Victure AC700 vs AC800

June 10, 2021

Action cameras are very useful but also fun because you can use them while doing various activities thanks for being very compact. Initially they were very expensive but nowadays there are plenty of affordable alternatives such as Victure AV700 Vs AC800. These cameras are easy to use, capable of delivering good image quality, as well as coming with various useful features. For those who are considering these options, see below about what you can expect and what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider When Getting an Action Camera
  • What are Victure AC700 and AC800
  • How are the Design of Victure AC700 and AC800
  • How are the Specs of Victure AC700 and AC800
  • How are the Image Quality of Victure AC700 and AC800
  • What else Victure AC700 and AC800 can offer
  • Victure AC700 Vs AC800

Action Camera

Camera is one device that we are always carrying anywhere we go because the smartphone is already packed with powerful cameras, especially if you are investing in flagship models. Smartphone cameras are usually already sufficient for so many daily activities from when you need to capture your activities to share with friends and family to capturing interesting moments that you may find during the activity. But, for the more serious application, we will need something more powerful such as professional level cameras or a specific model made for the particular activity. 

Not all of us will have the same type of activity or lifestyle so the choices will vary widely as well. But, if you are here then we assume that you are also currently looking for an action camera. This piece of device used to be all hyped back then but it is not as prominent today. For those who are looking to buy a new action camera, here are some factors to consider before you make the choice.

First is paying attention to the image quality because there is no use having a camera that can’t produce at least a decent image quality. Nowadays many cameras are supporting 4K resolution to give you that crisp image but, it doesn’t mean we have to buy this type of camera because they can be quite expensive. Try using the more affordable models and exploit its full potential first so we get much more experience before investing on the more expensive range.

Size and shape matters depending on how you will use or install the camera. But, in most cases they are very similar to each other and what’s best is probably considering where you will mount the unit. Usually we can put them on top of the helmet or chest mount such as when travelling or riding a sport bike. The shape matters to make sure we can get the best recording angle of your activity or they are able to be installed where you want it to be.

Many seem to miss this point but we recommend also paying attention to the accessories accompanying them. The standard mounts are helmets, head mounts, handlebars, chest belts, and telescoping poles but many other extreme sports may need a different type of mounting. Do think about what sport you are using them for because it will be difficult later to have a camera that we can’t find the proper accessories to use within the activity. 

 Victure AC700Victure AC800
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Product Dimensions2.36 x 1.65 x 0.98 inches
2.36 x 0.98 x 1.57 inches
Item Weight1.23 pounds
1.15 pounds

About Victure AC700 and AC800

There is also consideration regarding the brand or who made this camera because there are so many of them out there. We are sure most people are familiar with GoPro because this is the brand that makes the device popular and also probably still being used as the synonym for action camera despite now so many other alternatives are available. If you only know GoPro then we recommend checking other manufacturers as well but if you already find the alternative, we recommend to shop based on the budget.

Victure for example has been one of the best alternatives when it comes to action cameras because they are able to provide high specifications at a far more manageable price point. There are actually plenty of other brands in the same price range but not as many that can offer such capabilities. In comparison, they won’t be as amazing as for example DJI or the newest camera from GoPro but for the more casual users and new owners, we do think there are many we can find from their collection.

For those who want to record at 4K but have limited budget, the Victure AC700 and AC800 are two attractive options to consider. As the name suggests both of them are very similar to each other for being close brothers but they are not exactly the same as well. One thing that we want to highlight from these cameras is how affordable they are. Many cameras can cost hundreds of dollars but they are less than a hundred and already come with the basic or typical features on an action camera.

From the name it is easy to tell that the AC800 will be the higher option between the two but, it is not the case here because the AC700 is actually slightly better than the other option. However, the differences between Victure AC700 and AC800 are not far and we do think you can go well with any of the two based on what you like better. Due to some limitations, some people may prefer to record at lower resolution to achieve a better result. 

Victure AC700 and AC800 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these cameras are almost identical but when you open the clear case, they are not exactly the same. The AC800 has this cleaner look with nothing but the power button and large lens housing while the AC700 has the two but the lens housing is smaller and there is this line cutting through the front panel, probably just for aesthetic reasons. The sidewall of these cameras are texturized, with ports on the side and battery at the bottom.

