design, with its touch screen, it is very convenient to operate and use.
- Adopts for Panasonic MN34120 of 16MP image sensor, Novatek 96660 chipset, built-in Gyro anti-shake sensor, 166 degree HD lens, all make SJCAM SJ6 LEGEND special and great.
- No doubt that it will record your outdoor activity in a clear and fast way.
- Impressive Video Quality - The world’s first action camera to record 4K/60fps video; Built-in Sony IMX377 image sensor captures 12MP pictures and films high-quality full HD footages.
Superb Image Stablization - Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) delivers spectacularly smooth and steady videos in up to 4K/30fps resolution, ensuring excellent experience in shooting fast-moving objects.
Intuitive UI Design - Ultra responsive 2.2” Gorilla Glass retina touchscreen shows everything crystal clearly and brightly, easy to change settings, switch shooting modes, preview and playback footage.


At this point we are sure most of us are already picking one camera to bring home but if you are not sure yet, we do like the SJ6 from SJCAM better between the two because this camera is giving us a more pleasant color and better image stabilization as well as better night shooting performance. 

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