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Sony HDR AS50 vs GoPro Hero 7

June 21, 2021

Action cameras are able to take fascinating footage or images depending on your activity and creativity. There are also plenty to choose from when it comes to the device such as the Sony HDR AS50 Vs GoPro Hero 7 that are among the most reliable and highly rated action cameras today. They are more expensive than many alternatives but also able to capture better video quality and for those wondering about which to choose. Here is what you can expect from the cameras.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for an Action Camera
  • What are Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7
  • How are the Design of Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7
  • How are the Specs of Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7
  • How are the Stabilization in Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7
  • Sony HDR AS50 Vs GoPro Hero 7

Action Camera

Video maker is very prominent today because it is almost like a career since most people can’t stay away from their smart device so the type of content we enjoy today is also different from for example 10 years back then. Today videos blogs are everywhere starting those filming your travelling journey, new recipes, memorable moments, or even live reports from somewhere interesting. The streaming service is where you can find all of this content, mostly for free as well with ads popping up every now and then.

Due to this trend, the need for reliable cameras is also increasing and while most people can make use of their smartphone’s camera, some of us don’t want to sacrifice the battery life or even the device itself, especially if you are going to mount it on a tricky and dangerous setup. For the more serious users, a dedicated camera is a great choice because they come with more settings and can have a better image quality as well, depending on what you are aiming for.

If your activity often involves sport or travelling, an action camera will be a great choice to consider. They are not a new device anymore and most people must be familiar with this tiny camera already. Essentially they are digital cameras in much smaller form and have tons of accessories to try on. The best cameras for everyone don’t need to be the same but they can be similar. The basic thing you have to consider first is their image quality because we are going to watch the footage later or let other people view it.

A professional 1080p or 4K resolution is very common today and make sure to have at least 30 or 60fps mode if you will be shooting a lot of slow motion as well on the preferred quality. Depending on the application, many of us who love water sports have to look for a camera with at least compatible waterproof casing but if you can spend more, there are plenty of cameras with native water sealed bodies in order to use the camera without having to install its case.

 Sony HDR AS50GoPro Hero 7
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Product Dimensions3.37 x 0.96 x 1.87 inches1.75 x 2.44 x 1.26 inches
Item Weight2.93 ounces4.2 ounces

Mind about the camera’s shape as well to make sure we can install them properly in the type of setup we will be using them for. The ability to take a wider amount of scene from the camera is also often preferred by some users but the wider it is, the less details you may get from the footage. If you are bored of regular cameras and their typical field of view, 360 alternatives such as Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Vs GoPro 360 cameras will be an interesting device to try.

About Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7

For those who are going to record their moment or activity, an action camera will be very helpful as they are easier to mount as well. What you may want to know is what the device will produce in the setup so it is wise to consider the options and alternatives first before deciding to choose one, moreover, those in the more capable range can be quite expensive as well. If you are willing to spend the budget, we highly recommend getting the cameras from known brands.

This way we can be sure about their product quality and usually we can find them easily along with more trusted customer service when you need some help. Not only action cameras, there are also plenty of cameras both for still and video purposes too, depending on which seems to work best for you. Sony and GoPro are two amazing options to consider since they are famous for their camera but while one is a camera and electronic brand, the latter is specializing in action cameras only.

The video quality of regular cameras and action cameras can be similar but in our opinion the handling is what makes them very different, such as with Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7. These cameras are working very well if you are going to record various footage or based on the activity such as a special moment or when you are traveling. What makes the latter better is it is more “common” so you may be able to find accessories to match the camera easier.

While these two are the same action camera, the type of shape and handling is probably different. Based on the older camcorder style, it can be quite difficult to find casing or compatible accessories for the AS50, unlike with typical rectangular action cameras. In comparison between Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7, the latter is also more capable since the product is newer and is already topping the resolution at 4K, including image stabilization too.

Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7 Design

When first seeing these cameras, Sony is brilliant for the design because they make their action camera to be different from many others in the market, so in an instant setting it up at a different place than the competitors. The two are very small however, they are at the same size as most action cams out there measured at 3.3-inch deep, 1.8 inch tall, and 0.9 inch thick for the Sony while GoPro is at 2.6 inch wide, 1.8 inch tall, and 1.4-inch thick.

Since most people will be using their action camera with a smartphone, Sony saves the cost by only giving you a small screen for showing the stats while Hero 7 has the same 2-inch type of display, similar to models before this one. If in some cameras the battery will often charge separately from the device, it is more convenient with Sony and GoPro because there is a USB port here and we can charge the device directly.

Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7 Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7 can offer to you starting from the basics. As it has been mentioned above, the Hero 7 is a newer camera and it is also more capable because you can already record a 4K footage with this device in which the former is topping at 1080p. The Hero 7 here is the Black version and it is already recording at 60fps in which the 1080p from Sony is also 60fps.

The most confusing part is that Sony claims that HDR AS50 is capable of 4K too but this is not video mode as it is the time lapse function so if you are planning to do time lapse a lot and want to shoot it at the highest resolution, the camera can offer this function. If you decide to shoot at the same resolution as 1080p with Hero 7, we can increase the frame rates up to 120fps which is great for slow motion capture.

Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7 Image Quality

Now for the image quality, the color they produce is amazing, they are prominent and rich but more on the saturated side as well. If you see a blue sky they may appear bluer on these cameras’ footage but most people seem to like this type of color profile instead and we also like them. In the same screen size as a laptop screen, there is not much of a difference between 1080p and 4K in terms of clarity but the latter does look sharper so trees branch and leaves have much better details as well.

Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7 Image Stabilization 

Lastly as an action camera both Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7 are coming with image stabilization but in comparison they are not performing at the same level. We have to give thumbs up to GoPro with their image stabilization that always works really well even when just mounted on the bike without any other accessories. The footage looks much smoother from this camera than in Sony but the AS50 is still very good when there is not as much movement such as recording handheld while walking.

Sony HDR AS50 vs GoPro Hero 7

Out of the box the Sony HDR AS50 and GoPro Hero 7 are very well made, easy to use, but also powerful. The 4K resolution of Hero 7 is almost like a standard of good action cameras today so you will love the image quality here. What makes the Hero 7 better is also the new features in the camera such as TimeWarp which took videos instead of photos for its time lapse and with stabilization, the time lapse video is much smoother and much better, even compared with the older GoPro like the Hero 6.

- Full HD with XAVC-S, 11.1MP, Exmor R sensor
- Optical Steady Shot, ZEISS Lens
- Wi-Fi / NFC / Bluetooth, Multi camera control, 60m waterproof housing
- Minimum focus distance - approximately 30 cm
- HyperSmooth: Get gimbal ‑ like stabilization — without the gimbal. HERO7 Black corrects for camera shake to deliver insanely smooth footage
- TimeWarp: Capture super stabilized time lapse videos while you move about a scene. Increase the speed up to 30x to turn longer activities into shareable moments
- Live streaming in 720p: Share while you're there. Live stream in 720p on social, get HyperSmooth stabilization as you broadcast via the GoPro app and save footage to your SD card to check out later
- Rugged + Waterproof: Share experiences you can't capture with your phone. HERO7 Black is rugged, waterproof without a housing to 33 feet (10m) and up for any adventure


It is easy to say that Hero 7 is the better option and we do recommend this camera for almost any users who want a good action camera or willing to spend the budget but, if you are on a budget, the AS50 is a more than a decent camera to opt for.

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