SJCAM SJ6 vs Yi Lite

September 9, 2019

Camera has been an important device to have for many of us today because of its ability to record and take still images without relying on our smartphone. Action camera like SJCAM SJ6 Vs Yi Lite are two great options to consider if your activities often need a dedicated camera that can be mounted on various systems, moreover, their footage qualities are very well delivered. For those who are also eyeing these cameras, see what they can offer below so we can choose the best model to bring home.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Does Affordable Action Camera Worth It
  • What to Look in an Action Camera
  • What are SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite
  • What SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite Look like
  • How are the Camera in SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite
  • What else SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite can offer
  • How are the Footage Quality in SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite
  • SJCAM SJ6 Vs Yi Lite

Affordable Action Camera

Almost everyone today knows GoPro whether they actually use them or not because it seems that action camera has been very popular for the last several years especially when extreme sports and other types of adventure activities are starting to be enjoyed by more people as well.

Nowadays, almost all people have their own social media accounts and it is getting easier to connect to the world, especially those with certain hobby to share together and let other people who are doing the same activity to gather together.

While action camera is sure a very interesting device to have, not all of us have to own one since not all of us will utilize them to the fullest such as only for travelling and other lighter activities, so it seems not so wise spending so much just to get a product that we won’t be using for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean that we should not purchase one since there are many good cameras out there with more affordable price and good video quality.

This high end action camera alternatives are the choice of many people because despite the relatively affordable prices, many of them are already capable of delivering great usability and more importantly, good image and video quality.

Another thing that we love the most from affordable cameras is the majority of them are also packed with a certain set of accessories or mounting inside the box so we don’t have to spend more time to purchase these mountings since we may need one to use the camera such as with a protective case.

Action Camera Features

While these alternatives seems to be promising and reliable, as with looking for anything, what we need to do first is checking their capabilities because when it comes to almost any products, price does speak about quality and performance including for action camera.

What you may want to look in an action camera must be the image and video quality but these parts will be heavily affected by the type of sensor and chipset used inside because to produce good videos, the technology inside have to be reliable as well.

An action camera usually have a wide angle view such as 170-degree view and it means we will be able to capture more from whatever presented in front of the lens. Some models offer digital zoom by cropping the image and some may offer adjustable field of view as well to allow user capture wide or narrow as they want.

Another necessary feature you may want to have in an action camera is image stabilization and the technology may differ yet, at least there is something to help with those shakiness.

About SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite

If you already make up the mind and want to have a reliable action camera, now is a good time to see what the market is offering because we do have so many options out there and it means we also have to spend more time selecting the best model.

Most GoPro alternatives are offered in a wider price range from those at $50 to those at the same level as this action camera pioneer and the more expensive it is, they mostly will be more capable as well.

Two favorite GoPro alternatives in the market today are SJCAM and Yi that all are popular and have been loved by many due to their inexpensive price and relatively great footage quality. Yi used to be part of Xiaomi but since 2016, the company split and now we don’t call the camera as the brother of those Chinese smartphone giant anymore yet, the quality is still consistently good similar to the first action camera released by the brand back then.

SJCAM on the other hand is one of the biggest alternatives for GoPro because they are offering great action camera quality without having to pay a high price and in comparison it is similar to getting a Chinese smartphone than an iPhone with almost the same capabilities.

They also have quite amount of collection to offer and for those who are not really into 4K video quality or want to spend as little as possible yet still getting an amazing footage, the SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite camera are ideal options.

Both of them are not native in 4K but the top 1080p is already very good for various activities and the best point about these models are their affordable price point so when you see one, move fast since their stock don’t last too long.

They are also supported by various features and the most useful image stabilization so we don’t have to worry about shakiness but the quality won’t be as good as when using a gimbal alternative.

SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite Design 

Like many other action cameras SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite are sporting the same design, a small box of housing and with a compact size but the fashion is different since Yi prefer minimalist and put as little as possible for anything including the texture sides we used to see on older models like what we see on SJ6 camera. The Lite camera is quite similar to the Yi 4K that we have already talked in SJCAM SJ6 Vs Yi 4K here and overall have the same design.

As you can see on the sample picture above, the SJCAM SJ6 camera is also featuring a small analog display at the front to show some necessary stats which is not available in Yi Lite but, when you rotate these boxes, we can see the same size main display and what we love from these displays is they are already touch sensitive to ease the users when navigating the menu.

SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite Camera

As it has been mentioned above, the most important thing in an action camera is their image and video quality but these performance will be affected by the technology inside and to deliver you those magnificent image and footage, SJ6 has Novatek NT96660 that we can find on another similar cameras while Lite is equipped with Hisilicon Hi3556V100, not Ambarella that we see on the higher brother 4K edition. As  for the sensor, they are also using a different sensor with 16MP sensor from Panasonic and similarly 16MP but from Sony on the latter.

This effective pixel should be enough to capture great still images and pretty common as well in action camera from this price range. As for the footage mode, both are providing 4K option but beware since it is interpolated and may not as good compared to the lower 1080p which is already at 60fps while the 720p on both cameras are already offering 120fps quality for those slow motion experience. The FOV are also different between 170-degree and 150-degree so SJCAM SJ6 capture more of your scenery.

SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite Feature

On the additional feature, both of them are equipped with electronic image stabilization and SJ6 specifically called it gyro. This type of stabilization probably better called as gyroscope assisted stabilization which mean there is a gyroscope inside to measure movement and it is very small built in inside the silicon chip to compensate for camera movement.

Their main unit is not yet waterproof so it is recommended to have protective case when dealing with water but SJ6 have shipped the unit with this protective case already.

SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite Performance

When it comes to performance, both of them are equally easy to use and producing reliable, crisp footage which is surprising for an affordable camera like SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite.

There are so many details when taking videos with any of these cameras but side by side, it seems that the color of footage taken with Yi Lite is more popping while the SJ6 is a little bit warmer. Those videos are overall natural and doesn’t give an unpleasant results as well.

The image stabilization on SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite are not the best and there are some shakiness that cause headaches when watched for long but it is understandable for the lower price and in our opinion they can still deal with some motion in case used without a gimbal.


SJCAM SJ6 and Yi Lite are two good options for an alternatives of GoPro action cameras in higher price and while they are using different chipset and sensor, the footage results are equally good and producing crisp videos with much details even at 1080p which we will used more often.

The image stabilization is definitely not the best but SJ6 is working slightly better at making sure the video is not shaking too much. In addition, this camera also have small display at the front in case it is an interesting feature to get.

SJCAM SJ6 vs Yi Lite

- SJCAM SJ6 LEGEND sports cam adopts dual screen design, with its touch screen, it is very convenient to operate and use
- Adopts for Panasonic MN34120 of 16MP image sensor, Novatek 96660 chipset, built-in Gyro anti-shake sensor, 166 degree HD lens, all make SJCAM SJ6 LEGEND special and great. No doubt that it will record your outdoor activity in a clear and fast way.
- Chipset: Novatek 96660
- Please Note: The item sold by the seller "North to West" is fake. Professional quality 4K/20fps, 1080p/30fps, 1080p/60fps video recording and 16MP still image capture powered by Sony image sensor.
- Integrated 2.0" LCD touch screen makes control of this tiny but powerful camera super easy.
- 130 minutes of battery life at 1080p/60fps help you focus on shooting instead of counting battery life.


Deciding between both can be very confusing because they are equally good but if we are to pick one, we do like SJCAM SJ6 better because not only this camera is working well and delivering a very good video footage, the package also have everything inside so we don’t have to shop for more especially for the protective case.

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