Sjcam Sj8 Pro vs Sj8 Plus

August 28, 2019

Is it guaranteed that you are a voyager? Or then again obviously you need to take photos submerged or in any condition? You appreciate that nowadays, taking picture while doing any activities is one of various people most regarded action. Besides, we do that to keep the greatest moment we have ever had.

In addition, the improvement of the online life nowadays is by somehow giving an effect of taking picture. The reason is that we taking picture incidentally we will reliably require the best camera or camera phone with an impossibly extraordinary express.

Likewise, for an important long time, there are cameras that can be used even inside the sea, pool or we can say it as submerged camera. Additionally, by somehow various people love to use that.

Nevertheless, the issue is that there are diverse few of the cameras that will make you amaze to pick one. As such, in this article I will help you with looking two things. There are Sjcam Sj8 Pro and Sj8 Plus that get a high report from their customers.

Sjcam Sj8 Pro

The element feature is in actuality that ability to shoot in 4K at 60 housings for consistently. That is GoPro-level, anyway there is an entire other world to the SJ8 Pro than that.

Outfitted with Sony IMX377 sensor and Ambarella H22 S85 chipset, the SJ8 Pro’s fisheye point of convergence has a fixed focal length of 2.8mm, a 170° field of view, and gets down to f2.8 hole. It’s similarly got an advantageous 8x electronic zoom.

It shoots video at a point of confinement of 4K 60fps, anyway can moreover appreciate 720p at 240fps for slo-mo, recording everything as h264 or new space-saving codec h265 MP4 archives, and with 6-rotate picture change.

In any case, that high-grade video recording comes at a sharp cost, with the SJ8 Pro’s battery continuing for only 90 minutes when it’s shooting in most extraordinary quality. Also, still, by the day’s end that is with the 2.33-inch contact screen on the back killed, same WiFi, which the SJ8Pro produces in both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz or record move and remote application action.

Additionally, for photos, it has maximums out at 12 megapixels that proportionate to the Hero7 Black. The SJ8 Pro gets in rough similarly as JPEG, which is a reward. See also: Sjcam Sj8 Pro vs Gopro Hero 7.

Further, like the accommodating in the ‘vehicle mode’ with a circle records that cause you to can use the SJ8 Pro as a dash cam. Like most contraptions in 2019, the SJ8 Pro restores using a USB-C connector.

Regardless of the way that amazingly solid and well-made, the SJCAM SJ8 Pro won’t win any arrangement awards. It could even be said that the fragile touch dim plastic-clad matchbox look that has told the action camera grandstand for so long has numbered days.

Regardless, the best convenient examination of the pocket-pleasing 62.5 x 41 x 28.8mm, 90g body (fundamentally it’s a downsized version of SJCAM’s increasingly settled SJ8 Plus) is that it isn’t locally waterproof.

To bring the SJCAM SJ8 Pro down to profundities of 30 m requires using a shock on clear plastic case. That is a noteworthy differentiation to the latest GoPro models, and what’s more, the SJCAM SJ8 Pro’s case is questionable to hop on and off.

What we preferred was the little silicon flexible point of convergence protector for customary use, something that most producers of movement cameras disregard to join.

The product inside the SJ8 Pro is profoundly extraordinary, allowing very clear and natural action. Considering that there are a huge amount of modes, that is incredible; anyway the system style menus do contain a huge amount of settings, so it can take a huge amount of presses to reveal an essential improvement. In any case, the tricky 2.33-inch contact screen helps make that reasonably simple.

SjCam Sj8 Plus

Most activity cameras have the common rectangular structure and the SJCAM SJ8 Plus is the same. It has a component of 63×41×29 mm/2.5×1.6×1.1″ and weighs just 85 g/3.0 oz. The camera is made out of normal quality plastic that has a smooth completion.

You get the opportunity to pick between 3 hues: dark, white and pink. This is run of the mill for the majority of the SJ8 camera arrangement. As far as the plan, it’s actually equivalent to the SJ8 Pro model. It’s something else that I like about the camera. You get the superior lead quality in the less expensive models too.

The camera accompanies 2 screens. There is a littler 0.96″ OLED screen on the front and a unimaginably decent 2.33″ IPS contact screen on the back. The front screen is utilized to show snappy data. At the base of the camera you’ll discover a compartment that holds the battery and a MicroSD opening.

There is likewise a standard strung tripod opening by it. As an afterthought, there is another compartment for the new USB-C port. The highest point of the activity camera has the record/shade catch and the opposite side has the power catch. The majority of the settings are changed straight from the screen

The general form quality is amazing. SJCAM has worked superbly. I’m particularly content with the touch screen and the UI. It’s extremely lively and simple to utilize. You won’t miss not having catches. The screen is extraordinarily responsive and it feels like you are utilizing a top of the line cell phone essentially.

The majority of the SJ8 arrangement activity cameras accompany similar adornments. Well that\s on the off chance that you purchase the full bundle. SJCAM is additionally selling camera just bundles that do exclude any extras. Those are likewise less expensive. In any case, I prescribe getting the full bundle, only for the waterproof case alone.

The SJCAM SJ8 Plus has a SONY IMX117 sensor that is matched up with the Novatek NT96683 chipset. It enables you to record 4K goals recordings at up to 30 fps. Which is by all accounts the new standard for mid range activity cameras. It’s unquestionably enough to produce smooth 4K recordings. Except if you want to later show them in moderate movement. For that, you can record Full HD 1080p recordings at 120 fps.

The picture quality is entirely great. I like how unbiased the hues are the manner by which the general video just looks regular. Indeed, even the sky, which isn’t madly blue. For me, a decent regular sky is the main sign that the hues are all around adjusted. Presently the video itself is extremely sharp.

Sjcam Sj8 Pro vs Sj8 Plus

- Impressed Image Stabilization. Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) delivers steady and smooth videos in up to 4K/30fps resolution, camera provide you excellent experience in shooting fast-moving objects.
- Long Battery Life. 1200mAh high capacity battery supports video recording at 4K / 60fps for up to 70 minutes; USB-C connector offers more efficient power delivery and faster data transfer.
- Dual screen. 2.33 inch HD IPS touchscreen at the back for easily preview videos and pictures.The 0.96 inch front screen Design, you don't need to take the camera off. Your teammates take 2 seconds to look at it and know the time and the remaining charge.
- USB Type-C connector, faster transfer than all previous models with external Mic-support. 1200mAh high capacity battery, lasts 90mins while shooting on 4K/60PFS.
- Supports RAW format, you can save image files in lossless format, more convenient for post-editing, Makes it easier to create professional photos.
- Large 2.33'' UHD touchscreen, operate the camera with better comfort. Supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi communication with mobile devices, uses gyro EIS stabilization, clear 8x digital zoom, and a more user-friendly dual UI interface.


As the conclusion we can state that the both action camera is great. They have a great video and image quality. And you know that both are come from same company. So, if you need the best action camera just consider your needs, and match it with two of these products because only you understand your needs.

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