The box contains two of the same 1050 mAh type and the back or rear display seems to be the same as well both in size and resolution. The prominent difference from the outside is that we find a microphone set and microphone jack on the AC700 which makes this camera able to accept external microphones in order to improve the audio recorded. As for the accessories included, you will have plenty from the waterproof case, remote control, bicycle mount, etc. but, sadly there is no SD card included with your purchase.

Victure AC700 and AC800 Specs

Moving further, let’s see what the Victure AC700 and AC800can offer starting with their basic specs. What’s interesting about these cameras is their ability to capture 4K footage but do note that the speed is just 30 and 24 frames per second respectively which is not what we recommend for an action shooting camera. The lower resolutions such as 1080p however can already shoot at 60fps so the 4K is almost certainly only an interpolation. If you need to capture slow motion, we highly advise to use the 720p instead as they can record at 120fps already.

Another difference is that while the two are capturing a very wide angle image at 170 degree which is almost like a fish eye look, only the AC800 can be adjusted to be narrower. This is kind of unfortunate because personally we rarely use this wide angle as much but with AC800 we can opt to crop it in the camera from 70 degree at the narrowest, 110, or 140 degree as needed.

Victure AC700 and AC800 Video Quality

Next is about the video quality of Victure AC700 and AC800 but as we have mentioned earlier, the 4K setting on both cameras are not very recommended. They look fine when capturing an image or a fairly still video but once there is a movement on the frame, notice the subject is also stuttering as it moves around. The 1080p is probably the best and highest setting we can get from the cameras and in comparison they look almost the same. Color is rather true to the real life situation but nothing special either.

Victure AC700 and AC800 Features

On the additional features the Victure AC700 and AC800 can be connected to your smartphone just like most action cameras and thankfully they also have EIS already, but can’t be used in the highest camera resolution or 4K. The performance of these image stabilization is on par with each other, not too helpful but is there to counter some movements. There are also several recording modes that we can choose while capturing videos with these cameras including time-lapse, and slow motion.

Battery life is decent and since they have the same batteries, the performance is the same too. On average the two batteries will let you record continuously at HD resolution for about an hour or can be longer with lower resolution vice versa. 

Victure AC700 vs AC800

Both Victure AC700 and AC800 are good cameras for the price point. The prominent difference in our opinion is that the AC700 is letting you capture a slightly faster 4K and have an external microphone jack while the AC800 can offer an angle adjustment to let you crop the image directly on the camera. The footage quality however are the same and they are best at 1080p while recording with adequate light to let you get the best color as well.

-【4K 20MP Action Camera】- Victure AC700 Sports Camera, with 4k/30fps smooth video resolution and photographs at 20MP, can better help you capture every excellent moment while vlog recording, swimming, diving, snorkeling, skiing, skating, and more.
-【40M Underwater Waterproof Camera】- The waterproof case provides a safer environment for the camera to perform better underwater, making the camera perfect for scuba diving and other water sports. It sustains up to the depths of 130fts(40 Meters) underwater.
-【External Microphone Helmet Camera】- The external microphone(2.5mm) can be used in a variety of situations and can even be mounted onto your helmet. The microphone will significantly improve the sound quality of your footage and record a wider range of frequencies.
-【Electronic Image Stabilization】- The EIS tech can counteract any bump, shake, or camera tilt during use, promising your images and videos clear and stable even under the roughest conditions. So, Victure AC700 action camera is your best partner of bike/motorcycle riding.
-【Ultra HD 4K Video 20MP Photos】- Equipped with a new generation of NT96660 chips, Victure AC800 action camera can record 4K high-quality video and 20MP photos. This underwater camera has a 2-inch LCD screen, so you can capture and enjoy outstanding visual videos and images.
-【2 IN 1 CHARGER】- Equipped with an original charger, Victure AC800 sports camera enables you to save time by charging 2×1050mAh batteries at the same time. It has 2 rechargeable batteries of 1050mAh capable of recording up to 180 minutes, which will allow you to keep capture wonderful scenes all the time.
-【170° Wide-Angle Lens Time-Lapse】- The 170°wide-angle lens offers a wide field of view and catch more amazing moments of your surroundings. Creating a Time-Lapse movie in HD will be amazingly easy with this magic camera.
-【131 Feets 40Meter Waterproof】- Equipped with a latest designed waterproof case, the action cam housing allows taking photos and videos while diving shooting up to 40 meters, ideal for water sports such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, etc.


There are plenty to choose from based on what you need the most. If an external microphone is a must then we recommend getting the AC700 but if you don’t use a wide angle camera, we suggest getting an AC800 since we can adjust the angle easier. 

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